Time change on Carl Swensson's court appearance:   1330 PM is now the time for the August 25th hearing in McDonough, GA....

To all my friends, 

Attached are my filings from today, Aug. 15, 2016 along with the Civil Non-Jury Calendar notice from Judge Arch McGarity

Please note he changed the time back to 1:30 PM


I’m doing this for all of us and ask only this… who will stand with me?

Please distribute everywhere, especially to those in Georgia Who are able to make it here. I won’t bother to speculate why the hearing time was moved from 1:30 PM to 9:00 AM. I’m sure you can figure that one out. 

For those who have seen me show up and support your efforts I now ask for you to do the same. Yes, this is that important. For those that can, please show up in your Military uniforms.

Here’s what’s at stake… Freedom of speech and ability to act and react with our (formerly) Public Servants. Don’t care about either? Then may your chains set lightly upon you. For all others, nothing short of a MASSIVE showing on the 25th will have any effect.

Hardware for printing our local newsletter is scheduled for delivery next week. Then we do what MSM refuse to. Print the truth.


carl alfred: Swensson





Who are the Servants?


America has now entered into the most dangerous period we've seen since before the Revolutionary War. Public servants now act with lawless impunity and have now entered into the realm of the Fearful Masters our founders so strongly warned us about. They, our Public servants, with the aid and comfort of a controlled media and an Army of Esquires posing as their counsel, put on display their victory from the top of the government food chain (local elected officials) to the bottom (Federal government) on the same day... July 5, 2016. On this day the message went out that government officials are indeed above the law. FBLie director Comey came out in support of Mrs. Bill Clinton by telling the DOJ and America that it was not worth prosecuting her for crimes that resulted in the death of brave and heroic men. America was stunned. That same evening, citizens of Georgia stepped forward and did what Lawmen continue to refuse to  do. They executed a citizens arrest of local officials in Clayton County Georgia and after turning custody over to the peace officers present were told by these officers that they refuse to take the alleged criminals into custody which, according to the Official Code of Georgia Annotated, 17-4-60, 61 and 62 is their charge. Those local officials along with Hillary Rodham Clinton remain free to continue their criminal ways today but unlike HRC those in Clayton County remain fugitives from the law..


As if that wasn't bad enough, using the same tactics as King George used in the mid to late 1700's, these criminals are murdering and incarcerating all manner of Whistleblowers, dissenters and those seeking redress for their grievances. I should know, having suffered their abuse of power on a personal level. Arrested and booked in TN (2010), incarcerated in Parkersburg WV earlier this year and now awaiting yet another railroading in Henry County Georgia on the 25th of Aug, 2016. Why you may ask?  Because I was idiotic enough to believe that the rule of law still existed... at least at the local level.


Precedence may well be set in Henry County Georgia on that date. Precedence because one District Attorney, Tracy Grahm Lawson made the decision to prevent my criminal allegations on the part of County officials from being presented to a seated Grand Jury. So threatened and so distraught has this made her that she seeks to silence my efforts by use of a Temporary Protective Order based on alleged "Stalking"? (Georgia Law concerning Stalking is below)


This is important for all to know because first, She is an elected official. Second, It is her duty and responsibility to respond to the citizens, not just of HER County (emphasis added) but any State or federal citizens seeking answers to questions relating to her duties. I had one, count them folks, one Email I sent her on May 6, 2016 and that email follows.


May 6, 2016


Attn: District Attorney Tracy Graham Lawson

Re: Witness tampering and obstruction

By your actions on Monday, the 2nd of May, the CCCOC, with me, carl alfred Swensson as their representative, you prevented us from putting allegations of criminal acts, on the part of certain Clayton County officials, before the newly seated Grand Jury.

What the people have to bring to them is not your job to shield. By taking such a move, with apparent confidence you can, I/we must now require the law you can cite that allows for such obstruction.

Granted, this is an irregular, if ever before your assuming office, occurrence, however, every point of law I have been made aware of clearly shows that a citizen has every right to do this free from your inquisitive probing and obstruction.

We both know why the CCCOC has chosen to take this approach and our group is not going to stand idly by and watch yet another criminal act on the part of elected/appointed public officers to be swept under the rugs. Besides, your excuse in the past that included being understaffed holds little weight with us. In fact, what we are doing is taking a load off your shoulders. All you have to do in this regard is prosecute the crimes alleged should our visit with the Grand Jury result in a “True Bill”

But really, did you find it necessary to have seven armed and a couple of them un-armed law enforcement officers there to prevent us? Speculation abounds that this was an act of desperation on the part of the DA’s office to maintain absolute control over what rightfully belongs to “We the People”, the Grand Jury.

