Biden Immigration plan

Biden Immigration plan


The Biden administration is following a New World Order plan to replace Americas aging and dedicated population with people who are much less loyal and less likely to fight for American traditions and our Constitutional standards and way of life.


They want people that can much more easily be swayed into believing in the Marxist/Communist doctrine rather than an American constitutional Republic type of government.

This New World Order plan is to kill off older Americans and those who are dedicated to American constitution values and freedoms.

And replace them with younger workers who can be easier indoctrinated into Marxist standards of slavery.

That means they will have to kill off half of the American population. But to the Democrats “who-Cares”, they are only Hillary’s “Basket-of Deplorables” and Republicans anyway. The rest are either already mostly indoctrinated into Communism or can be easily swayed into believing their Marxist propaganda.

This new American population will not fight to preserve and maintain our American Constitution. The Constitution will be eliminated and replaced with the Marxist/Leninist Communist manifesto. When that Constitution is gone all of your rights, freedoms, and liberty are gone with it.

The plan is simple, if you can’t indoctrinate them – then replace them.
That’s what Bill Ayers said in the 1960’s. They estimated back then that they would have to kill twenty five million Americans in order to achieve their goals. Now that twenty five million has turned into eighty to one hundred million. The numbers may have changed but the goals remain mostly the same, except now it’s even worse. Now the goal is the total and complete elimination of American sovereignty and world independence as a free Constitutional Free Republic.

The “New-World-Order” and a “One-World-Governance” will replace the United States of America.








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  • We knew what we had to do 10 years ago and we did nothing, now it appears to be too late to do anything... but die.

    • It's never to late to fight back. As fare as dying goes, you roll over and die if you want.  I spent most of my life fighting for this country. I will never quit and give in. 


      • Who said anything about rolling over?

  • If you've been wondering why Vice-President Kamala Harris hasn't visited the southern border to see the mass migration herself, - Why would she?
    As far as these Democrats are concerned the plan is working perfectly.

    She doesn't need to see it, just proceed as planned.

  •  That's right Lee.
    And the Federal Government is protecting them. You and I are the "Domestic Terrorists". WE and anyone else who intends to protect and preserve the US Constitution have been branded as the biggest threat to their "Democracy".
    Well as for their brand of "Democracy" is concerned maybe they finally got something right because I'm not dead yet.


  •   This plan of the New World Order has been in motion for many years. When parents began to see schools as day care centers and electronis as babysitters, the indoctrination began. Americans fell asleep while the fox was in the Henn house.


    • Hindsight is 20/20, most of us are well aware of what you wrote but we are in a mess now and we need to formulate a plan to get ourselves out of this tyranny that's been underway for longer than I am old, and I'm now 63.

  • they want 80% of the population dead only leave a few for Slaves

    • .15  Republican Traitors, and Usurpers of the Constitution...

      The Senate passed a bipartisan gun bill. Here are the 15 Republican senators who voted for it

      The Senate passed a bipartisan gun bill. Here are the 15 Republican senators who voted for it
      The final vote was 65-33 and included support from the Senate minority leader and one of Utah’s senators.
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