• Think Gideon.

  • test one two three...hello?

  • 2237 MIA?


  • Micki-THAT'S MY GIRL,it is unfortunate that Hawaii is in such a distasteful political state,but trust Me,

    the 'pinkos in charge' will lose in the end.The entire Country is in a state now where 11/11/11 is the day that

    starts the next American Civil War,We are in the non-violent phase right now.Corruption is a universal evil,

    many countries tolerate it,but Americans are SICK of it.The current admin is the most corrupt in the memory

     of ANY living American,and steps WILL be taken,starting Friday,to clear the board,and start over.


    The OWS fleabaggers say "the whole world is watching",well let 'em watch.I had res's and plans to go,

    now I can't,but the real war hasn't started yet.They ain't seen nuthin' yet,until they have to face REAL believers

    in the US Constitution,and the rule of Law.The sh&t-eating leftist will not stand a chance against the American

    fighting Man/Woman,I will believe this until My Own life is done.The papers are being served,the admin ignores them

    at their own peril.

    I do not relish the prospect of war,no-one in their right mind does,but I see no other and his

    cronies will not even BE in DC friday,(they weren't last year)so I can only believe that the demands of 11/11/11

    will go ignored,as always.What comes next is anyone's guess,but I am ready one way or another.

    Better to die for something,than live for nothing.

    General Patton said that war is not about dying for Your Country.It is about making the other poor,dumb bastard die

    for HIS country.If the progressive/socialist/communist bastards want to die,then I will be happy to give them their wish.

    And if I must die,I will,but I will do it keeping the oath I swore in 1980,and My soul will rest in peace.


    Long Live The United States Of America,may God protect Us,and see Us through this time when We try Our mightiest

    to erase corruption from the soul of Our Nation,and restore the values that made Us the greatest Country on earth.



  • THIS IS THE FIRST TIME IN OVER 60 YEARS THE LIONS CLUB VETERANS DAY PARADE IN WAHIAWA (SCHOFIELD ARMY BARRACKS) HAS BEEN CANCELLED. BECAUSE OF APEC Asian Pacific Cooperation Conference in Honolulu, the people of Hawai'i are being denied their event to support and thank America's veterans. Hawai'i has been totally taken over by the communist regime headed by Obama lackey and fellow doper Neil Abercrombie along with socialist DNC cronies now occupying Hawai'i state government.Lions Club was unable to get a permit for the parade due to unavailability of "special duty" police who are entirely working security and escort for WORLD LEADERS and the USUPER IN CHIEF during APEC.
    Don't be fooled - this is a deliberate action to, yet again, disrespect our nation's military.
    See you on the battlefield!

  • Harry, when you all leave tomorrow or tonight for the March on DC, please take all my good thoughts and prayers with every one of you.
    I trust that this years endeavor will be productive for all Americans as well as those souls with the decency and integrity to put themselves to the forefront of this truly historic event.
    All the problems and concerns that this group of Americans have been having is exactly what the founding fathers faced several centuries ago.  And together you all will have the courage of your honest convictions and it will happen as you visualize it.
    The dregs of American society are waiting in DC, both inside the halls of congress and out on the streets with the ''occupy everything" crowd.  They are Obama's footsoldiers, never lose sight of that fact, and I trust that all of you will intimidate the hell out of all of them...
    Have a good time while doing the above...
    Good luck and God Bless all of you,
    • Miki,

      Won't be able to support your request.......this is about grass root veterans focused on Declaration/Constitution demanding Obama et al resign immediately, no book introductions, no commercial activity. 


      Harry Riley

      • Okay - Remove my post please

  • Wish I could be there...but my thoughts and prayers are with you.

  • Twana,


    I'm trying to find out who is going from what part of South Carolina? There is just me/

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"Thanks  Ole Rooster  very good information"
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"Survival is all about being able to find food, shelter, and how to fight back.Remember Sun ZU said an Army moves on it's stomach. Which means in order to fight when you get there you have to  be able too.And a starving Army wont put up much of a fight.
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"Where to find the best resources for gardening
Places to start if you’re looking for seeds and information on when and how to get your gardens growing. This is all about learning to survive.
This site has all kinds of good information including when to plant your seeds.
Texas A&M Agrilife Extension. Everything you need for growing a great garden.
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" Other good places to find homestead surviving and gardening."
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"Survival techniques and ideas. Here I will start some discussions on helpful ideas and suggestions on surviving over the next few years, at least we hope so. Many people just love gardening anyway and Hollis and Nancy's Homestead is one of the best photo and video tutorial set of gardening series we have ever found. They have been making these videos for several years and cover nearly every conceivable garden vegitable we would normall expect to find at our local grocery store. There are over…"
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I'm just testing this new PFA design to see if things work properly.
I want to see if this little forum post shows up over in the left side column like it's supposed too.
This new NING software is a lot different than the older vs 2.0 system.
I hope we can get some new site features like a better chat screen and capabilities there. Also better capabilities in videos and lots of other things they promised.
 Well so far everything that is here seems to work. Members may notice that we have…
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