Don’t get me wrong, we expected this type of treatment. The only thing that was unexpected was the intimidating show of force.

The Clayton County Grand Jury is not your personal play pen. It is there for every citizen(s), the CCCOC included.

I have no intention of telling you the particulars of the matter involved since it might, conceivably, go all the way to your office. Regardless of whether it does or doesn’t, no chances will be taken and this remains the main reason why you cannot be brought in on this.

To (unfortunately) repeat myself, please provide the O.C.G.A. code or any rule that provides you the authority to obstruct my/our right to petition or otherwise deliver my/our allegations into the hands of the Clayton County Grand Jury at your earliest convenience.


carl alfred

Ph: 678-438-6138



Other than that I have had no direct contact with her either in her capacity as the DA or personally. When addressing the Clayton County Board of Commissioners her name has come up many times. Always during the public speaking portion of those meetings. You may, like me, find it curious that in the years proceeding this she has never felt threatened enough to file a TPO. So why now? Simple, her control over her personal Plantation called the Grand Jury is at stake. She knows I operate within the statutory limits imposed upon all government officials and can find no other way to stop me than having me restrained or flat out arrested which she attempted (unsuccessfuly I might add) to do yesterday Aug. 10, 2016 at the TPO hearing for Paul L. Nally who just happens to be the one who affected her arrest on July 5th.

As ludicrous as this whole scenario is it is also even more dangerous to our freedoms than what FBLie Director Comey did when giving HRC her get out of Jail Free card earlier that same day.

The "Club", which we are not a part of is kicking into high legal gear now and pulling out all the stops in order to strike fear into the hearts of every law abiding citizen... everywhere. Trying now to establish precedence that communicating with your elected officials can be interpreted as "Stalking".

This is the clear and present danger we face and if this poor little DA has her way, none of you will ever be able to get your criminal allegations before a sitting Grand Jury ever again and attempts to do so can have the result of your freedoms being stripped away without any semblence of "Due Process"

I am guilty of exercising my inherent and unalienable right to "Free Speech" and maybe, just maybe, if the stars align just right, this DA and the Judge I will be before can kill two birds with one stone. Now please put on your thinking hats and tell me how this is not further proof that a "Coup" has occurred in this once great Land we call America. And, while you are at it take a closer look at Article I Section 9 Clause 8 along with Article I Section 10 Clause 1 and explain how we ever allowed all these Nobly titled Esquires to infiltrate every level of what we used to call government.


Over a million of them, using Codes and Statutes have stolen not just the Compact called the Constitution for the united States of America but also the wealth of the people all across this land.




Copyright 2016 by The State of Georgia
All rights reserved.

*** Current Through the 2016 Regular Session ***


O.C.G.A. § 16-5-90  (2016)

§ 16-5-90.  Stalking; psychological evaluation

   (a)(1) A person commits the offense of stalking when he or she follows, places under surveillance, or contacts another person at or about a place or places without the consent of the other person for the purpose of harassing and intimidating the other person. For the purpose of this article, the terms "computer" and "computer network" shall have the same meanings as set out in Code Section 16-9-92; the term "contact" shall mean any communication including without being limited to communication in person, by telephone, by mail, by broadcast, by computer, by computer network, or by any other electronic device; and the place or places that contact by telephone, mail, broadcast, computer, computer network, or any other electronic device is deemed to occur shall be the place or places where such communication is received. For the purpose of this article, the term "place or places" shall include any public or private property occupied by the victim other than the residence of the defendant. For the purposes of this article, the term "harassing and intimidating" means a knowing and willful course of conduct directed at a specific person which causes emotional distress by placing such person in reasonable fear for such person's safety or the safety of a member of his or her immediate family, by establishing a pattern of harassing and intimidating behavior, and which serves no legitimate purpose. This Code section shall not be construed to require that an overt threat of death or bodily injury has been made.

   (2) A person commits the offense of stalking when such person, in violation of a bond to keep the peace posted pursuant to Code Section 17-6-110, standing order issued under Code Section 19-1-1, temporary restraining order, temporary protective order, permanent restraining order, permanent protective order, preliminary injunction, or permanent injunction or condition of pretrial release, condition of probation, or condition of parole in effect prohibiting the harassment or intimidation of another person, broadcasts or publishes, including electronic publication, the picture, name, address, or phone number of a person for whose benefit the bond, order, or condition was made and without such person's consent in such a manner that causes other persons to harass or intimidate such person and the person making the broadcast or publication knew or had reason to believe that such broadcast or publication would cause such person to be harassed or intimidated by others.

