Interesting....COL Riley and other Vets are putting together an operation titled "American Spring" for this May. It's disgusting to see how fast the spin doctors are already on this...NOTE: you will be hearing American Spring on lap dog MSM now trying to dilute the title down. It will be diluted with commercials to meaningless words in all types of media. Knowing the MSM and DC the way I do now and how in depth, this just makes me want to expose all their despotic tools. Why do I think they are picking up on this? Because I run the social network and I've been watching PFA be watched by ABC agencies ... another thing I've learned how to do thanks to many Vets. The corruption in our country is at an all time high......I don't like what I see and it must be dealt with.....consequences for their actions is a must.


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I was worried about this last night when I received a message from a member asking for my help.  I had to do a little research on him.  As the number of members grow, that will be harder and harder to do...It is worrisome.  Maybe someone will get a brainstorm about handling them in the meantime.

This is my push for the effort.

Prepping the website and the channel for the new year. 2014 The year of change. Let's play.

I came across a page last night that I cannot find today.  Can someone help me?  It was a page that gave some basic ideas/instructions on what to say, how to counter the information against the group, etc.  I thought it was on the home page.....Thanks.  Look forward to working with everyone. 


Great post...Thanks for your tireless work and dedication...



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