It is a simple fact that killing the enemy and staying alive are more a function of aggression and tactics than good shooting. The easiest(safest?) way to fight a war is to open fire on the bad guys at several hundred yards. This has been a common practice in the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts. Each side fires a large amount of ammunition until one side runs out and takes off. Everybody thinks they were in the thick of it and casualties are minimal. Trouble is, it is a wasted opportunity to defeat the enemy, and an incredible waste of ammo.

In current conflicts, statistically only one enemy soldier is killed for every 10,000 rounds fired. Not a very good percentage. It has everything to do with opening up at too long a range, which is due to weak tactics. Get the enemy close before you open fire and save your ammo. Make the risk worth taking and improve their odds of dying for their cause.

A greater percentage of combat kills are made at 50 to 100 yards. Much less so at greater distances or even close quarters. So, to be more effective it helps to get up close and personal. That requires commitment on your part and can give you an edge on the battlefield. The closer the enemy, the less dependent you are on being a "good shot". One very important thing to think about here is you definitely want a properly functioning weapon, stoppages at this stage are a SERIOUS problem.


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I taught this very tactic to my troops. I wanted the enemy in close and destroyed so none could tell my whereabouts.  

Hey Tom, both my '06 rifles have battle sights at 200.

That is very good advice!!  Thank you for sharing this!!!

Yep - Makes sense as history dictates. There is a lot to be said for the age old adage - "Don't shoot until you can see the "White in the enemy's eyes."  Of course this is only a guide line based on the type of weapon, the shooting skills of the shooter, but by using this method, your kill ratio to ammo used will be increased.

Brother's not about the "Chances of making the 1 click kill" is the fact you CAN; whether it is by luck or a planned shot, and the mental anguish it creates in the mind of your enemy; not being safe......not to mention you are more deadly the closer they get.  A Marine and his's a good thing......


Semper Vigilo, Fortis, Paratus et Fidelis

Combat troops already know how to move and shoot.  How to hide and snipe and a host of real threats that untrained and untested troops will never know until they have been there, done that.  Suffice it to say comments like tell us something we do not already know does not address the issue which is give us some advice those of you with the experience.  It is fine to not want to get up close and personal but the history of warfare especially recently is that it not only is but always ends up close and personal.  So lose the thought that if they get closer than 1000 yards or meters, you need to take them out and move out. You are not going to win that battle that way.  If you are a trained sniper, and how many of us really are, you will know that also.  You can stand off and make fantastic kill shots and never even see your enemies head explode from that .50 cal round from your BMG sniper rifle. But if you are within twenty feet of your enemy, you had better be moving while shooting, rapid fire, diagonally preferably and watching that front sight placement. Of course one gets excited when the first shots are fired. but that wears off quickly and one either adapts and begins to settle into the situation and become effective or it is wasted rounds and possibly the loss of the battle.  Stay alert, know your enemy, always be aware of your surroundings and never plan to stay in one place too long especially if you are outnumbered.  Shoot, skoot, shoot, drill until you get it down pat.  You break into teams one team shoots while another shoots another gets prepared to begin shooting.  Then shoot, advance, shoot, advance etc.....make sure you have ammo to accomplish your objective and do not get hung up on AR style rifles or the 308 long range types.  A good SkS or Ak47  is reliable, easy to keep firing and you can drop then in the mud, snow, water and still keep firing them with few if any failures to feed, fire, stove pipe....etc.  And never tell anyone what you have and how much ammo you have especially in this kind of forum.  Semper Fi......Get Some!!!



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