(b) Except as provided in subsection (c) of this Code section, a person who commits the offense of stalking is guilty of a misdemeanor.

(c) Upon the second conviction, and all subsequent convictions, for stalking, the defendant shall be guilty of a felony and shall be punished by imprisonment for not less than one year nor more than ten years.

(d) Before sentencing a defendant for any conviction of stalking under this Code section or aggravated stalking under Code Section 16-5-91, the sentencing judge may require psychological evaluation of the offender and shall consider the entire criminal record of the offender. At the time of sentencing, the judge is authorized to issue a permanent restraining order against the offender to protect the person stalked and the members of such person's immediate family, and the judge is authorized to require psychological treatment of the offender as a part of the sentence, or as a condition for suspension or stay of sentence, or for probation.

HISTORY: Code 1981, § 16-5-90, enacted by Ga. L. 1993, p. 1534, § 1; Ga. L. 1998, p. 885, § 1; Ga. L. 2000, p. 1283, § 1.



I will continue this fight until my last dying breath escapes my mouth. It is my duty to Americans everywhere whether they understand what is happening or not. Your fear is not mine. You will continue to tread so lightly as to be inconsequential. I refuse to let them do that to me and invite all who dare read and understand this to the Henry County Superior Courthouse on Aug. 25, 2016 where one of two possibilities exist. With the continued puny showing of able bodied Patriots you read about how I will lose yours and my freedoms or, with a big showing, we stop these criminals in their tracks and send them packing for a nice long stay at the Grey Bar Hotel.


Treason is the reason and this is the season to bring these domestic terrorists to their knees before we are brought to ours.


In the service of Americans everywhere,


carl alfred: Swensson





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  • Update, sent by Carl Swensson. 9/6/2016


    Everyone needs to know this.


    carl alfred: Swensson

  • From Carl Swensson...................... isn'tt over................

    Judge protected the Grand Jury and ruled (sort of) in her favor. Agreed that she is a “Gatekeeper” for them. This isn’t over and I haven’t received his final ruling. Beginning to wonder whether the people really give a rat’s rear end about their future or the impending culling and New World (Bankers) order.


    This man has now officially exhausted every conceivable avenue for redress in Clayton County Georgia. The Mafia now runs that county unencumbered just as it does in most other counties. This is not to say there was nothing gained because there was. We are in a battle and just like any good soldier knows, you can lose a battle and still win the war and I will soldier on and we will win this war. Adapt and adjust. At the very least, we now can be certain that the real prize or goal if you will is our unfettered access to our Grand Juries. They remain ours and once that wall has been breached, if it can be in time, this can all be quickly turned around. I know it and they now understand that a growing number of us know it.


    They circled their wagons and this was not unexpected. We prayed and hoped for a reasonable result but this Judge like all the others who have to deal with this, cowered in fear, knowing full well that to rule in our favor meant the ultimate dismantling of their power structure. This is now, verifiably, their soft underbelly and remains the focus of our  struggle to regain our position atop the Pyramid of power in this country.


    First to realize this was Lt. Cmdr. Walter Francis Fitzpatrick III who remains incarcerated in a Eastern Tennessee Jail. My punishment wasn’t nearly as severe… yet. My (figuratively speaking) legal ammo belt still has plenty remaining and the only damage done was slight nick to the psyche which will quickly heal.


    There were roughly 25 to 30 people who came from remote points to bear witness to these events and I do hope that none of you feel this was in vain. It most definitely was not so this man will now dust himself off and re-strategize and then re-engage. We must not allow ourselves to be taken captive in these battles. We must fight smart(er) and learn each and every step along they way. See the goal and we can achieve it. Remember, disappointments must be expected along the way but they cannot be allowed to weigh us down moving forward. Our progeny depends on our success. Success I might add, when we finally begin to band together in these skirmishes.


    Carl Swnsson


    • "Soldiering on" means the upcoming effort will focus on...???  Clearly, in reading all this, I still was not able to determine THE crime in which these officials were engaged!  ...a property or eminent domain dispute?  Am I dumb or perhaps disclosing it wasn't a luxury you could take (since, after all, WE are not the Grand Jury"!)   8)

      I was in Omaha so not possible to come down, but will stay abreast of developments and hope to make it next time!

      Thrilled you're "soldiering on"!  Keep the faith!


      • Tish......the issue was/is getting potential criminal behavior committed by elements of government establishment before a Grand Jury without involving District Attorney (Gatekeeper/mindbender/) who would likely reject the criminal behavior since it involved one or more of the establishment.

