Constitutional Emergency


Dear Patriots across America,
You may recall a few days ago I launched a massive counter attack against Dukakis boy Comrade Jason Chaffetz (R--UT) for his gutless spineless act of treason against Congressman Mark Meadows (R-NC)
    Well guess what ? 
 The strong and battle tested Congressman Mark Meadows (R-NC) has now been reinstated as subcommittee chairman on the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee after he was stripped of the position for voting against Obamatrade.  
Rubio voted for Obamatrade too and I am going to dismantle his political ass  across this nation.  He knows it and is already preparing to defend himself against me his treason against us with Obamatrade.   Ted Cruz once again listened to me and reversed his decision on obamatrade.   Nobody wants to feel the political pressure I can put upon a politician. 
  Well  I launched a massive tactical and surgical political air strike against Comrade Jason Chaffetz for his despicable act of bullying against my friend Congressman Meadows.   Chaffetz you are pissing off the wrong person.   I will dismantle you county by county, voter by voter and REC by REC across Utah.   I will crush you politically like a flea on a dog's ass and we will remove Communist RINO punks like you from office when your time is up. 

 I am not going to take credit for this but I will salute the Tea Party and Conservative leadership I contacted in NC and UT which initiated  thousands of phone calls to  Congressman Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) office.   Comrade Chaffetz officer announced yesterday that he would reverse his earlier decision to punish Meadows.  
Punch Meadows for a vote against tyranny and oppressive United Nations Trade ideologies ?  Who the hell is this guy ?

Patriots across America you must never back down.   We must salute Congressman Meadows as he fought back.  Our Congress needs to filled with Americans with a spine and intestinal fortitude.  We need people that will follow the Constitution now matter what the cost.  Congressman Meadows is such a man.  

When asked to resign his post, he also refused and made Chaffetz fire him. Then he went public and held his ground.   Jason Chaffetz is an empty suit.  A Cockroach bottom feeding amoeba  hiding as a Republican.  I will keep my foot on his carotid artery until he voted out of office.

"There is no honor in bowing to a bully," Meadows said. "There is only honor in fighting a good fight – win or lose. This is not a fight I will back down from."

 The Tea Party groups and the good people in North Carolina - Utah  and across the country spoke out against these attacks and supported Congressman Meadows.    A win for freedom.  As for Jason Chaffetz............... I am not done with him. I am just starting to bring him down.  Rubio best pay attention.   If you don't follow the Constitution my foot is in your ass.   John Boenner and Mitch McConnell know this already. 

Senior Chief Geoff Ross

United States Navy Retired





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GREAT, my prayers for your strength


I have read the comments on this page and keep thinking - where is the plan for action? We have condoned (thru our silence, Obama's fundamental transformation of America'.

Are we Americans or are we drones wishing for a leader like George Washington to lead us back to a restore constitution, freedom of speech, religion, etc.

There is a leader and that's you. Become a precinct captain, get the list of registered voters, visit everyone and get them registered Republican. tell your friends. it can spread like wild fire across the country.  The precinct captain represents the voters and they can use that power to get their residents to call Congress and demand the restoration of our constitutional republic. Not much time.  Also we need to clean house in the R party and kick out all the neo-cons and Rinos.   Get moving guys -

George Washington and all the Americans who fought and died in the War for Independence so America can be a free country are watching us very closely.   


  this MAN, means business, I am 100 % behind a person like this !! ( We need more like him !!! )

One effort not being made is the Citizens Grand Juries that were widely used if not EXCLUSIVELY in the early days of these United States. We are at GREAT PERIL HAVING ABANDONED their use. Convening grand juries picked by prosecutors results in such "Kangaroo courts" proceedings as we are seeing in Baltimore indicting 6 police officers over the Freddie Gray death. is leading the charge on this effort. Please go to their website to find out more, because this is the effort that can be effective against activist jurists.

Harry... when oh when... is something going to be done...? We have liars in the white house.. we have, rocking parties in the white house.., Ww have, all our morals and values and traditions stomped on..! We have little children being brought up now by two fathers and two mothers. .. I read we have two " mothers " that now want their son age 8 , in calif to have a transgender operation , because the child wants to look like his two mothers. ! When is this all going to stop.? We have the Military being squashed , we have mosques all over the USA, where isis has training going on. Nothing done.
We now have same sex marriage problem with all the churches.. how are they going to marry same sex marriages, when the bible says this is an abomination.?????? It is one man and one woman as god has created. I do not care what other people do.. i do not even condemn them.. live and let live..
but why does anyone have to change the whole nation. ?????????? and change the natural way of life.! ???
Everything we hold dear, is under attack. Now money is under attack... banks threatening to take our cash.. our savings.? Elders are shaking about what is going to happen to them? Everywhere there is violencem murder, and mayhem... ! The racial thing is way out of hand... we were better before 2008.. our president has divided us into groups and then attacked us as if we were the enemy.! Everything is a lie.. ! The justices have been black mailed and bought off... I read that the white house has been searching into the justices pasts... and holding something against them.. and three of the justices,,, already were marrying same sex partners... and should have stepped off the case. So there we sit... total cahouse and nothing being done. the children's education is being changed right out from under us... where is everyone..??? Where are the Generals.?? And all the people and values that care we are being torn apart thread by thread. ? Christians being slaughtered... and as our way of life. God Bless America the way we used to stand. God Bless our Military... our pastors, priests, our churches, our truth. and the true American family. know I can't answer your question about the world...basically you're asking when are we going to stop "sin"?  God will decide.

