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Did you know?  Probably not.  It may seem like a small issue, but when taken with all other freedom loss in America, it’s important.
If you’re a truck driver that requires a Commercial Drivers License (CDL) take note. Doctors that have been and are currently providing physical examinations required by DOT will no longer be able to provide DOT physicals unless they attend a government training class that will cost them $680.00.  Many doctors will say, it’s not worth the government hassle so doctors performing DOT physicals will be reduced, impacting the trucking industry and individuals.
After spending 5-8 or more years in medical training, a doctor, in a year or so, will not be able to conduct a basic routine physical for drivers seeking a DOT examination which is required to obtain a CDL without the government Obamacare certificate/certification.  You know why?  Too many Pelosi-dumb-asses that signed the Obamacare legislation to read what is in it.
Just another intrusion to individual freedom, economic freedom, an adding of more and more idiotic and socialist regulations, punishing Americans.
If the US Congress does not severely punish the Obama Administration for the obvious and proven violations of the US Constitution and laws regarding Fast and Furious, Benghazi, IRS Gestapo activity, journalist (AP) criminal activity, and more.......we’re going to see a revolution in the United States and it won’t be waving signs.  It’s that serious. 
Government can push their despicable, deceiving, betraying, destructive, arrogant fingers up our nose just so long until we punch their guts so hard it will release air heard around the world.
Harry Riley, COL, USA, Ret

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We can not afford Obamacare.

Good email Harry, Sir!!!!!!!!!!! All of what you say is clear, short, sweet & to the point. The last sentence is very plain and clear too! :-)!!

Colonel Riley,  maybe we need "midwives" to give physicals.  This way, the doctors can stay out of it the "midwives" can have a chance to earn a living when their free benefits run out.  Semper Fi!  Gunny Lakin


Yes, there was a "shot" heard around the world, many long years ago.  And, I might add, over an issue far less serious than any of the many issues Obama has orchestrated as of today.  Good article. 

I'm  without  words,  maybe  devil  oboma  will  be  axed..!!!

If they cannot get their licenses, the food and supplies that are needed for people to survive will not get delivered.
Patriots, what are we going to do?

Doesn't surprise me, its already out of control.



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