As an Eagle Scout, the father of four Eagle Scouts, and a former scoutmaster of a troop that produced 59 Eagle Scouts I am well aware of the Boy Scout motto “Be Prepared”. That is a motto that I now encourage all of my fellow American patriots to adopt. My fear is that after the historic victory last November when Republicans gained control of the Congress and the Presidency that we will become complacent and over confident and believe that the Democrats and the leftist progressives have been defeated permanently.

          The fact is that the relentless assault of the progressives in congress, in liberal state legislatures, and in the left wing media will not abate; in fact they will be doubling down on their efforts to destroy our Constitutional Republic. We have to understand that this effort by the left is not something new. It has been going on for decades and ultimately they succeeded in totally taking control of the Democrat party.   

          They also have rigid control of the American education system, particularly in our universities, where efforts to use political correctness to totally shut down free speech for everyone who doesn’t embrace the progressive agenda are continuing to be very effective. Many students do not receive an education they can truly use in the real world, but instead are indoctrinated with hate America political propaganda.

          Our public schools are often taking the same approach, and furthermore the students are being indoctrinated with the liberal entitlement philosophy. They are taught that they don’t have to compete and work hard to be successful; instead they are entitled to a trophy just for showing up. They are also being taught that the free expression of ideas is prohibited if their expression is offensive to any other student or even parent.

          It is the equivalent of the safe rooms being provided to wimpy college students who were are given teddy bears and coloring books so they can deal with the trauma that comes from finding out that elections in a Constitutional Republic don’t always come out the way they want.

          The consequences of all of this are becoming disastrously clear. Less than one percent of America’s young men and women are volunteering to serve in the military despite the fact that our country continues to be at war with an ideology that wants to destroy and enslave us. The old saying that “freedom is not free” is more applicable than ever, but our young people are not being taught that lesson. In many cases they don’t even understand what freedom means, much less how many Americans have sacrificed everything in order to preserve it.

          This is trend that I intend to try and reverse. I am in the process of putting together a plan to do several things. First I want to set up a comprehensive program to educate more of our children about the Constitution, including getting copies of the Constitution into their hands so they can actually read it and understand it. Second, I will be setting up a new nonprofit corporation that will develop strategies to assist attorneys and educators in protecting the Constitutional freedoms of students at every level from elementary school through college.

          This will a difficult undertaking, but is something I believe has to be done. Please feel free to send me your comments and suggestions, and watch this blog for further information.

Michael Connelly                        

Michael Connelly blog


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  • I'm going to chime in on this but keep it real short. I agree with you Michael Regan, on several points. We ARE at WAR, anybody that doesn't see and understand that has been sound asleep for 40+ years, and especially over the last 8 years. We better keep our heads clear if we want to keep our heads at all. Yes - I'm a Veteran, but I'm one that never went to NAM. USAF 1960-1966. And I never did any drugs, neither in the service, nor in school or after. I have however seen close-up what some of those drugs can do. They damned near killed my Son and sent him to prison for 18 months. He's been clean now for 14 years but now his health is a wreck because of those years of doing drugs. 
    But I want to get this discussion back, back to the real issues that we are facing right now. Back to those videos about the possibility of the Chechens "invading" Denver and Wyoming.
    The possibility of the Chechens working along with the Russians is pretty darn remote to say the least. Those people all hate each other, BIG TIME. Remember the Chechens were the ones that invaded a Russian school and killed several hundred kids along with several others. The Chencens and Russians have been mortal enemies for hundreds of years. I doubt they would be working together now.
    #2) Vladimir Putin also hates Barrack Obama. Once again I don't think he would "cooperate" with Obama on this kind of manoeuvres. The Chechen's however on the other hand would, and they would likely do just about anything Obama paid them to do.
    If I'm right about this the Chechen's are mainly Muslims. Reffaelle Caffagnia would know more about this than I do. He was over in Bosnia under the Clinton years.
    So here's what I think may be going on:
    It's all part of the Communist Manifesto, Create confusion among the population, spread rumors, false flags, keep the people guessing. What is true?, what is false? what to believe and what NOT to believe. Create new levels of "Normalcy" that way when the "Real" thing happens no one will be prepared. We know the Obama administration and the Communists are masters of deceit. This stuff could all be coming straight out of the White House. Cass Sunstein and Vallary Jarrett. Obama could have spread those Chechens out all around the Air Force Bases, told the Air Force about them, and then set the Air Force on a defensive footing around those civilian areas. All just to create more confusion and chaos, even within our own military, and especially among the local Police forces. That way when the Police and the Military are told to fire on "civilians" they will - without hesitation.

    Like I said, they are masters of deceit, and they have been practising for over 100 years. Waiting for this chance, waiting for these days.
    We ARE at WAR, make no mistake about that.

    Keep your heads clear because your lives depend on it. And so does America.

    • Obama and the Communists WILL have their Martial Law, one way or another. EVEN if they have to force Donald Trump to do it next spring or next summer. Blame it all on Trump, makes it even better.

