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Dangerous Writing and Arrogant Ignorance

Posted: 19 Mar 2011 01:02 PM PDT

IN A RECENT article in entitled, James Madison Would Be Horrified By Peter King, the authors write:

Haven’t we figured it out yet? It is not religion that makes a terrorist; it is belief in a radical ideology condoning violence, a perverted ideology promoting the killing of civilians, and even blowing up oneself, in the name of a cause.

What the authors obviously don't know (and arrogantly assume can't exist) is that a "religion" might itself be an ideology that condones violence and promotes the killing of civilians. Such a religious ideology exists and it is the source of almost all of the terrorism in the world.

The authors are professors of history. They may know a lot about history but they should either read the Koran or stop making assumptions. At the very least, they should stop making assumptions with so much arrogance and condescension. For those of us who have read the Koran, their article is a pathetic display of self-righteous ignorance.

This kind of writing is dangerous. Most of their readers obviously haven't read the Koran either, but because the authors are professors of history, and because they deliver their pronouncements with such absolute certainty, they are persuasive. They are leading people to believe Islam itself couldn't possibly be the problem. And with what result?

One result is more "homegrown" Islamic terrorists. And more Islamic enclaves in Western democracies. And more sleeper cells. But the consequences go beyond terrorism. Orthodox Muslims are working hard to gain concessions in free countries all over the world. Western values are yielding to Islamic values. Why? Because so many non-Muslims don't understand even basic facts about Islam. Why? Because so many writers and newscasters and teachers and even presidents are leading people to falsely believe Islam itself couldn't possibly be the problem. It is not religion that causes terrorists, after all. It is a "radical ideology."

I would say to the authors what I say to everyone: Take the Pledge and read the Koran. And then help us launch a new era in non-Muslim-Muslim relations.


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This is interesting

Our leadership has become sheep due to the political correctness run amuck. If you criticize the actions of a Muslim or even an African American you are demonized as a racist and must be silenced.

Let this kind of thinking continue and we will all be reading the koran, not for spiritual insight but for your very existence. 

Disagree. They ae not sheep. They are either willingly ignorant or afraid. All of DC, i.e. government, is heavily infiltrated by Islam. Ask Clare Lopez. Ask Frank Gaffney. Ask David Horowitz.


This includes the DOD.

I pray all of you will join if not already the Patriots Union.

Thanks COL. Thanks Twana

Thanks to Twana and Col Riley. Did read and view the videos of the most recent terror cells making encampments in this country for the past 30 years. They obviously targeted the poverty stricken minorities first to use them as "worker bees", once many of them were set up they of course recruited others with instant monies from illicit activities. Your efforts to expose them have not gone un-noticed. Hopefully America will get its' act together and vanquish the problem.

My sincere best wishes for you'se in your future endeavors of educating the American public on their rights and the importance and clarification of the American Constitution.

There is no coexisting with Islam. Either submit or die.


They cannot ever reach parity with the US because they are barbarians.

Amen to that.



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