to C. Lee Sandvick....I salute you... at least you have a plan for the step by step " do something: list.!!! I get on here and just think... everyone complains here... but do you notice ...? No Action to write about.!
but you put some words into action... !
Tell us more c. Lee Sandvick..., 1- how do you start a group like this? How do you gather the people to you?
How do we get it out ? WE do need to spread this through out the country.. ! Why don't you become our Guide spokesperson..? I thought a General would step up... but i think they think.. maybe they would be brought up on charges and loose their benefits.! ?? I do not know the reason they have not spoken and led us.
looking for you next reply !

the precinct system was established along with the constitution. people wanted to be involved in communicating what they wanted from their elected rep. - ie limited gov't and adherence to the constitution 

But most people ,including me, did not learn about this precinct system. no surprise.  the progressives do not want us involved in politics. It would defeat their plans to transform this country.  (look up the book and online video interviews with Charlotte Iserbyt - "The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America')

We need to re-energize that precinct plan NOW . go to your local Republican committee - get your precinct assigned - then to the county recorder to get the list.  Then find one block captain per block to get their residents informed.   And tell your friends , family across the nation what is at stake, tell your groups - Lions, Kiwanis,etc.  

Just now, There are about 23,000 different 'conservative' groups out there for a reason. I read that a lot of them were established when the progressives realized that we were starting to get upset in 2009 with Obama's spending, etc and they needed us to be herded into these 'conservative groups' so our efforts would not be very effective.  It Worked.

If all or most of these 23,000 groups could have united on this single issue - to restore our constitutional republic, , we would have been able to save America. alas, not to happen.

 Now, in addition to the precinct plan, we need millions of people to stand together to implement a well-thought out plan, , be loud and firm with a clear message: Restore Our Constitution and to Clean House. .

I have prayed for an answer as to who those people could be.  Then it came to me - blacks were brought here to America as slaves,  Their offspring are God's answer to my prayers. since we are about to become slaves again - in The New World Order.  They have no problem uniting - once they know the truth about the Democrat and Republican parties. 

   We must go to meetings across this country of Black American groups - to give them the progressive agenda for all of us and to talk about the solution.

Question I pose to black groups - Who started Planned Parenthood and why.  

google - the   philosophy   of   Margaret   Sanger,   the   founder   of   Planned   Parenthood, was glorified in our schoolbooks. .     "Like   Adolf   Hitler,   Margaret  Sanger   considered  herself  to  be  part  of  a   genetically   superior   elite   who  had  to  protect  themselves..". believed that black people were an inferior race and needed to be eliminated.  

Planned Parenthood was a vehicle for Sanger's engineered genocide for the black people. (I was duped all these years)   Her org. has killed over 20 million black babies.  Of course they aborted lots of other babies, but this was her primary goal.  I was horrified and the truth turned my stomach, but the truth needs to be told.

I know that most, if not all White and Black elected representatives who are Democrat are Pro-Choice and tout taxpayer funded Planned Parenthood.  Have they been duped like I was all these years


are they 'On Board' with Sanger's engineered genocide?   Every Democrat representative needs to answer that question.  There are 4 other major problems in our country that need to be solved but it won't be until we restore our constitution.  

Here is the link to our plan  -   Help us peacefully clean house.  Once we lose the constitution, it is over. 

our choice then? war or becomes slaves.

IF we had 50 million notorized signatures (or probably less, but that number would most certainly be compelling), we could turn these last few issues on a dime... I believe that......... what say you?

I agree with you about all the traitors we have that disobey their Oath's

of Office. Cruz voted the first time around for TPP, For the House version he

was going to vote for it again, but last minute pressure made him vote against it.

I don't trust him now that he has shown his true colors. "IF" we have a 2016

election, I am leaning towards Walker. He has at least cut into the Pension problem

in his state and made it thru a recall. My issue with him is he cut taxes too much

in his state. He had to play games to prevent the state from defaulting on its debt.



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