In becoming a harder target, sharpening sensory perception, powers of observation, readily identifying anomalies in the environment are crucial tools. Consider that at any second, our sensory organs relay mind-boggling amounts of data to the brain--thankfully, it only alerts the conscious mind to a tiny fraction of information. Personal experience shapes what the mind keeps and discards as important or irrelevant, but effective training must address the inevitable blind spots it leaves. The biggest barrier to situational awareness is distraction—so many people pay attention to everything but the present moment. This is very advantageous behavior for the nefarious opportunist!

Simple Meditation: In a secure environment, immerse the mind in the present moment. If the mind wanders, gently guide it back to the now. Begin meditating five minutes a day. The real challenge is keeping the field of perception open in unsecured environments during a regular day.

Observation Exercises: Observe objects in a familiar room and imprint them on your mind for thirty seconds. Leave the space and have someone remove an object. Can you discover what is missing? Attempt this in diminished light. Then practice the same exercise with random objects placed on a tray by a friend. Next, increase the element of randomness and observe strangers in a public space. Note their appearance, their body language, and how you feel about them. Do the same on the road while driving in your car.

Sensory Acuity Exercise: Sit blindfolded in a chair. Ask someone to move around the room, in and out of your personal space. Instruct them to occasionally reach out towards parts of your body. Can you perceive them?

Turn these exercises into fun games until awareness becomes so habitual that it is locked into an unconscious process.

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So important - thank you.

Thank you.

The question here that is very important, is, "Does the amount of information in the open forum reach a point that it meets the basic line of classification"

This is good info!!!  Thanks!!!

Good info. Thanks



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