COL Riley Statement RE: Bergdahl/Taliban Prisoner Release

On 6/5/2014 9:38 PM, wrote:
> COL Riley Statement RE:  Bergdahl/Taliban Prisoner Release
> Barack Obama's action to gain SGT Bowe Bergdahl's release, a deserter, by releasing five of the most barbaric, heinous, Islamic killers in the world from Gitmo prison, signals a politician out of control, and Obama's allegiance to terrorists rather than to the United States of America.
> Barack Obama has crossed a red line in siding with the enemy that labels him a domestic enemy of the United States.
> The United States Congress must immediately declare Barack Obama unfit to govern, declare him no longer legally fit to serve in the position of President, Commander In Chief, or any other position in U.S. government.
> Harry Riley, COL, USA, Ret
> Operation American Spring Founder

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John you seem more like a BIG eagle to me!!! :) Well, I personally know someone who is ex military and also a sharpshooting Sheriff, then Bayliff, but now retired. And, he knows for a fact that thing gets more DT's than ANY other leader in "recent" history. No one has just hit BINGO yet!!!!

You are a TRUE hero! We need sooooooooo MANY MORE PEOPLE LIKE YOU !!!!!!!! Thank you for serving our country and you still continue to serve her> I will pray for spiritual protection for you, Little Eagle.. Stay strong my friend!!!!! Thank you again for your service to America..Salt and light you ARE


JoAnne Lynn Cromp:  SEMPER FI! Back at you!

yes he could've Sue but i think he leans to the left to much or is scared to or has been threatened..  I also saw a post where the General Provost Marshall can arrest him.. the left are so deep into corruption We the People are being ignored and so is the Constitution.  As we know everyone in the white house and around it is corrupt. it also seems republicans are drawing red lines,, they say they oughta do this or that but nothing gets done.. We all know Harry Reid is the main reason why nothing has been done yet.. What's supposed to work isn't working with this admin..

I agree Colonel Riley!!
I read in the Wall St Journal (June 5th edition) that Afghanistan's people (those against the Taliban) are VERY worried. The article said that one of these terrorists was a leader in the destruction of part of the country- razing everything to the ground homes, crops, etc. and killing and taking others prisoner.
Then there was another article (same paper) that said it was a "Gray Area" as to whether Obama was within his rights to not tell congress. One professor said it was not, while another said it was.
There was a poll quoted on either the O'Reilly Factor or Hannitty (Fox News) that said 43 % of Americans were against this, 40% in favor, and 17% did not know whether they approved or not.
That is disturbing!

You know it ....I know it ....most of the American people know it ....Why won't Congress act ?    because they are on his side working to turn the US over to the Sharia  World Rule ...What can we do ???    not much . have another electiion ?   not really ....he knows nothing will be done by anyone in DC  and if we make any move we are under Martial Law and there's blood in the streets....well, there will be anyway , so why did we wait so long ???   and if we don't do something about closing the borders  the illegals will be "watching"  our backs as we drop  (or helping them )..thank you for all you are doing ...I would be there beside you if  it were only possible .................................

Appeal to female representatives - women are treated like garbage in that system. Appeal to anyone who does want to be under Islam. Appeal to their love of their individual liberties - Sharia Law forces bowing to their god - won't mention name. It's an abomination.

Yesterdays Fox News poll is telling. 

45% of Americans SUPPORT what the president has done. 

We have passed the tipping point, and I fear the Republic is lost.

They will do nothing. They only threatened that if he released any more without telling them they would act. Wouldn't it be nice to get a warning after we broke the law that if we did it again we would get punished. They are so confident that we won't do anything against them that they throw their corruption in our faces.

Go to  to join in DC on July 1 thru July 19th.  Also, Go to for info on the Washington Summit with Charles Krauhammer, John Hagee, and Bill Kristol on July 21,22.  We could "piggy-back" with these 2 movements which both have been advertised globally/internationally.

Don't believe it. Saw a poll earlier that said 79% disapprove & 79% do not trust.

Half of the USA want him out...he is just using us as puppets..because all say they are taking him to court or etc etc he is smiling knowing he can get away with anything...this is sickening...Angry in Mississippi



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