America deserves much better than the jealousy-driven, dirt-digging, gossip-monger called Arizona Senator John McCain

Senator John McCain 1st to hide behind Obama’s Citizenship

Following in the footsteps of his outgoing leader President Barack Hussein Obama, Senator John McCain is trying to plaster the sudden status of ‘citizenship’ as his end all and be all.

In his ‘GoodBye but I’m still here’ Farewell speech on Tuesday,  Obama proclaimed that now that he’s one himself, citizenship is the strongest pillar of democracy.

McCain, who admitted yesterday it was he who passed the dirty dossier of claims of a Russian blackmail plot against president elect Donald J. Trump was only doing ‘what any citizen should do’.

For the record, a 62-million strong citizenship delivered Trump to the White House.  Citizen McCain, a dirty dossier intended to stop Trump from inauguration.

Obama and McCain are not American-loving, patriotic citizens but two rabble rousers of the 1st Rank. 

“McCain - a longstanding anti-Trump Republican who had disassociated  himself from the candidate’s campaign weeks before the election - cast himself as an innocent and concerned member of the public as he justified his move. ()

“He claimed he had no idea whether it was accurate or not - but that he believed the FBI should have it because it was ‘sensitive’.

In reality, he believed the FBI should have the dossier as a last-ditch effort to derail Trump.

McCain is not an “innocent and concerned member of the public” but a paid from the public purse, backstabbing U.S. senator, transitioning back and forth from Republican to Democrat, depending on which vote is up for debate.

‘That’s why I gave it to the FBI. I don’t know if it is credible or not but the information I thought deserved to be delivered to the FBI, the appropriate agency of government.’ (Daily Mail, Jan. 11, 2017)

“He added: ‘It doesn’t trouble me because I don’t know if it is accurate or not. I have no way of corroborating that.”

When was the last time you turned over information you had no idea was accurate or not over to the FBI?

McCain obviously felt there was no need to sign himself as a longstanding anti-Trump Republican who had publicly disassociated himself from Trump’s campaign weeks before the election.

A citizen who did the same thing would surely be charged with Public Mischief.

That a senator did it makes it nothing less than Malicious Public Mischief.

‘The individual gave me the information. I looked at it. After receiving that information I took it to the FBI.’ (Daily Mail)

“He added that he was now aware from media reports that the FBI was apparently already in possession of the information. ’ 

“The Arizona senator had issued a public statement amid mounting questions of his exact role in the affair - and how a document riddled with errors and unverifiable claims came to be published.

‘Late last year, I received sensitive information that has since been made public,’ he said.

“Upon examination of the contents, and unable to make a judgment about their accuracy, I delivered the information to the Director of the FBI. 

‘That has been the extent of my contact with the FBI or any other government agency regarding this issue.’

“But the 2008 Republican loser, who disowned his party’s candidate weeks before the election, may have been far more intimately involved than that.’ “


The salacious contents of the vile dossier, about which he was unable to make a judgment, claims Russian authorities filmed Trump in a Moscow hotel room with two prostitutes who ‘defiled a bed’ which had previously been used by President Barack Obama and wife Michelle.

Like a snake waiting to strike out at an unknowing rabbit, McCain was desperate to derail the Trump presidency.

Instead the rabbit chased the snake back into its hide-y-hole when Trump showed the media up as purveyors of fake news at his first press conference since election on Wednesday.

Dr. Laurie Roth, who yesterday called for McCain’s resignation in a CFP video, is right.

America deserves much better than the jealousy-driven, dirt-digging, gossip-monger called Arizona Senator John McCain.

Get out, John McCain, and take your wagging gossiping tongue along with you.

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Judi McLeod is an award-winning journalist with 30 years’ experience in the print media. A former Toronto Sun columnist, she also worked for the Kingston Whig Standard. Her work has appeared on Rush Limbaugh,, Drudge Report,, and Glenn Beck.

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  • I have not been able to find out definitely but years ago I read he was guilty of treason as is Kerry and Fonda; it was written that he deserted his men in Nam..he is a snake .... he should be removed from the Senate or at least served with notice to stop the slander.

  • Look at who is behind this new legislature,.....dirt-bag McCain...somehow I think there is an agenda behind all of this....making a 12th Circuit with all these states in that Circuit...sounds kind of scary to me...and who will be putting all these Judges in this 12th Circuit?

  • In my opinion what were are witnessing is the failed belief in the ideology and and the practice of Social Darwinizum. The idea that man allowed to practice what HE believes is right without any moral restraints will eventually evolve into a "Utopian" society. Man left with out moral restraints is capable of all manner of atrocities against their fellow man. Left to their own devices they will murder others, eat their very own and kill themselves. God has in His love for mankind given us His instructions ( Torah, Law) on how to live in harmony with each other and in a way that is also pleasing to Him wherein He will bless mankind. But the majority of men chose darkness rather than the light because their Deeds were evil the Scripture say. And now we are witnessing the results of a majority of those who choose to disbelieve or believe and choose not to obey His instructions. Mankind left to themselves and there own devices apart from God leads only to a never ending downward spiral into oblivion. It is my sincere desire that those here who are reading this will put at least as much thought and effort into following Gods instructions as you are trying to save our nation. Because one has temporary consequences while the other has eternal consequences. While we stand and make our fight for that which what we believe is True and Right and will benifit mankind, take courage "We are in much bigger hands than our own".
    • If we would do that Michael, it would be great; however, read the Fourth Commandment.  It is the only Law that the Lord identifies himself within the scope of such.....and that commandment 90% of Christians break each and every Sunday..what do you think that the Lord feels regards to this?  Yes, he is a loving God, but how will the refusal to honor his Sabbath as directed, play out when we stand in judgment?

