Christmas Devotion............The Greatest Gift We Can Receive...and share...

“Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, goodwill toward men.” Luke 2:14 .

One of the many wonderful names of our wonderful Lord is “The Prince of Peace.” Jesus holds the key to peace, whether it’s personal peace in your heart, domestic peace in your home, or eternal peace in heaven.

Isaiah prophesied that He would be called The Prince of Peace. The angels told the shepherds that His coming was “good tidings of great joy,” for His incarnation meant “peace, goodwill toward men.”

Certainly there is a need for peace. But look around. What has happened to the promised peace? It was purposefully postponed when God sent the Prince of Peace, but the world rejected and then crucified the Prince of Peace. There will be no peace on earth until the world that rejected our Savior receives Him again in power and glory. The only true hope for peace for the church, the nation and the individual is the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.

This Christmas, do you have peace with God or is the war still going on? The only way you can have the peace that Jesus made is to surrender to Jesus in absolute, total, unconditional surrender. He has fought the battle and the battle is won. But it will do you no good until you bow to Him. Have you laid down your sword of rebellion at His feet? He has made peace with the blood of His cross, but that peace does you no good until you bow to Him in total surrender. There is peace with God. Once you have that peace with God, then you can have the peace of God.
Devotions taken from the messages of Adrian Rogers.

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That one word, used only once in the complete KJV, is GULF I invisible barrier between Heaven and Hell, through which none can pass from Heaven to Hell, or Hell to Heaven.
It is a very sad thing, that one who experiences the Perfection of Heaven cannot relay that to those of the living. It is also a shame, that those who have lived their lives denying all told to them about the escape by being savedand go to hell, cannot tell those among the living what they suffer, and that which they can look forward to, should they not make the right choices and decisions.
I also believe that those in Heaven, cannot see, and likely will have no thoughts of those loved ones who have gone to hell, because if that were so, the whole concept of the peace in Heaven would be shattered by that pain. I do believe, though, that it is possible those in hell can see those of their loved ones who were saved and went to Heaven, in Heaven, as part of their punishment, knowing that they themselves did not take the step to Salvation, which we all know of one way or another.
Life is filled with choices and decisions, and all have heard the good news, and know the way to salvation through one source or another, but have chosen their own destiny, I believe, because they do not believe that Hell exists, nor the depth of the pain, suffering, misery, torture, and finality of it, that most simply wish to live their lives as they choose, and hope that the ground, or the winds with their ashes is all there is. God tells us to spread the good news, tell all how to be saved, and if we leave their person, with their hearts still black, to scrape the dirt from our sandals as we leave their presence. Some just cannot be convinced, and at some point, one must accept the fact that they are being hated for their efforts on their behalfs, then they have fulfilled their mission, and can move on to the next. It is we, the Born again Christians, who must attempt to the highest degree, to let others know the way. If they refuse our love for them, and attempts to help them become saved, then we are no longer responsible for their fates.

John 14:6 Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.
We cannot save anyone, we are only the messengers telling, all who will hear, the way to eternal life. We can only lead people to Salvation, we cannot save them.
Amen Freedom Fighter.
C.S. Lewis said: "The gates of Hell are closed from the INSIDE"........
People condem themselves by refusing to accept "so great a salvation"......



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