        The DA invoked the TPO (Protection order) against Carl Swensson to keep him at bay, away from the Grand Jury, away from the Grand Jury bailiff. In essence controlling the Grand Jury so nothing gets before the Grand Jury expect what the DA, Judge, and others want to prosecute.

        Exactly what the criminal behavior Carl wanted before the Grand Jury, I don't know, nor would he share it with the DA for reasons above.  What I do know is that it involved millions of dollars.

  • Col Riley. Thank you for your update. Those of us who could not make the trial have been praying for a just outcome. It sounds as though they presented as good of a defense as possible. I am encouraged at Carl's knowledge of the law both locally and constitutionally. I am also concerned that they could not record the proceedings as I cant think of any good reason not to allow it which gives me some concern reguarding the presiding judge.
    Thank you again and will continue to pray that justice prevails.
    • observations may not be worth reading..........never know what a judge will do. 
      I will never depart from my heart that says Carl Swensson is pursuing a righteous cause.........
      The one thing that give me caution is if the judge goes against the DA, he knows the impact especially on the election that the DA might be pursuing.  Bad publicity for the DA would impact on the judicial circle of incestuous protection........

      We shall see.............

  • My observations of Carl Swensson's hearing on August 25, 2016.

    Principle:  Carl argued, presented, and defended the US Constitution, Georgia Constitution, and the rule of law and did so professionally.

    The primary focus was county corruption and access to Grand Jury members to bring grievance/potential criminal activity.

    The District Attorney failed to demonstrate or prove even the faintest evidence that Carl Swensson in any way was a tangible threat to her that would justify the TPO. (Protection Order) There is no doubt that Carl Swensson challenged the DA's "turf" if you will, but other than boxing her into an intellectual corner over some period of time, absolutely no physical threat by Carl Swensson.

    I would add, the DA made a big deal about her "31 years of prosecuting murders, rapist, burglars, sex offenders, the vile of the vile, never before offered a TPO for her protection", but not tough enough to withstand a strong intellectual challenge to her puffed up ego over her turf. She reflected cowering behind a TPO and intimidation, hoping Carl Would "go away", my words.

    We'll learn how Judge Garity views the hearing this morning.

    Judge Garity reflected a mild mannered official, giving the DA and Carl Swensson due respect, and allowed a full discussion and presentment by both sides.

    Personally, I viewed the key of the hearing the discussion of Grand Jury power by Carl's witness Paul Drake. Without hesitation, Paul Drake cited numerous constitutional, precedence setting, and historical justification that "District Attorney, or Judges", have absolutely no authority to interfere with a Grand Jury, act as "gate keeper", restrict any citizen from approaching a Grand Jury to offer potential evidence of a crime. A DA or Judge roll with a Grand Jury is simply to be a support mechanism for a Grand Jury should they request assistance.  Mr. Drake cited that there is absolutely nothing in any law, precedence to deny a "citizen" the right to approach and address a Grand Jury.  He cited several rules, laws, precedence, etc  that support "open and unrestricted" opportunity for any citizen to gain access to a Grand Jury.  

    Mr. Drake cited DA and Judges across the nation are simply trying to reflect "a big fish in a little pond" defending personal power with unwarranted interference in Grand Jury access.

    While there was a request for recording the hearing, it was denied.

    As I write this, the final session of the hearing is scheduled to begin shortly..........we'll see later what the outcome will present.

  • Carl did well in court yesterday, the judge appeared impartial. May God bless Carl again this day with a clear and sound mind, a courageous heart and an unfaltering tongue. In the name of Jesus Christ Amen.

