California Seizes Guns as Owners Lose Right to Keep Arms

As I read the report, the very beginning talks about folks with a mental illness. My first thoughts was, this is gonna be used against our Veterans and then my thoughts went to when I took Biblical Counseling....I had to also study psychology.....While studying psychology, psychotherapy etc, I learned any bad behavior can be labeled a mental illness therefore the person is never responsible for their bad own actions....because they are always told it's someone elses fault that did something to them sometime in their life that caused this mental illness......Now think about that profession as taken over, which by the way is one of the items in the list of 45 (The communist goals for America that is listed in the 1961 Congressional record).....and now this marxists regime in DC wants to give arresting powers to that profession.......Folks we must be prepared! We are going to experience and witness things we better be prepared to handle and outwit the handlers who's intent is to bring us/YOU down.




Patrick T. Fallon/Bloomberg
California Department of Justice police agents walk towards a house near Ontario, California on Tuesday, March 5, 2013. The agents, working for the only state-level program to confiscate illegal firearms from owners, targeted people who’d once legally purchased firearms and lost the right after being convicted of violent crimes, committed to mental institutions or hit with restraining orders.
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They have started the war and we run and hide.

Better arm up people! They are coming and we had better organize. Your sheriff is the last line if defense make sure he or she is with you!

In the 1980's I pastored a church in Santa Barbara.  We ministered to street people who would, strangely, begin to get better near the end of the month, then relapse after the first of the month.  We found out that they couldn't get their state money until they went back into their clinic and got all drugged up with psych drugs, and we were back to square one.  During this time I discovered an author named Thomas Szaz which I think everyone should be aware of.  (Sorry the following is from Wikipedia, but the info seems reasonably accurate anyway.)

 "He (Szaz) was a well-known social critic of the moral and scientific foundations of psychiatry, and of the social control aims of medicine in modern society, as well as of scientism. His books The Myth of Mental Illness (1960) and The Manufacture of Madness (1970) set out some of the arguments with which he is most associated.

"Szasz first presented his attack on "mental illness" as a legal term in 1958 in the Columbia Law Review. In his article he argued that mental illness was no more a fact bearing on a suspect's guilt than is possession by the devil.[8]

In 1961 Szasz gave testimony before a United States Senate committee in which he argued that the use of mental hospitals to incarcerate people defined as insane violated the general assumptions of patient-and-doctor relationships and turned the doctor into a warden and a keeper of a prison.[9]

"As Szasz said, having become convinced of the metaphorical character of mental disorders, the frequent injuriousness of psychiatric treatments, the immorality of psychiatric coercions and excuses, he set himself a task to delegitimize the legitimating agencies and authorities and their vast powers, enforced by psychiatrists and other mental health professionals, mental health laws, mental health courts, and mental health sentences.[10]:22

"Szasz was a critic of the influence of modern medicine on society, which he considered to be the secularisation of religion's hold on humankind. Criticizing scientism, he targeted in particular psychiatry, underscoring its campaigns against masturbation at the end of the 19th century, its use of medical imagery and language to describe misbehavior, its reliance on involuntary mental hospitalization to protect society, or the use of lobotomy and other interventions to treat psychosis. To sum up his description of the political influence of medicine in modern societies imbued by faith in science, he declared:

Since theocracy is the rule of God or its priests, and democracy the rule of the people or of the majority, pharmacracy is therefore the rule of medicine or of doctors.[11]

"Szasz consistently paid attention to the power of language in the establishment and maintenance of the social order, both in small interpersonal as well as wider socio-political spheres:

The struggle for definition is veritably the struggle for life itself. In the typical Western two men fight desperately for the possession of a gun that has been thrown to the ground: whoever reaches the weapon first shoots and lives; his adversary is shot and dies. In ordinary life, the struggle is not for guns but for words; whoever first defines the situation is the victor; his adversary, the victim. For example, in the family, husband and wife, mother and child do not get along; who defines whom as troublesome or mentally sick?...[the one] who first seizes the word imposes reality on the other; [the one] who defines thus dominates and lives; and [the one] who is defined is subjugated and may be killed.[12]"

Read more at:

I guess if you broke wind in church, the scent lingers on., Once you are labeled, it sticks.




Hitler and Stalin both used this so i am NOT at all SURPRISED.

Semper Fi.


And this is the reason so many Vets will NOT go to Mental Health for help with PTSD. They will not, I repeat NOT, get the help they so badly need because they know they will be labeled Mentally Ill and loose their rights to own anything anymore. And the problem is they are as healthy mentally as anyone. Just the nightmares of War haunt them so this makes them bad in the eyes of the A-Holes in DC. I know I will NEVER go to Mental Health in the Va for damn sure because of this very thing. When they ask me if all is well I just yep I'm good to go. WOW! this is not a good thing damn it and I don't know how we can ever stop it since the Repugnants are as bad as the Demagogues anymore. We have few in DC that are fighting to save our Constitution and Bill of Rights anymore. It is going to be a long hard road folks but I hope we will come out on the other side better for it all. Oh we will give them the good fight and if we can get enough "Sheeple" to wake up we can win this battle hands down and never shed one drop of blood, if we can't it will get nasty fast I'm afraid.

Ronald, what is PTSD? I know what the letters stand for but what is it?  You should read my latest published book, A Question Unanswered PTSD, and you might learn something about it. Basically, it does not exist.

