Christmas Devotion............The Greatest Gift We Can Receive...and share...

“Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, goodwill toward men.” Luke 2:14 .

One of the many wonderful names of our wonderful Lord is “The Prince of Peace.” Jesus holds the key to peace, whether it’s personal peace in your heart, domestic peace in your home, or eternal peace in heaven.

Isaiah prophesied that He would be called The Prince of Peace. The angels told the shepherds that His coming was “good tidings of great joy,” for His incarnation meant “peace, goodwill toward men.”

Certainly there is a need for peace. But look around. What has happened to the promised peace? It was purposefully postponed when God sent the Prince of Peace, but the world rejected and then crucified the Prince of Peace. There will be no peace on earth until the world that rejected our Savior receives Him again in power and glory. The only true hope for peace for the church, the nation and the individual is the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.

This Christmas, do you have peace with God or is the war still going on? The only way you can have the peace that Jesus made is to surrender to Jesus in absolute, total, unconditional surrender. He has fought the battle and the battle is won. But it will do you no good until you bow to Him. Have you laid down your sword of rebellion at His feet? He has made peace with the blood of His cross, but that peace does you no good until you bow to Him in total surrender. There is peace with God. Once you have that peace with God, then you can have the peace of God.
Devotions taken from the messages of Adrian Rogers.

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Christians Must understand Christs Parable of the Fig Tree...

Sadly, few understand that parable, nor many of Messiah's parables, because they do not study the Scriptures mislabeled the "Old Testament", to their own destruction. To understand the "difficult words of Jesus" one must study the simple words of the Hebrew Scriptures. May eyes be open in the coming secular year.

Heavenly blessings to all!

CHRIST will not return prior to the appearance of the Two Witnesses....

Thank you. And the fulfillment of Isaiah 17.

Revelations clearly provides a timeline or benchmark where Isaiah and psalms do not.

understand , many may fear end times and even declare the time is now , yet until prophecy in Revelations

is fulfilled they are wrong. yes life may become more difficult for many before the Two Witnesses appear.

Isaiah indicates only a small number of the people of Israel will survive HIS Wrath , yet HE will spare

those who never rebuked HIM. nevertheless, those spared must accept Christ to enter into HIS kingdom.


T'anks--I agree with you and can add only I am reminded of that verse that includes the thought "we see through the glass darkly"   In looking at prophecy it is like  looking at a distant point from a mountaintop.We can see the highplaces-- but not so clearly the valleys between them.One day we will.

find the word in this chapter which appears only one time in the KJVB...

yes, with parables / metaphors / transliteration  some prophecy is difficult to comprehend.

ONLY GOD KNOWS ALL , yet HE foretells all things , 

Amen. When Jesus was born, we were given the salvation from sin and the way to peace in the world. There is no "getting around" the choice we must make. When we make it, we can receive the personal peace that allows us to reach the personal potential in our charism that God intended for us, and for every man and woman born upon earth. Without this repentance, none of the gifts are accessible, let alone the wisdom to see our way past all the tomfoolery in the world. God help us to choose Him! Then we will see peace, a real and lasting peace that will ennoble all and enable all for prosperity!

Merry Christmas to all!

some teach Elijah and Moses will be the Two Witnesses. , i cannot disagree .

i know this  > those forty two months will be a great time to be in the flesh , a time i would love to experience.

Merry Christmas to everyone.

as a few truly commemorate the Savior, this Nation having rebuked GODS Word in 1963 , is at HIS Mercy,

blessing for the few , disaster for the Nation as a whole...Merry seems inappropriate...



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