  • Pastor Rick's observation re"  Carl Swensson hearing August 25, 2-16

    Thursday, August 25, 2016:  About ten of us gathered together outside the Clayton County Superior Court, and in The Name of Christ Jesus, had a Prayer unto GOD. Then went to the Courtroom inside.... Judge Arch McGarity of Henry County Georgia Presided.... Clayton County District Attorney, Tracy Lawson has brought charges against Carl, who lives in Henry County - thereby his hearing was in Henry County.  Carl Swensson's Hearing began around 1:35 PM and lasted until about 5:20 PM.... Judge McGarity will bring a Verdict tomorrow morning, Friday, August 26th - around 10 AM or 10:30 AM.... Your Prayers are very appreciated....   
    Although Clayton County is where District Attorney Tracy Lawson Presides - Carl Swensson lives in Henry County - thereby his hearing is going to be in Henry County.... Carl Swensson and Paul Drake (I'll let you know if and when Paul goes to a hearing) meet with several other law abiding citizens from various counties, and are basically the Team Leaders.  And has for several years labored into extended research concerning big time $$$$ and some other matters of corruption which primarily occurred in Clayton County - Involving Clayton County Police Chief Michael Register, Clayton County District Attorney Tracy Lawson, and a few other Clayton County Council and Commissioners.  Which Carl and Paul have tried on many an occasion to CORRECTLY present evidence to the Clayton County Grand Jury - And have been stopped by District Attorney Tracy Lawson.  Carl and Paul have as well, LEGALLY requested Sheriffs and Police to arrest those they have charged for trial - And have been ignored.  And, yes, Carl and Paul have mentioned LEGAL Citizen's Arrests....Thereby, Clayton County District Attorney, Tracy Lawson has personally brought charges against Carl and Paul....
    NOTE:  Georgia Grand Jury is the Final Judicial Check and Balance - And of all the 50 States - The Georgia Grand Jury has considerable Power and Authority.  And if you want to receive some very, very interesting, FACTUAL information concerning Grand Juries, please email Carl Swensson:   Also the rights we law abiding citizens have.  Both Carl and Paul have some very extensive info.... I any of you need them to speak on a radio station - at a gathering - or on a REPORT - - email Carl, and he'll contact Paul....        
    Carl is not a lawyer; but did defend himself Professionally, Politely, and quite well.  And understand, Carl Swensson is very knowledgeable of the Georgia Laws (And U.S. Constitution Amendments) that he does have extensive research and proof of illegality.  Paul Drake has been a Law Enforcement Chief, as well as a Magistrate Judge, and as well knows very much about Georgia Laws, (And U.S. Constitution Amendments). However, now, Paul is not a lawyer.... 
    NOTE: There is a major reason why so many Political Legislators from City, County, State, and Federal are either Lawyers, or Study Law.  We the Law Abiding People can study a Law, and quote the Law - But not being a lawyer means that we actually cannot define the law.  (State and Federal Judges can't make a law!)... There are many 'corrupt' lawyers - and overall, Court is primarily a game of chess.  In many, many trials - it's not about who's innocent or guilty - it's about win or lose. Thereby, it is very important: 1) Depend solely upon GOD.   2)  Have a literal hard laboring, Boot's on the Ground, Honorable and Loyal Team.  3).  Regardless of what is going on in the Court - The Team Remains completely Professional and Polite...
    BRIEFLY:  Judge McGarity genuinely appeared to be very interested, and unbiased concerning the hearing.... District Attorney Tracy Lawson absolutely appeared to be Puffed Up, Self Proud; but as well did occasionally look worried.... At the very beginning of the Hearing - there were about three matters that Carl Swensson brought up that Judge McGarity overruled.  However, Carl brought up quite a few Legal concerns where Judge McGarity overruled Tracy more times than I counted.... There was a video that was presented when Police Chief Michael Register was introduced as a State Witness for Tracy - But Tracy didn't talk about what we saw on the video; but what we did not see.... Tracy accused Carl of Threats, Rudeness, and such; but not one time could ever prove such.... At no time did Carl, Paul, or any of the team go inside the Grand Jury Room.  They did sit in a pew outside the door entrance to the Grand Jury / Stand several feet away from the entrance door / And even have been outside the building next to one of the windows of the Grand Jury Room - not beating on the window, waving, etc.... What Tracy kept stressing was "You were inside".... Which she could not prove inside the Grand Jury Room, and thereby just kept using the phrase, "You were inside"....  What Carl expressed was simply and LEGALLY seeking to give the Grand Room Bailiff LEGAL Paperwork with charges, and PROOF of corruption against Chief Register, District Attorney Lawson, and several others... However, District Attorney Terry Lawson, who did call herself, "The Gate Keeper" - was doing everything she could to keep Carl, Paul and any of the team to present anything to the Grand Jury Bailiff.... Another reason why to email Carl about Grand Juries - and The GA Grand Jury.... Paul Drake was one of Carl's Witnesses - Who, regardless of what District Attorney Tracy Lawson had to Question - Paul had The LEGAL & CORRECT Answer.  And when Tracy run her mouth - Carl kept Professionally and Politely objecting, and Judge McGarity kept Overruling Tracy Lawson!!!  
    NOTE: My dear Friend and Body of Christ Brother - Col. Harry Riley, along with Brother Wendell also arrived from Florida, to attend the Hearing.  They are both very active Boots on the Ground.... Be sure and check out what Col Riley has to say.  (Col Riley, retired from Army Intelligence)....
    GOD's Grace Is Sufficient
    Rick / (770) 861-0104 /
    Harry Riley's Page
    Harry Riley's Page on Constitutional Emergency
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