Last week, we started a mission to deliver water to the people in West Virginia.  I have been asked to lay out the mission and honestly, I have no idea where to begin.  So much happened in such a short time.

Friday 24th I came up with the idea to take water to WV from Texas.  Dressed as Militia types, handing out water, banners flying for OAS in the background.  We raised some funds, gathered gear, loaded trucks, and headed off a week later.  The plan changed a dozen times due to changing conditions on the ground, but we had a plan and felt it was a good one. 

The obstacles started on Sat the 25th.  Nasty phone call from someone claiming to be FEMA. They at first, politely informed me that the water was not needed.  When I explained we knew of some areas that still had not received any help and were still in need, I was told, not so politely, we could NOT deliver water.  It had to be done through the "proper channels".  Those of you that know me, can imagine how the rest of this conversation went.  Threats and insults and heated debate about Marshal Law and disaster areas and FEMA authority went on for about 45 minutes until I said he was just a thug with a badge and if he wanted my water "come and take it" and hung up.... Boy, let me tell you, it got interesting after that.

Sunday, Cops showed up to arrest me for an unpaid seat belt ticket in 1994.  Spent the night in jail, Saw the Judge, explained that I was overseas in Military duty at that time, had the orders to prove it, charges dropped.

Tuesday, IRS audit letter for last 4 years on my small IT Business arrives.

Off to a great start right?  Why all the fuss over a little water?  Why would something so small, so mundane really matter that much?  You will see very soon.

We planned on pulling out Tuesday but they got a heck of a snow storm up there and things got put on hold while the weather cleared up.  We started out with 22 people attending with us from Texas.  6 actually made it.  Life happens, Work concerns, family to take care of.  Some will laugh I am sure, but I am telling you, Satan was out to stop us... More than just the water!!  A ton went wrong over the next few days.  Wont bore you with the details but it was little stuff, constant pressure.

We finally roll out of Texas Friday around noon.  Drive 15 plus hours straight, no sleep.  We go, buy the water from Walmart, load the truck, (24 pallets of water, 45,000 lbs of water) and drive it out to Madison WV.  Set up at the Fire Dept and get to work.  In 2 hours, all the water was gone.  And FEMA says it wasn't needed?  Meet the Mayor, Fire Dept and PD and talk to them about who we are and why we are there.  Fire Station, PD and City hall are donated as staging points for OAS Teams to crash on the drive to DC in May.  WV people helped, Word spread on OAS, Mission Success....

We head back to the church where we are staying, completely exhausted. We have not slept in 36 hours.  We catch a nap for a couple hours on the floor of the church.  Have dinner fixed for us there at the church and here it gets interesting.... Couple of people here have heard some bad things about OAS.... Satanism, trap, NSA, marshal law, ect ect ect.... "I'm not going anywhere near DC"  I spent the rest of the night preaching and explaining.... It was a complete success.  Everyone heads to bed, wake up, breakfast and church people rolling in.  Pastor asks me to teach Sunday School.  Its all on OAS.... Service kicks off... Pastor drops his sermon, kicks DC's butt from the pulpit in one of the most impassioned sermons I have ever heard.  We gather at the alter, pull out the American Flag, everyone lays hands on it and we pray for our nation.  Entire church will be in DC.  Offered the facility to anyone needing a place to crash on the way.  

I could go on and on about the roadblocks and issues we ran into along the way.  Physical and spiritual. 

Water was just the catalyst that triggered a spiritual and physical coming together.  Reaching out to our fellow man, standing shoulder to shoulder, arm in arm was the REAL victory.  Together, united, bathed in prayer with love for God, Country and each other, NOTHING, I MEAN NOTHING can stand in our way.  Get out there, away from the computer and love on each other.  Get involved in church, gun rallies, militia training, humanitarian missions, Overpass rallies.... Anything to get out there and rub elbows with other patriots.  Do not be afraid to correct them when they are wrong.  Dont be afraid to be corrected yourself.  Stay on mission, stay on point and lets kick some ass together!!!


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Powerful speech/no teleprompters with OAS principals MUST SEE!



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