Are you ready for a power blackout? (Just a plain Power outage of a week or more, nobody coming to get you or do you harm in this one).

Are you ready for a power blackout? (Just a plain Power outage of a week or more, nobody coming to get you or do you harm in this one). How would you handle it? what would you do? Do you have enough food and water? How would you cook? how about your cold foods? Just some things to think about! How about your sanity? how do you handle that?

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It would be easy if I could pick up a small 12 to 14ft  pull trailer, self contained, with a generator.. It would also fit in the garage..(.I know ventilation.)..Thanks very much for your help.   (a casita, along those lines)

Good one Twana.  As it happens, I do not have a generator. I do have an inverter and can run my freezers (one at a time). or water pump, but that is about all. It would get a bit difficult after five days but we can handle that.  The suggestions thus far are good.  A camping trailer you can park in the garage with a generator is ok but if it is that small, it will not usually have a generator large enough and will still need a transfer switch.  My future plans do include a 7500kw (small) generator I can keep in the garage but that too needs a transfer switch as does any other outside power source.

Just remember, your freezers will keep your food frozen if they are full and remain open only for short periods to get food for at least 3 to 5 days.  After that, better start cooking.  I have outside grill and three large gas bottles so that will last for about three months if used sparingly. Remember to not only turn off the fire but to close the flow of gas when finished cooking to prevent gas escaping from possible leaks in your system.

A couple of years ago all of Huntsville was completely down for 5 days and most of North Alabama too, due to tornados. I mean EVERYTHING was out - totally and completely. No gas, no money, no streetlights, absolutely nothing.. It was certainly a strange time. Those of us who had gas in our cars already put our Community Watch signs on our cars and drove around constantly stopping in to see if the elderly needed help. Propane gas was a big help for cooking. and I advise everybody to have extra tanks around. The guy down the street got out his huge smoker and put up signs in the neighborhood that everybody should bring him their meat out of the fridge and freezer and he cooked it all up for us. That was a huge help. That was how our small neighborhood coped with a 5 day outage.

Well, I've spent the last four years attempting to get off the grid... this was enormously expensive, but now the house is virtually off the grid, except for the hot water heater (which, by the way, is full of water in the event you need to drain it for water supply).... I have an old tank off a boat that holds 30g of water and a whiskey barrel that holds 55g and a diverter to attach to a downspout should I become desperate and have to harvest rainwater.... I also have a ceramic filter and buckets should I need to filter this water for drinking and there's a huge lake (535 mi of shoreline) around the corner...  the system, which is solar panels and a wind turbine, runs the fridge, freezer, microwave, oven, washing machine, dryer (draws a ton of juice), AC, outlets in the master bedroom and large greatroom/dining/kitchen and lights/fans in both, outlets in the kitchen... I left one circuit on Duke and the back bedrooms because wire is soooo expensive.  I'm on natural gas for heat but have a kerosun and some kerosene should the natural gas supply be interrupted...or if I need to use kero lanterns.  I pray I'm ready, but could also be a draw for undesirables looking for sustenance..... my weakness is too many windows in the back.... and not sure how to secure them.....

@Ed... how are you storing your fuel and is it a gasoline generator?

Yes, it's gasoline, and the fuel is stored in two tanks.  This fuel is used constantly, and the tanks are replenished weekly; this keeps the fuel fresh.

Have you seen this?  Will keep your fuel for years....

people in the Gulf Coast area have been down this road so many times there is a permanent rut.

They have had a "go-bag" and an "important document" bag sitting in their front hall closet, ready to be snatched up as they leave their home, for decades.

They also, those who can afford it, have invested in a 'whole house' generator and they can ride out power outages.

For those who can't afford that item, there are those who have a generator and hook it to the fridge to keep medicine chilled as well as baby formula.  They always have a couple of bags of charcoal on hand to cook with and as soon as the rain lets up the whole town is one giant barbecue.  Some folks dry and salt the meat to preserve it.

All this takes effort by NEIGHBORS and NEIGHBORHOODS.  This is your first line of defense.

And it helps when looters try to pick you off....

All the men with axes and chain saws in my daughter's neighborhood went out and cleared the streets in their area so that police and emergency vehicles could make it through.  ON duty patrol cops had to 'hunker down' inside parking garages in the city during the worst of the hurricanes along the gulf coast.

What people don't realize is that along with the wind and rain of epic proportions, come tornadoes.  Trees, small buildings, roofs, etc., usually end up in streets and have to be moved by someone and that is usually the people who live closest.

Also, keep some insect repellent handy and watch for displaced 'critters' that walk, fly and crawl.

It seems to me that there are a number of responders to this very appropriate topic that need to better prepared & educated...there is alot more than just finding power for a week or more...There have been Ice storms in the Northeast that resulted in NO Power for up to 2 weeks....but the big questions remain...WHAT CAUSED THE OUTAGE & HOW WIDE SPREAD IS IT?...even though Twana put on the condition "nobody coming to get you or do you harm" some locations that condition would only last 24-48 hours...especially in near cities where NO ONE IS PREPARED...gangs, etc...Been there & done that so to speak... sounds like there should be post with some of the excellent references on power options and survival options that are available....



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