Looking for information that cicso is delivering supplies to many closed bases. Have reports that here in Michigan several cisco trucks have been seen delivering to closed bases  Anyone have any information regarding this ?

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I received a phone call from a friend of mine that was telling me the same thing about sites in PA.



maybe this is where their hiding all the ammo they have been buying up?

Semper Fi.


Ammo has an expiration date and has to be rotated out to be dependable, I wonder if the genius's buying it know that? 5 years is the limit for commercial packed ammo then it starts losing it's "freshness" and not dependable for people who depend on their guns firing!

There is NOT any expiration date on ammo.  I'm shooting ammo my grandad and I load from

the early 60's

I've got Taiwan M1 Garand 30-06 from the 50s that works just fine.

I live very close to a closed one...will have to check that out.....course there is a eating place on the closed base and it being used for various things so a Cisco truck would not be strange.   It is a closed base but an active area for the town....

Could they be used as fema camps?

I know where I live the closed bases have been turned over to the locals and the Police and Fire Departments use the old stuff for training. Like the people that fight forest fires will use  the barracks and mess halls. But the big tell would be if they are blocking access to civilians because here you can drive right by the areas the are using.

Need more info!!!

I live in a rehabbed house on the closed Wurtsmith AFB in Oscoda, MI and we have all kinds of deliveries because the Township decided that this area could be a draw for jobs.  It turns out that because we have Kalitta, a cargo hauler for the military and other uses, who has set Wurtsmith up as its engine maintenance location.  By itself, it provides many jobs, but it also draws other companies in as suppliers for parts etc.  Based on the empty storefronts downtown, Wurtsmith is the spot that keeps this town alive.  Thus, I cannot comment on the title aspect (Cisco Supplies for closed bases), but if a town that has a closed base wants to see what we have here, I would suggest they call our airport manager (989-747-0535), or just drop by for a visit.  We made it work and others can also!

I am not a conspiracy nut...I retired with 22 years of military service - seving in Vietnam and during the first Gulf War ( Desert Storm ) Check out on this website - REX 84. After it dowmloards, scroll down to FEMAS Blue Print for Martia Law in the US. Also, by scrolling / clicking on various links it shows " CONSENTRATION CAMPS. Fuel and food / logistics ( supplies ) have been being stored all over this country. In "empty" fueling points ( gas stations ) that have closed up. Many small towns and major cities police departments have been supplied with Military Vehicles and equitment.  Maybe it's for local fund raising BUT I think not. I received bit's and piece's from retired Military Officer, but also did some research on my own.

I will be anxious to hear the answer.

I live near a closed base......it is listed as one of the places that has an underground detention center.....if there is one, it is masterfully disguised.  Even so- it would be hard to tell unusual activity because there is an airport, a cargo shipper on site, as well as a college campus and various buildings in use!  It would not surprise me at all whatever they are up to if Ozero has anything to do with it.....they can't put us all in those places and they cannot stop us when we manage to group up and stop their insanity!   Tranny and socialistic nonsense is not what his nation is about!!!



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