      • I just can't see how Martial Law could really work across the US.  In the large urban centers, yes.  However, I would think it would be next to impossible out in the vast reaches of barely populated spaces, particularly where you have sheriff's who would stand with The People.  If they were to succeed in taking our gun rights away, then it would be relatively easy.

  • Judith. I'm not trying to make decisions for anyone but myself. If you'll read my post again I said I was angered at people trying to get me involved. I don't care how legal it is or that it's better to get high than to drink. I don't know about you, but I'm in a war. The whole world is at war but most are to oblivious and a lot would rather get high than assess their situation with a clear head. You think it's ok for people to fry their brain cells, that's fine with me. As I said I think it has a place for some illnesses I don't want to throw the baby out with the bath water. Ask any of us veterans if they think you should go to war with other than a clear head an 100% of whatever facilities they have left. We are at war. We're just not shooting yet. I'm going to keep my powder dry and my head clear as if my life depended upon it, because it does..... I think you are one that believes there's bad weather ahead. HOWEVER, my primary reason for not wanting to get involved is because it's against my personal beliefs. When I surrendered my life to Yeshua the first thing He delt with me on was my drug use. It wasn't easy, for me it took time. Iike Paul said, one eats meat, the other only eats vegetables, let not the one who eats meat condemn the one who only eats vegetables. So if I'm just weak in the faith so be it. I'll ask you one question have you ever heard anyone say, yeah I smoked alot of pot and it really helped me out or yeah it brought me closer to God? I haven't.
    • My apologies, Michael - I should not have said "you" when I was really referring to the government.  I tend towards the libertarian side of things in that it is not the government's job to be our nanny.  There are oodles and oodles of things which humans ingest that are not healthy - my "addiction" is to cigarettes - I have tried and tried and tried to quit and have been unable to do so.  I absolutely agree that everyone must keep their wits about them, no doubt; and that includes alcohol.  My problem is the hypocrisy of it all!!!!  A natural, God-given plant, when grown by the individual on the individual's own property ONLY for the individual's own use - well, it should be up to the individual.  Same applies to those who choose to make their own alcohol - that is THEIR business and no-one else's.  If an individual makes that choice, then that individual is responsible for how their choices affect them.  It is the same principal as the attempts by those who don't want to allow large size sugary drinks - IT IS NONE OF THEIR BUSINESS!  And yet, our government supports the pharmaceutical and medical industry in poisoning each and every one of us in various ways, not the least of which is the horrendously addictive and damaging chemical compounds they create carte blanche.  I am not in any way saying I am against all pharmaceuticals - where would we be without penicillin?  However, I see all these ads day after day after day for allegedly "new and improved" drugs that bring with them terrible side effects that are worse than the original physical ailment.  For post-menopausal women, an injection one can get twice a year that "will strengthen your bones."  Uh-huh - a side effect is thigh bone breaks!!!!  Seriously????  A new treatment for COPD - a side effect is "possible death in those with asthma."  WTH???  That is all I am saying.

      I agree with Old Rooster about the Chechens - definitely NOT friends of Putin!!!  I think they are mostly Muslim.  As for Russia, are they any worse than our OWN government?  Again, hypocrisy writ large!

  • Trump Operative Roger Stone Survives Assassination Attack (with poison)

    • We knew it all along. You probably won't watch the video (2/12 hours in length) at so I'll make this brief, William Brandon Shanley has filed a trillion dollar law suit against big media for the total hoax of Sandy Hook. Tons of evidence that there was no evacuation, no burial of any children, I could go on, but many of us smelled a rat right off the bat. My wife discovered the video which you won't get from the lame steam media.
      I'm so sick of his crap and now the Muslium-In-Chief pardons Chelsia Manning a proven Traitor convicted by his own Justice dept. Totally exposes the heart and mind of the traitor in the people's house. And the ass knows there's not a damn thing we can do about it. I hope but I sincerly doubt when all these groups cause havoc on inauguration day the right would stand up for justice unfortunatly I don't think they will. It will only be a few who will make their voices heard. I'm also discussed with some family members who are going to get involved in the new Gold Rush called the Green Rush: the Marajuana business because they stand to make millions. And they have the gall to try to get me involved because I live on Social Security and could make hundreds of thousands of dollars. I foresee the country getting higher on weed eating candy bars and watching cartoons while the Muslims and illegals take over our country. I would rather be homeless than have a hand in people getting high. And BELIEVE me I speak from first hand experience. Excuse my ranting and carrying on, I'm just pissed today. Do not get me wrong, Marajuana has many medical benifits but my family members want to open shops and grow houses in Florida and Nevada where they have property and business and it's legal there for personal use beyond medical use. I've heard all the reasons to justify its use I.e it's safer than alcohol. People don't fight each other when their high, it's legal, it's safer and better than drinking. In my heart I don't think God wants us to live in an altered state of consciousness. I'll shut up now. How I got on this tangent I don't know, just disappointed in some members of my family and their trying to pull my family in. And one of my sons is all for it!! That's it I'm done. Sorry I brought it up....
      • Sorry, Michael, but you don't have the right to make that decision for others.  I speak from first-hand experience in saying alcohol and prescription drugs are far more dangerous than marijuana any day of the week.  I only wish my daughter had been partaking of MJ rather than the prescriptions and alcohol - she would still be alive today.  I advocate that as sovereign beings, we have the right to grow, for ourselves, whatever we choose to grow.  We have the right to eat or drink whatever we choose to eat or drink (or smoke).  That is our choice.  Medical marijuana does wondrous things, such as stopping seizures - dramatically.  It could be extremely helpful as well with PTSD and cancer.

