Constitutional Emergency

On the afternoon of 8\22\08,My wife and I were notifed by child welfare to come to Eldorado, pick up our grand children,that they were in the process of a investigation of child abuse against my daughter that someone had reported to them.My wife and I went to pick them up,the C.P.S. worker gave me a voluntary family service agreement,in which she wrote "all parties involved understand that this is not legally binding,that any violation to this agreement can result the children being placed in DHS custody."
I talked to my daughter, she advised me she had not abused her children,I beleived her,But being this was a child abuse case,my wife and I took them straight to the Hospital Emergency room and had a Doctor check them out for injuries,bruises, ect. No injuries or bruise's were found,We as Grandparents needed to know this in case the children were hurt, they were not,On 9\11\08,my daughter was arrested for child abuse and deprivating of a child, her bond was set at$100,000.00.
Approx. one week after her arrest, Jackson County Sheriffs Dept.[ the underSheriff and a Deputy] came to our house,was very abusive about what right did we have in takeing our grand children to the Hospital? I advised them,if the children were hurt we needed to know!,they then wanted to know where the children were,I advised them that my grand daughter was in School, that my grandson was standing beside me,at this point the Deputy said "I have to talk to him" the deputy then took my grandson by the arm and lead him into our kitchen[as the deputy was takeing him ,I over heard him tell my grandson a three year old, that he would give him two suckers if he'd tell him what he wanted to know!],the Undersheriff kept me and my wife in the liveing room ,I do not know what was said to my grandson or granddaughter ,because they went to the School and questioned her there.
It was approx. one week later child welfare came to our home and took our grandchildren,claimed we had violated their agreement by taking the children to the Hospital.
My daughter has never been in jail,until now,with the bond so high I cannot bond her out, they the D.A., child welfare,Jackson Co. Sheriffs Dept ,have repeatedly told her that if she takes this to Court they will see to it she does twenty to life in prison if she does'nt plead out,they know if she takes it to Court she will win.They are also telling her that if she gives up her parental rights,she'll only have to do three years, C.P.S. and child welfare are now saying that the boy had thirteen open burn wound mark's on his body ,arms and legs,he had no marks on him when he was with us,Hospital proved that.
Her Lawyer is Court appointed,is only a represinative of the D.A.,all he does is try to make her plead out,he will not defend her as he should.My daughter is Innocent, but we do not have the monies to hire decent Lawyers or to bond her out,this is not a criminal case as welfare would have you believe, it is a child custody case which is not criminal,it is the taking away of any child they choose,because parents have no right's.
I am not begging for help, I am telling the people of the Hyenious, Horriffic crime, that is being done to my daughter and our grandchildren!.My wife and I still have not seen our Grandchildren since Child welfare has taken them.But we do know where they are and it is NOT a good place.

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