Interesting....COL Riley and other Vets are putting together an operation titled "American Spring" for this May. It's disgusting to see how fast the spin doctors are already on this...NOTE: you will be hearing American Spring on lap dog MSM now trying to dilute the title down. It will be diluted with commercials to meaningless words in all types of media. Knowing the MSM and DC the way I do now and how in depth, this just makes me want to expose all their despotic tools. Why do I think they are picking up on this? Because I run the social network and I've been watching PFA be watched by ABC agencies ... another thing I've learned how to do thanks to many Vets. The corruption in our country is at an all time high......I don't like what I see and it must be dealt with.....consequences for their actions is a must.


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I will share this now ! Maybe not I can not seem to get it to post !

Finnally, you counter all propeganda with more of the same.  The only way you win is by the amount you gush out.


What do you mean?  

Done!  Here is the tiny url:

I say let them worry, . They need to be aware, the negative campaigning seems to be the floor in the strategy . What was said at once was... you have nothing to fear but fear itself . And with fear respect comes afterwards . so let them see us, the time for action is now . I say let's not fear them anymore .. in f .act anyway they spend it they're just doing us a service . It may help us to spread the word of the movement . And that's what they fear most .
It is Fear!! Tune it all out.

I should have added this to my last post.  We are looking at more than one front on which we are be attacked.  If you had seen the comments from the Veteran from the 11th Airborne Division, it reminded me of his comments on Leyte. We also

will be open on all sides


Patriots, Friends, Neighbors, Fellow Citizens: Please Remember One Thing!!! We the people are not afraid of them.  And Twana is absolutely spot on with her statement that we need to make it very very clear to one and all. There are consequences for their actions, their violations, their treason, their treachery, their misuse of their offices, their inappropriate support of tyranny, their outright criminal behavior and on and on and we the people are coming to administer those consequences.  They know this, they do fear us and they employ the only tactics they know how and that is to spread as much disinformation about us, the Tea Party, the Conservatives  in short all of us that they can as quickly as they can to try to defuse our efforts as quickly as they can.  Look for them to lie, cheat, steal, subvert, manufacture negative acts anything to derail our efforts to bring to the fore their despicable reign of terror on fellow Americans who allowed them to run our country into ruin almost without firing a single shot.  Well I say Bat Guano on them they need to know that we will do this and nothing can stop us and to try to do so is to commit political suicide on their own enablers.

Frankly, I am all for that (suicide of their own enablers)....Semper Fi.

I will be with you and will stay as long as necessary to accomplish our task.

Amen Richard. Time for being nice is over! Turning the other cheek has passed! Now we must be the warriors that God called upon when he wanted something Accomplished! God bless all of us!!!!

great comment.  We may need to remind each other of these things from time to time. 

Twana, the misinformation that will fly about this will be somewhat of a problem but I believe a bigger problem will be the liberal plants that may show up to cause problems and possibly start violence. Those are the ones that worry me more and we have to be ready for that.



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