        Watch Cannabis Nasal Spray Stop a Grand Mal Seizure In It's Tracks

        Cannabis Stopping Child's Seizures Within Seconds

        Toddler's seizures treated with medical marijuana

        It is demonic and unconscionable that big pharma, with the backing of the federal government (who wants the $$$ from drug charges), prevents this from being legal across the US!!!!
        Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.
        • It also is just as bad or worse for your lungs than tobacco is and the narcotic (delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol or 'THC') contained in today's marijuana vs. that of the 60's is some TEN times higher. There are some 400 chemicals contained in marijuana, people wanting recreational pot is all about getting HIGH, not about any 'medical' assistance. P.S.---SMOKING pot puts 5-10 times MORE THC in the system that eating it does. The FDA has already approved two pill versions of THC to aid those needing it for medical reasons. Marijuana is like alcohol SMOKED, it causes practically same problems, just not the severity of inebriation. Another P.S. and a BIG one--marijuana use is STILL A FEDERAL CRIME--at any time the Feds can swoop in and close down/arrest people over marijuana smoking/growing/selling--that's a DRUG CHARGE and upon conviction--ELIMINATE YOUR SECOND AMENDMENT RIGHT!

          • My preference is not to live in a nanny or police state - period.  It shouldn't be a federal crime, in other words. There are far too many laws on the books that should be abolished, IMO.  As for medical use, there is also CBD oil available - the plants that are grown for medical use would not even get someone "high" if they did smoke it.  BTW, what other "chemicals" have been added to that "pill?"  The CBD oil would be much safer and more efficacious and would have a much faster effect.

This reply was deleted.


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Jason Paul Speer replied to Oldrooster's discussion What happened to our America?
"Let it be known know the holy spirit is poured out in abundance and this is our greatest weapon against the enemy. They don't understand why they're Coronavirus hasn't diminished all of us old dinosaurs in a way that they quite expected. They did use the mainstream fake news 2 counterman the elections and steal it. I don't know what's going to happen but I hope Trump doesn't give up the White House and if it does break out I'll be here holding the Ozark plateau"
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"I dont have m much time to talk. I've been behind the scenes on the front lines fighting against a criminal Army that the Democrats and the shadow government are using to leverage persons criminals cartels I see them setting up in preparation for a power vacuum"
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This was copied from the Modern Militia Movement Web site.I was having a brief conversation with a retired Air Force Officer who had helped coordinate the airlift for Katrina. To say he’s well-versed in disaster management is an understatement, along with quite a few other topics. One of the things we talked about was the logistics needed in the event of a larger-scale disaster. Best case scenario, the whole thing dies down and the virus mutates on into something harmless. But we neither plan…
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Trump Explodes On Reporter:  "Don't Ever Talk To The President That Way." President Trump also stated: "What they did is they used COVID in order to defraud the people of this country." {Hear/see at approximately the time stamp 7:40 - use closed caption feature - of the following video} posted by Dinesh D'Souza
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"The KRAKEN. Many people are wondering what that word means.Here are two explanations of what KRAKEN is.It is in fact a Department of Defense hacking and surveillance program.
Sidney Powell's exposure of this KRAKEN program.
Once you read these two items , Consider this:1) We now know why they did not want General Michael Flynn to run the Intelligence…"
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The NEW America:
What has America become? Now after the 2020 Election where the news media is being allowed to decide who won the election, the Electoral College has not met at this point, and most of the States have still not announced their final vote certifications. But the whole world appears to have accepted that President Donald J. Trump has lost and that Joe Biden has won. Forget about the massive amounts of voter fraud, the main-stream media claims it never happened.
We are expected to…
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These are the Rally points and logistic locations in and around D.C. metro area.
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Description: This is the NOAA RSS feed for National Weather alerts across the entire US. You may click on any posted alerts to see what the national weather stations are posting.
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I went to the Rally for Trump in Dallas Texas Saturday Nov. 14th, 2020.Crowd size turned out to be around 1,000 - 1,100 people and did increase a little after things got started at 2:00 pm.
Group was mixed, Whites, Blacks, and everything in between.Age groups also covered the full spectrum from kids to old people, (like me).Some Bikers showed up, about 12-15, several showing Military veteran status.Col. Allen West was present and gave some good interviews, some with news media people, and…
Nov 14
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Important timing.
Something that is of critical importance is the timing of everything that is happening right now. The “Fake News Media” is and has been declaring Vice-president Joe Biden the winner of the 2020 elections. But NOT one single vote from any State has been certified by any States Attorney Generals as of this date. This main-stream news media is trying to convince the American people that Joe Biden won the election without having all the LEGAL votes counted yet. Timing and current…
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