after sitting and listening in several chat rooms and hearing some of what I have heard I just want to scream GET REAL. if you are worried about getting hurt or killed while in D.C. say your prayers crawl under the bed and hide till the boogey man goes away.

Col. Riley took an oath when he was commissioned as every officer does. they become an federal officer. He is putting him self in great personal danger both to his health and freedom and his financial health. in the eyes of this crooked administration he is a threat. a clear and present danger if I may. yet he is guilty of 1 thing. living up to his oath of office. just as every other soldier is. we were never relieved of that order. for the majority of those attending the only thing you are risking is a little money and comfort. by allowing this joker to remain in place is going to be our worst nightmare. I seriously believe that within 6 months there will be smoking holes where there once great American cities. the world sees us as a rudderless nation full of dead beats and as a people who cannot provide for themselves. they see on the news of female marines who cannot pass physical proficiency tests and a over bloated military more worried about offending homosexuals than accomplishing the mission. in other words thanks to obozo we look weak and ripe for picking. so hiding under your bed when a bomb or a shell is sent your way will only get you dead. now personally if im going to die I would rather be standing up fighting.

remember this a brave man dies only once and is remember by his friends forever. a coward dies a thousand times and is forgotten to eternity.

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You speak truth.

For this to be successful it must be peaceful.

NOT WORRIED ABOUT WHEN I GET THERE, JUST TRYING TO FIGURE OUT HOW!!!  I live mid-Ohio Valley area, anyone in this area going?

Ken, contact me. I can make intros to others from ohio looking to go.

There are 3 of us coming thru OH.. We can pick you up..if you cant find a ride

Sorry Ken, didn't see this post!! Ohio is a bit to far!! Steve

so many people want to be keyboard wariors ....  i for one m not willing  to sit back and watch my country go to a bunch of inbred muzscum ...

I read the blogs, and message people write complaining about what is going on in our Country!! Then I put info. About OAS as a reply. With a message! Tried of complaining & writeing, why not get involved with OAS, I give the date and that!! One guy wrote back, I'll do it my way on the blogs, I answered, Where has that gotten you in 5 years?? Tom, I said I have been reading your messages for 5 years, talking about your freedoms being taken away, why not join us OAS, go to D.C., with us!! He got mad!!  We have nothing but a lot of talkers, sheep. But if we of OAS get it done. They'll be the first ones on the band wagon!!

Same stuff from my end SS.  Too many sheeple in this world and then there are those that do nothing but play with their keyboards and think that they are really doing something.  I can't make it to the OAS but I was able to convince another friend and patriot to donate $3500 to help with expenses for other patriots to go.  There are many ways for patriots to help out the movement other than just talking about it on the internet.

agreed.i to am sick of pansies. Look,33 million Egyptians marched into Cairo unarmed and got rid of their president.But we Americans are pansies.Grow a pair.this is your country and your childrens future at stake.fear of what they might do is the only thing standing between us an victory

i have talked to many people... and alot say ... if i can get away or thats my busiest time of year or the best one i heard is ... i dont think it would do any good.... blah, blah, blah....

i call them keyboard wariors ... bitching and complaining on the puter but dont get out and do anything... expect someone else to do the work...

You are more than likely looking at around 3%...same as in the first, but with one difference....population. 3% would bee a 9 million man standing force. Quite a force to reckon with. Many, many are sitting back seeing where this movement goes. My hopes would be they are waiting to see if we actually show up, how many participate, etc... Then they would hopefully jump on in the water. Keep praying...if God is in the middle of this He will send us the people!



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