Minesweeper CO Fired for Preparedness Deficiencies

Nov 08, 2013

Lt. Cmdr. Nathan Wemett

MANAMA, Bahrain -- The commander of the Bahrain-based mine countermeasures ship USS Dextrous was relieved of his duties Wednesday “due to loss of confidence in ability to command,” U.S. Navy officials said.

Officials said there was no personal misconduct involved in the decision to remove Lt. Cmdr. Nathan Wemett from command.

His reassignment stemmed from an investigation that revealed “deficiencies in operational preparedness, situational awareness, and tactical proficiency,” according to a news release from the U.S. Navy 5th Fleet.

Dextrous is now commanded by Lt. Cmdr. Chavius Lewis, the former commanding officer of USS Devastator, who will serve until a permanent relief is named.

The 5th Fleet covers about 2.5 million square miles of water area and includes the Persian Gulf, the Gulf of Oman, the Gulf of Aden, the North Arabian Sea and the Red Sea.

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Obama is walking in Adolf's foot prints.

I agree with you.. Why have we become cowards?? Twenty years ago, none of this would have happened, and if pray God it did, our honest Government would have stopped it all. In twenty short years we have all changed, for the better?  NO NEVER....

  Most walking around with 5 gallon bucket on their heads listening to their own echo hoping it will all go away !!! 

God bless Lt. Comdr. Nathan Wemett.

There does seem to be something going on with all of these military commanders being relieved. This warrants deeper investigation. If there is any one out their that know or are close to some people in the military need to start the pick their brains. But do so in a professionally manner. These people all have their own personal safety to consider.

I my self was in the military and was stationed in Omaha Neb. in the 1960-70"s. This was Sac Headquarters and believe me, security was tight. People were daily tested by internal security officers. I was approached countless time s by them and asked about my job and where I actually worked. This was routine to find out where the weakness was within the base complexities. Most of the violations I found out about were from within the security command it's self.

The information is out their and can be accessed but must be done with integrity and diplomacy.

When are these pansies going to quit taking it?

Oh Dear Lord!  I agree Harry.  Why doesn't all these Commanders get together & unite as one and make it known what is happening and WHY?

I'd like to see the list of those deficiencies, and to know if they were caused by Obama's lack of funding to overcome deficiencies??
Wouldn't you???

I know this may be a stretch, but due to the pro-gay, anti-religious rights agenda, I believe the previous Pope was purged and so was the Catholic Church's Bishop who was their designated spokesman against Obamacare and other tryanny, Bishop McFadden. Both were replaced in a similar time frame.

Bishop McFadden had compared the current regime's actions regarding religion to Musselini's or Stalin's. The admin. actually contacted him to retract the statements, and instead he doubled down against them. He wrote a letter to a large Catholic congregation to NOT COMPLY with Obamacare. Within a month he was dead of a 'heart attack' while preparing to attend a Philadelphia conference. His own doctor was shocked, as he was in excellent health, coaching basketball and had just thrown out the first pitch at our Harrisburg AAA ballgame. What drove it home for me was that he was replaced with a gay priest.

Purging is happening with teachers in schools. I can't prove it, but I believe that if you're not on board with the new Common Core, and you don't resign, you befall some terrible student violence.

Also, large churches are getting new pastors. The size means they're more susceptible to money pressure. Conservative pastors are being edged out for more tolerant ones from upper authorities in the big denominations. An exception is the Southern Baptists who've joined the Catholics in urging members to NOT comply with Obamacare.

Way down the list someone says "if the churches were strong, this wouldn't be happening".  The problem is we've forgotten what "churches" are.  They are not buildings, edifices, but they are the faithful believers who gather together in God's name.

     We gather to sing hymns and listen to preachers, but we are not gathering to hear about lies, crimes, evil in our midst, we consider that "secular", and not part of the problem.  Here is the problem; we are endowed with rights by God, and we must stand and hold those rights, against all enemies, including the domestic.

    How many go to church and willingly collect welfare and beneficence from government?  How many know the abject destruction that has been this president's constant companion from his first day elected, not even in office, yet continue to support him?

    Why is half of America still fully behind a man who has stolen from all who work, to give to all who won't, and has reduced our active product each and every year since his induction?  Why is anyone still enamored with this man?  While these questions are irrelevant, we can't fix the problem.

John McClain, GySgt, USMC, ret.



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