Are you still paying and supporting Bill Gates?

What computer operating system are you using?

In today’s world of computers and operating systems there are several choices available and open to all users.

Apple IOS is the choice for anyone running an Iphone, Ipad, or an Apple MAC computer.
That was Steve Jobs and it’s a good operating system if you can stand all the constant UN-wanted updates that could burn up your cell phone.

I believe SUN Micro- systems is still available for those who love to do everything manually, That’s a UNIX operating system. That’s a great operating system for those who are really into the main-frame style of giant computers like Packard Bell. But you better be pretty computer savvy and good at programming if you want this one.

And then of course there is the infamous Microsoft Windows. The most popular small computer operating system in the world. That’s Bill Gates, one of the greediest people on Planet Earth.
Gates once said that he would not be happy until every single person on Earth was paying him royalties each and every month.
I believe the latest and current version of Microsoft Windows is version 10. Cost for the home version is listed at $139.00. But that’ doesn’t include anything with it except the basic operating system. Congratulations; Now you can boot up your computer. But that’s about it. Microsoft Windows doesn’t do much without adding some more software applications like Microsoft Office suit.
Most of them are expensive to get a license to use them. And then you will have to pay for any upgrade every time Windows requires an upgrade.

In order for software developers to create and market their products to run under Microsoft Windows those developers have to BUY a license to create Windows applications. (I told you Bill Gates was greedy). That’s one reason the software is so expensive.

Here’s a short list of some applications and programs available for MS-Windows. I’m not endorsing any of these, I’m simply providing a short list of what might be available.

Okay, so now that I’ve gone through all of that, what if I told you that there is a desk top computer operating system that is just as powerful, just as easy to use as Microsoft Windows. Plus there are literally thousands of applications available.

And the best part is you don’t have to pay Bill Gates to use it. it’s all completely FREE.

And you don’t have to be a computer genius to install it.

Sound interesting?

The last 23 years of my working career I worked as a computer systems network engineer. I owned and ran my own computer consulting and network systems management company.
So I have a Little bit of an idea of what I’m talking about even though I technically retired in 1998.

The operating system I’m talking about is LINUX. And it’s not some new experimental operating system. In fact it’s been around since the early days of desk top computers. The original Linux operating system was a derivative of the old UNIX operating systems. I wont bore you with all of the details of it’s origins and development but LINUX was, and still is, developed by some of the best computer programmers in the world.

You may have already heard of some of the names of some variations of this operating system.
Names like RED-HAT Linux.
Here’s a list of some of those various incarnations.

Don’t let that list intimidate you at all. The choices can actually be pretty easy. In fact it’s almost a “No-Brainer” if all you need is a new desk top operating system for your home or office.
Something that doesn’t feed and pay mister Bill Greedy Gates.

I use a Ubuntu version called Linux Mint.

What ever software programs and applications you like on MS-Windows there is probably an equivalent and similar program available for Linux.
Need Microsoft Office, with a Word processor, spreadsheet, and possibly the Presentations?

Try Libre Open Office suite, Just about everything that is in MS-Office is in the Libre Office Suite.
Great part is – It’s FREE.
Microsoft Office Suite for home and office is $265.99, Office Professional is $439.99.

What about email systems and Internet browsers?
That’s Mozilla Firefox and Thunderbird email, free to download.
Like to create and edit graphics? That’s GNU GIMP2, image editor and graphics.
Microsoft Presentations? That’s Libre Office Impress.
How about some pizzaz to your presentations? That’s Photofilmstrip. This one creates a Ken Burns video style presentations and generates a movie file.
Want to create some videos like Microsoft Movie editor? That’s Kdenlive and Openshot video editors.
I can even program my Amateur HAM radios using CHIRP editor.
So what am I missing here?
What about my calendar? That’s built into the Linux Mint system. What’s left ? Oh Ya, I almost forgot, Internet Web Page HTML editor, There are several of those available.

So here you’ve got a powerful desktop operating system, Home or office Office suite, video and graphics editors, and an HTML Web Page editor, Plus I can program my HAM radios.
And it’s ALL FREE.
No more paying and supporting Bill Gates and his band of crooks.

If I’m missing something you really wanted the chances are there is a program and application available under the Ubuntu Linux operating systems platforms. There are literally thousand of programs available.
And like I said, There all free. If you choose you can make a donation to the creators but that’s optional in almost every case.

You’ve cut the cable TV subscriptions, it’s time to cut the Microsoft chains to your desktop computers.

That reminds me, Like watching TV on your computer? That’s built in also.
Download Linux and follow the instructions carefully.

Enjoy. And save some money while you’re doing it.

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And Rooster, Thank you for telling me about LinuxMint. It is a fine install and secure. Root is turned off, so you can't modify any important files unless you can SUDO into the root account. I like that feature. That is what got me into trouble on my last Linux OpenSuse version. I finally got tired of Paying for Bill Gates shit that was always asking for more licenses that I willing paid for, I don't now,  I want to put that bastard out of business, Period.......



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