      • Millie. Just saw your post I've been busy with other things. Life sure is demanding!!!
        The New Testament church from right after the destruction of the 2nd Temple has distanced itself from Jewish believers even pursecuting and killing them. At that time as the Gentiles grew bringing with them Greek influences along with Roman and hellenization which led the Church moving away from their jewish brothers and led to many false doctrines and beliefs. The Sabboth is just one of many that you mentioned. The Sabboth celebration is an everlasting commandment, which the Roman Church had changed to Sunday to distance themselves from the Jewish believers because the Romans began over taxing the Jews and their following of the Torah refusing to give up keeping Gods Word lead to them being persecuted and put to death. It got to the point where the Church of Rome seperated themselves so they would not be persecuted as the Jews. They changed many of the Hebraic roots of our faith and at one point would not let Jews into the gentile church antisemitisum flourished and many were out to death by the Christian church. The church of Rome burned synagogues destroyed their literature and persecuted them from 70 AD through the dark ages. HOWEVER... There is a movement of the Holy Spirit to awaken a desire within the Christian community to rediscover their Hebraic roots and realize that we have been influence by the doctrines of men or the last 1900 years. Many in the Christian community have repented of the churches past sins and are being reconciled with the Jewish people. The scrpture says in the last days the Jews and the Christians will come together to worship Yeshua in Spirit and in "Truth". JESUS has plainly told us "If you love me keep my Commandments (Torah). We are not saved by keeping the Law (actually translated instructions/teachings). So we keep his teaching so we can live in harmony with our fellow man and in a manner that pleasing to God. Revelations states that only those who keep Gods commandments will enter into the kingdom. Paul statement in Romans "you are no longer under law but under grace has been taken wholly out of context and been preached that Gods law since Jesus has come is no longer in effect is completely false. The Torah will continue to be taught throughout the Mellenial Kingdom. This has led to Christians living contrary to Gods word. But take heart God is restoring His Truth. Those who are seeking God with a whole heart are putting aside the doctrines of men and the false teachings of the Church and are filling only His word( Sola Scriptura, Scripture Alone). If you or anyone is interested in what the Spirit is doing in human hearts to bring us back to a correct understanding of GodscWord I suggest you start with going to Hebraic Christian Global Community and read what Dr. Garr and other leaders and teachers in the Church are saying. "If you seek me with a whole heart you will find me". And you shall KNOW the Truth and the Truth shall set you free. (Free from false doctrine... Hope this helps answer your question somewhat.
        • Who told the Catholic Church that they could change the Sabbath to Sunday?  Certainly not Yahuwah. He told us the Sabbath was eternal and he ordered that in the first week of creation.  Who told the Catholic church they could change the Calendar?  Who told the Jews to change it?  The Father gave us His lunar calendar and the appointed times of the feasts, yet the Catholics and the Protestants and all ignore the Father's feasts instead enjoying the feast of the tree decorated with silver and gold that He hates, and Oester or Easter, both pagan holidays.  He gave us laws and rules, most of ours in the Constitution and Bill of Rights are based on the laws Father YHWH gave.  Question what your fathers have taught you!  Question the traditions that Yeshua came to Earth to challenge.  Question what Faith and truth and Grace really are.  Father YHWH said that He would restore the lost tribes of Israel scattered in the first diaspora, before Yeshua came.  They were the hellenised Greeks and Assyrians. They were the lost sheep that Yeshua came for.  Keep asking questions, don't settle for someone's answer that doesn't make sense but placates as the Catholics have always done (making it seem like the first Natzriym (Nazarenes) were Christians (another sect, not from Yeshua) and that they worshipped on Sundays (They worshipped in Synogogues).  Look at history, keep going back and ask The Father for questions. Is the יהוה in the Hebrew Bible God? ( G-d in Hebrew is a Babylon diety of fortune) Why did they change Yeshua's Name?  Why is it forbidden to speak the Name of the Most High when He delights in the worship of HIs Name?  

  • From 1960 to 1965, my Husband and I lived in Japan and Okinawa where he served in the U.S. Army. Again in 1968, my husband returned to Vietnam where he served for one year. He retired in 1978 and during that entire time, we were together and lived in military housing communities, etc. Several times I heard that John McCain was an informant during his captivity! He made many propaganda tapes for the Viet Cong and his code name was "Songbird" because he began singing the minute he was captured!  

    The article states that, “He claimed he had no idea whether it was accurate or not - but that he believed the FBI should have it because it was ‘sensitive’.I wonder if that was his rational when he SANG against all of his fellow American Captives!  Wonder how much pain and/or death was caused by this!  He alone is enough reason to enforce TERM LIMITS!

  • I am removing this post because it is inaccurate.

This reply was deleted.


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Trump Explodes On Reporter:  "Don't Ever Talk To The President That Way." President Trump also stated: "What they did is they used COVID in order to defraud the people of this country." {Hear/see at approximately the time stamp 7:40 - use closed caption feature - of the following video} posted by Dinesh D'Souza
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The NEW America:
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I went to the Rally for Trump in Dallas Texas Saturday Nov. 14th, 2020.Crowd size turned out to be around 1,000 - 1,100 people and did increase a little after things got started at 2:00 pm.
Group was mixed, Whites, Blacks, and everything in between.Age groups also covered the full spectrum from kids to old people, (like me).Some Bikers showed up, about 12-15, several showing Military veteran status.Col. Allen West was present and gave some good interviews, some with news media people, and…
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Important timing.
Something that is of critical importance is the timing of everything that is happening right now. The “Fake News Media” is and has been declaring Vice-president Joe Biden the winner of the 2020 elections. But NOT one single vote from any State has been certified by any States Attorney Generals as of this date. This main-stream news media is trying to convince the American people that Joe Biden won the election without having all the LEGAL votes counted yet. Timing and current…
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