Constitutional Emergency

A sleight of hand technique that is obviously designed to keep the perpetrators of illegal activity in cushy jobs within the Obama administration has been reported late this evening by ABC News.

The woman who is the central figure in the IRS scandal involving the targeting and harassment of hundreds of conservative groups during an election year is now running the Obamacare division of the IRS and is charged with oversight of the implementation and enforcement of the government's new healthcare system.

According to ABC News, Sarah Hall Ingram ran the IRS office that is responsible for tax-exempt groups from 2009 to 2012 -- the period of time during which hundreds of conservative groups were singled out for delays, illegal demands for donor lists, and other unlawful activity that prevented many from being granted tax exempt status while at the same time putting liberal groups on the fast track toward tax exemption.

Ingram has never been held accountable for her actions but instead is now head of the IRS office that is responsible for the implementation and enforcement of Obamacare.

Curiously, the administration made great fanfare out of the fact that current IRS Commissioner Joseph Grant has been fired, although he has been with the IRS less than a year and was scheduled to retire this summer anyway.

By making Grant the fall guy for the IRS scandal, the real perpetrator -- Ingram and her supervisors, and more than likely political operatives in the White House -- get off scot free without as much as a reprimand.

The very same thing happened in the Fast and Furious scandal after which low level agents took the fall but supervisors and agency heads in the ATF and DOJ were shifted around to other cushy jobs within the administration.

The culture of corruption that has been flying full force under the radar screen is now open to public scrutiny due to the miraculous sudden interest of the mainstream media, which is only now beginning to report news that conservatives and alternative news outlets have been reporting for years.

Notice. You may be interested in my blog series called "Musings After Midnight" at The Liberty Sphere.

Penned by Anthony Martin, Conservative Examiner

As an original foot-soldier in 'the Reagan Revolution' that led to the election of Ronald Reagan, Anthony G. Martin is no stranger to politics, particularly in the state of his birth, South Carolina.

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Foxes always hang out with foxes and not too far from the hen house.

Send the entire regime to Iran, just air drop them.

Excellent expose!




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