I've read the reports about this. California is indeed seizing legally owned guns from people who have committed no crimes and using illegal coercion to gain entry to homes without the use of warrants. In one of the cases cited, they took the two pistols of a husband because his wife was 'involuntarily' hospitalized for 2 days. No court orders, no warrants and no court ordered judgement of mental illness. The wife is a democrat and isn't even complaining about it.

So who decides the mental health of someone???????  I know lots of people I don't agree with, but although, secretly I think they are crazy, I sure don't want to see them "put away".  This is power Folks, life and death decisions made by people with Political interests. Vets should never be denied the care they have coming, and we owe them, but people like Feinstein see them as hazards, problems, kind of like people who own guns............just problems.  If the people from California sit still, and let this happen, then who can help them.  Complaining, after the fact ,does no good. Resistance must start with each of us.  If you "go along to get along" your world will crash, but as you did nothing to prevent it, then you have no gripe coming, How do you know you won't be the one, they come for next??

I knew this was going to happen. Half of America ia mentally ill. Look at all the Children in Foster Care they Drugged up cause They want their Mommy And Daddy. After all I should know they tried it with me when I was a child. I hid what they gave me and then tossed them in the toilet later on. Well oveer 1,000 of us in one state were drugged up.I at least did not want the state to do that to me. But later they watched me swallow it and even forced me too. I still am missing 2 years of my life as a child. I get cuts in and out of clips like from a Movie. They want to take away our Guns cause of what they did to me as a Child I bet. The only abuse I received was from the State Of Missouri only. This is going to be terrible. I can just see it now; They will try for everyones guns. :(

I agree this on the surface sounds like something new ! But before someone bust on me ; just as gun owners say there are plenty of laws on the books enforce those and they will improve on the problems of violent killings !


Well it is not a new law it is the enforcement of an old law ? Georgis one of the notable states and home to Kennesaw GA. where the head of house hold is required to own a "GUN" since the law went into effect general crime is less than 10% in any area of crime and 0 deaths from guns :) 3 from knives in a 20 year + time frame :) Still the 3 catgoeries above are still in Kennesaw prevented from have a firearm in the household !


Why is anyone suprised when officials are following a law that has been on the books since I was a boy just not enforced to the letter ie. When a person is (conviced of a violent crime) ie. Felon he looses his right to vote and to own, touch or posses a firearm or ammunition  ! Logic tells us that the judge tells the person convicted this information but no action has been taken in the past to take the weapons in the possession of the convicted felon ! This IMO as a "PRO GUN ADVOCATE" is ligit and should be done. It is the 30 yeaar old law . This person after 10 years can file a motion to have his record ensponged also antother petition a felon in GA. can petition the courts for is 1 Shot Gun and if I remember correctly it is limited to a double barrel or single shot WISE OLD LAW !, how ever even a felon for miniumial protection can own a 50, cal single shot black powder rifle   ie. Mental pactient that have been hospitalized by court order and not of their own free will also are preventd from owning fire arms for their safety and the safety of others . WISE OLD LAW ! To my knowledge it is presumed as in an alcholis once mentally ill you are always mentally ill and only under medication and a Dr. care are you able to function in socity ? ie.  A person who has a restrainig order is due to a lie told against them or they have enough presumable evidence to show they have ander issues and do not function as a "NORMAL" law abiding citizen ! OLD LAW needs to be re visited due to angery divorces and false statements by ex's that just want to cause hardship on the other party ! We need this law to require more foundation before you lable any person and restrict their rights just on the sworn statement of one revingeful person .

All 3 of these coditions are laws already on the books and as a "PRO GUN ADVOCATE" these laws should be inforced even stronger than there are today !  They are old laws and a step in the right direction that make sense ! Now I know their are probable some people out there that disagree with me ? really this is my opinion and IDGAF if you agree or not !

These LAWS CAN BE TWISTED AND ABUSED AS ANY LAWS CAN BE BUT THERE STILL HAVE TO BE BASELINE STABDARDS ! so I as a USMC VET and well versed in firearms wish more of the current laws on the books were enforced with more hars punishments for people in these catogories that violate the law in the area of WEAPON POSSESSION !! ! ! ! ! !

A civilized socity must have laws and they must be voted and inacted by the people ! Keep in mind that Democract is Mob Rule and that is why laws can't be passsed by majority alone. Besides this is what we are complaining about now that officials have not enforced the laws on the books andwant to make more restricting laws ? They have not enforced current laws that have been on the books for the past 30 years either enforce the current laws  or lets just all strap on side arms and return to 1875 with more gun play than we have now ! Legal law abiding citizens should have the right to bear and carry arms .

Update : GA just passed a new carry law that allows students with concealed carry permits may carry guns on campus. Other people in possession of concealed carry permitt may carry their guns in Church and on Govt owned property ! Stil not is court rooms or similiar settings ! But a step in the right direction for law abiding citizens to protect themselves !







Most LE jurisdictions have the authority to "hold" people on what was once referred as a "72 hour psych hold" for observation. In nearly 10 years of such work I never saw anyone who was not behaving in radically strange and anti-social or self-damaging ways so detained. But that could have changed. BUT YOU can clear an erroneous NICS record here - - hopefully we don't have to...

I am an avid 2nd Amendment rights but I also believe there "are" people who should not own a firearm ever. I have seen some using a firearm and I leave the area. Face it, some people are beyond salvage and their lives are what 'news casts' are made from...  but again the laws already cover them and WE SHOULD never be refused our rights because of those few. God Bless America



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