Do we truly love America or are we just paying it lip service?

As a US Marine veteran, I pose this question because no offense most Americans do not know what the cost of freedom and liberty entail. We live insulated mostly from the outside world. at least until recently with neighbors to the south getting a free pass from Uncle Scam. Only knowing about the world courtesy of our sanitized and agenda consumed multimedia outlets.

We don't even have to ask the question is there a vested interest in illegal shmnesty and open borders? The Cintra corporation who was to begin construction on the Trans-Texas Corridor and ultimately the NAFTA Superhighway for now has been thwarted. Former dishonorable President Bush II was to benefit financially from the breaking ground of this project. He was going to sell out YOUR brithright, YOUR heritage, YOUR country! That's a traitor!

Tens of thousands even hundreds of thousands of families and communities would have been relocated or eradicated like a disease courtesy of eminent domain. Thus, would have precipitated a series of actions in motion resulting in the impending collapse of the American dollar and the death of the republic known as the United States of America as we know it!.

For now, that will not happen but ...

However these people are slugs and cockroaches and they are not going away that easily.

So what do we do next? Well we can sit here and worry about our country's future and be paralyzed by fear or we can take that fear of what we dread most become mobilized, empowered and remind these crooks in DC that nothing is stronger second only to Almighty God, the Will and the Resolve of the American people.

This is OUR country, NOT theirs. Not Barney Frank's, Nancy Pelosi's, Harry Reid's, Chuck Schumer's, or Chris Dodd's to name a few.

If we're going to fret about a little opposition and hurt feelings then frankly our forefathers wasted a lot of blood and sacrifice for nothing. Are we men and women or are we wimps?

Get involved in the process wherever, get mobilized and stand with your patriotic brothers and sisters as we proceed to give DC Hell incorporated.

Remember, evil prevails when good men and women see trouble but sadly stand aside, allow and ignore its warnings.

Those of you who are military veterans, we took an oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States of America against ALL enemies foreign and domestic. Unlike DC, we actually meant it. Unlike DC, we actually embody courage, honor, sacrifice, and integrity.

It's time to lead the charge ... it's time to bring our country back in line with the tenets of the founding fathers wishes and edicts.

No more compromises! Demand accountability and transparency from your government. Make them VERY uncomfortable!

Stop apologizing for being judeo-christian. 85% of us ARE! It's time to wake up!

Wake up America!

Say I will no longer apologize for being a patriot. Patriotism is NOT a four lettered word.

It is time to truly say "God Bless America!" AGAIN!

I welcome any and all of your comments ...

Respectfully submitted,

USMC Veteran
Houston, TX

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Personally, I think God has caused a situation in America where we have a chance to prepare to fight for our Constitution and Repbublic or do nothing and slide into slavery........we can ignore all the ominous signs of disaster and huddle up like the Katrina victims or recongize the threat to our nation and prepare for the has been said, it can't be small, it must approach millions and we need to do if often.......only the most ignorant, brain-dead citizens miss the signs as has been pointed out........I'm often critized when I say I'm not praying for Obama...why should I pray for a person that wants to kill more babies, marry more men and men, support the homosexual agenda, spread the curse throughout our military, continue to allow parasites enter through our southern border, give our tax dollars to corrupt corporations, hire criminals in his cabinet.....on and would be like praying to go to hell.......I won't do it, in fact I pray Obama fails miserably........but God protect America in spite of an "illegal" president...not mine but he's in the office.
Outstanding! Couldn't have said it better, myself. I agree 100% with what you say.



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