DHS Whistleblower Exposes Government's Submission To Jihad (FULL Press Conference)

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I heartily agree Dr. Michael!  Now is the time!

Thank you for the information.

The question is HOW?? There's so much propaganda and deliberate disinformation influencing the masses and violations of the Constitution taking place!! Praying for Divine intervention is all I can see possibly removing this stranglehold on the Patriots of today.

 You will find this posted on The People's Press at http://www.facebook.com/THEPPLSPRESS

Thanks - looks like a good site.

It sounds to me like this Phillip Haney guy should be our head of the DHS, and Rep. Michelle Bachman our next VP.

That sounds like a good plan.....maybe when Trump cleans house we can get these two in there...they should definitely be part of the government when it gets cleaned out.

One thing that this video tells us is that the Intel is out there, there are good people that are very much aware of what is happening. We are NOT alone. In Fact there are millions of people who know what is actually happening. We just need to keep pushing information out so the masses of (Still asleep) Americans get the message. This is NOT a Democrat versus Republican problem, but Hillary Clinton must never be allowed to assume office as president.

We also know that there are some in the Government who are not on-board with the Sheria Law BS and what is going on.
Anything we can do to make contacts with these people and try to form some kinds of coalitions then maby someone can come up with a plan or a good direction to stop this mess,,,,,,,,,, whether it comes to open conflict or not, this has to be stopped. There will be a HARD RAIN as David Reed says it.

I send out many messages with good links on them to reach over 40,000 people a day, mostly to the groups I am in because in the groups some have as many as 20,000 in them.  This is on Facebook.  I hate Facebook, but am using them to get this out there and what the heck, they probably already have me marked as a terrorist because I am Patriotic and know what is going on.  

I just got this really good link, and the article is very good, and the videos even better, many videos of Trump and Carson really hitting it hard on our government and that they are at war with the American people.  Check this out and check every video out....they hit the government hard, and not afraid to speak out....http://www.thelibertybeacon.com/the-us-government-is-at-war-with-it...

I also read an article just yesterday that Trump and Carson is meeting with 900 Evangelical Leaders in NY on Tuesday, June 21, and Media is blacked out.......http://www.wnd.com/2016/06/trump-carson-wooing-evangelical-leaders/

So-o-o  much going on, a lot good and a lot bad....maybe God is hearing our prayers and things are turning around?   I am holding my breath for the RNC, as I still have bad feeling about that....hope they have a lot of good people involved with security and not false flag operatives for that!

On a lighter note and a really great announcement....look who is advising Trump on Faith....Yeap, it is Michelle Bauchmann and James Dobson....WOW, didn't see this coming....They are forming a special faith advisory panel to provide advisory support on issues important to evangelical Christians and other people of faith.  Read more in the article...You know Trump met with 900 Evangelical leaders today in NYC....I read that article yesterday.  Dobson was there, so I am sure this is why this story is coming out today.....http://www.wnd.com/2016/06/bachmann-dobson-to-advise-trump-on-faith/   People are really coming together and I like that!

check out this week's Globe magazine:

Terrorist Killers IN YOUR TOWN!

Gullible Americans being played for fools by ruthless ISIS operatives  who use fundamentalist religion, psychological manipulation, and promises of ever-lasting glory to turn lonely losers into cold-blooded killers eager to cut down their own neighbors!

In the last 20 months alone, the inited states overworked law enforcement agencies have hauled in DOZENS of home-grown terrorists, who fell for ISIS' internet propgaganda hook, line and sinker, a GLOBE special investigation reveals.



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