If you have been trained in Emergency First Aide, please let me/us know. This is very important that we ALL get trained in this needed work. I'm not looking for sites with bits of info, I'm looking for information on who of PFA members have this training and who will step up and help with that info and training here and in your communities.



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I have worked as an EMT on ambulance services.  I held an Army MOS as a medic.  That was years ago.

Well ... dunno if this counts for anything

I have some training from Boy Scouts, and have done some pre-med studies (mostly vet), and picked up some education and training in human medicine ... have done frontier medicine on humans and did OK ... am always willing to step in and help if there is need

Butler, Pa ... will be relocating soon ... NW Pa

I was trained in emergency first aid with battle field type injuries at the beginning of the Vietnam War. I never, thank God, had to use it. I keep an extensive medical kit on hand including military surgical supplies for small surgical needs. I try to remember what I used to know but years have made it a little foggy.


Yes  USA 6 yr.  med Spec E5, 7 yr rn and med tech. 

Florida, pinellas cty, also uSAF microwave and SATCom Spec E5, 13 yr.

I have completed and trained military first aid. I have been a certified CPR instructor trainer. I grew up in the 40's-50's of then frontier Florida,  few Dr. s and no hospitals within easy reach. I have mentioned before that all need to build and keep stocked a good first aid/home medicine chest. Watch for sales of on all basic items, creams, pain relievers, bandages, cold/flu treatments, vitamins, sterile gloves/treatments (think peroxide, not alcohol).The FoxFire books of 1970's are good sources for what many are seeking as regards home self sufficiency on food, clothing & shelter, the real basics and folk medicine is included. Read non-fiction history of mid/late 1800's regarding frontier life style(s). Check church thrift stores and yard sales for books/implements. Think no utilities for extended periods in summer & winter. Watch for free training classes offered through county extension offices, libraries, clinics, hospitals; ask your Dr(s) for as many samples of whatever he will provide, store them, forget expiration dates.

I was a 911 operator and had the training.  CPR has been simplified to chest comptessions only now.  Injuries are fairly simple with common sense.  I also know when to call on the experts.   I live in the San Antonio TX area.

need to be using secure commo
monitored, untrustworthy

We all may need some basic training in first aid.

opps can use your ip addr. to find your physical location precisely, need to encrypt



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