Barack Hussein Obama is using your tax dollars to fund al-Qaeda jihadists who are beheading Syrian civilians

Bare Naked Islam

They then proceed to raise the Al Qaeda flag and bury the bodies in a mass grave, throwing down rocks and garbage in the name of Allah. 



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Obama is helping world wide Islam

It's not Islam he's helping, it's terrorism, and he's set the stage for it to come home to us!

Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think our 'leaders' would allow such an abhorrent unknown, discovered to be contrary to American values and morals, to even think of running for public office, much less for the presidency.

And now, with so many widely known treasonous acts committed by this imposter, they cower behind media pundit questions as to why the people should not submit to whatever government wants.

Well ,I know what I want, and by God it will be done!

Obama is a undercover Islamic muslim and is doing everything to help the brotherhood to take over the world. Which means he is not working for the USA but bring America down and putting it under terrorist muslim control....Congress and Harry Reid and the Senate are helping him become the Imon of the USA>.....


Yes, coming to a theater near you. All foreign aid must stop.

barry a-drug-eee is working with the al-la-la-fiends to spread sha-reee-ha-ha law.

the moos-a-lims are just another set of hoo-da-lims.

get-o-rats all the same.


Know your enemy. They will give no quarter and we must do in kind.

I watched part of the video- it is absolutely horrifying!! I did not have the heart to go on -
We are being told that Assad is terrible and killing citizens. Well, the "rebels" we are supporting are just as bad (And I am wondering if Assad is as bad as the media says since the media does not tell the truth about other things)
We cannot support this!
Same story with Egypt- Obama wanted Mubarek's ouster, and now they have Morsi, who is 100 times worse than Mubarak- declaring himself a dictator, torturing the protesters who want to oust him, and we send Morsi $ so he can continue to torture and beat the protesters! And is an enemy of Isaral and USA.
The Communists are working with the Muslims- Trevor Loudon of New Zealand says this, as well as a former Communist official of Romania, named Pacepa- also says Communists working with Muslim Jihadists.

Remember that the medias are for the rebels and the rest of the world are infidels and who do the rebels kill first...

The infidels or  Jews and Christians and then all others that are not muslims...Obama is supporting the muslims everyway he can with our money and arms of all kinds, because that is what he really is and some day he will pay...

Welcome to obummerland.

time to turn terrorist to start killing off these terrorists I guess

God help us!



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