What do you think of when you think of Body Mechanics?  Do you think body mechanics is important when you are doing Defensive Tactics?  YES! They are, because just the slightest movement in a technique whether it is right or wrong, will either give you the best outcome or the worst! I have always said that when you train to fight (hand to hand), train like you mean it—practice every movement for real so you can see if the techniques will really work outside of the studio.  Ask yourself this question: after leaving the dojo, gym or whatever you train in, do you feel really good about a really cool technique you just learned and want to show off to your friend? So he/she comes over and you try the new technique out, but it does not work, they did not step a certain way or why didn’t they let go?  Whatever the technique is, did it did not happen the way it was supposed to? Why? I believe two things are happening here; one (1) because maybe you are not training the right way in the dojo or gym.  For real!  Your workout partner needs to not give way and add some resistance.  Two (2) because of your training habits, your body mechanics were not right, meaning placement of your stance and/or body structure.


Let us start with a good example of body mechanics and how it works. As you can see in the  picture 1, I am set up to take out his leg (doesn’t matter what technique you are doing or how you got there, the fact is you ended up here).  If I stay in this position for too long it gives the opponent time to think about what is happening and they can come up with a counter.

1a  Picture 1                                                             2aa Picture 2


So in picture 2, put your right elbow under his chin and lift it.  The head will lift up (slightly or a lot) and make his head tilt up and back causing his body to move his weight distribution and he will be light on his feet.  As you can see in the next picture, this gives you enough time and less energy to plant your foot and take out his leg in order to do the controlled take down. NOTICE: I “C” step around his right leg pretty deep, invading his leg space.  But think about it, if you get yourself into this position without the chin lift and the opponent is stronger or bigger then you, do you think you can sweep out his leg? Not without body mechanics! Try it! You will be surprise about the difference it makes when you move the chin.  Now follow-up with whatever control move you would like, Enjoy!

2a  3aa 4a 5a 6a

About the Author

Paul Adkins Paul Adkins has been in the Martial Arts for over 25 years. He teaches to Law Enforcement, US Special Operations, US Military, SWAT Teams. Paul has been an Police Officer, SWAT, LE Sniper and currently serving in the US Navy Reserve deployed in support of Operation Enduring Freedom and a Military Firearms Instructor, EDM Sniper,Defensive Tactics Instructor, VBSS

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Thank you.

Deb,   Women  practice  this  as  well..!!

Ronald - yes I know. I am into Aikido. Love it.

Am learning some of these moves.  Thanks for providing the information and pics. 

Any person, naive enough, to think, they had better not know how to defend themselves, is in trouble.  The World is much, much more dangerous than ten years ago.  The last 5 years has produced enough, anxiety, poverty, and desperation to send people over the edge.  For one thing, lenient Laws and Judges are not making it tough to be a criminal, and another thing is the acceptance, and use of Narcotics.   All kind of things are being condoned, and encouraged by this Administration, and decent Folks will be the victims.   You better be prepared to defend yourself, and not expect someone else, to take care of you.

Thanks everyone for the wonderful comments about this technique!  Their is a video that goes with this and is found at    enjoy!



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