Chaos in America.
First we got a Coronavirus pandemic.
Next we got the George Floyd killing by dirty cops and massive protests all around the country.

Now we’ve got “Well Orchestrated” raids on business around the country. Including 75 high priced automobiles stolen from on California dealer, Home depot and other Big-Box stores are being raided.

So what’s next?

Here’s what I think.
President Trump has stated that if the governors of some states can not get things under control that he would call out the National Guard. But many of those states like New York are refusing to allow Trump to send in the troops. The States that have refused are all run by Democrats.
Those are the same Democrats that have been calling Trump ineffective and and a threat to their “Democracy”.
But those same Democrat governors will call in the United Nations “Peace Keeper” very soon.
At the same time these anarchists are creating chaos by breaking into stores, smashing windows, and stealing cars,, the NEXT thing on their list will be random shootings on American highways.
Imagine what is going to happen when they start shooting at trucks, cars, and buses on the highway.
They will stop and shoot from overpasses and then disappear as fast as they came. They will shoot from the woods along the Highway, then disappear.
That will shut down our transportation industry, including delivery to grocery stores.

ANTIFA and these terrorists have already said they will move out from the big cities out to the suburbs, rural towns and small cities.

The time is getting ripe, and close to when those Democrats decide they need to call in the United Nations.

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We are finding out that ANTIFA is a professional Brown-Shirt ARMY.
Their level of coordination and communications are straight out of the CIA.
Apparently they are using digital hand-held HAM radios connected directly to their cell phones. This method of communications allows them instant communications from any place on the planet.
One person from any place on Earth can see and direct the actions happening within any protest or assault against any city or event.
That level of sophistication and communications networking skills was established through the American CIA. It was used by the CIA in Libya.
Remember Obama and Hillary all sitting around the TV sets and computer screens when the Embassy in Benghazi was attacked? And also when the Navy Seals took out Bin Ladin?
Some of that communications and videos was carried out using this same type of technology.

That indicates to me that these ANTIFA raids are being orchestrated by someone (a group of people) who are organizing and directing these raids and attacks.

And as far as I'm concerned their headquarters are about 2-1/2 miles north of the White House.
OAF Command central.



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