Governor Pataki and others say that even if Donald Trump wins the Primaries that he will not be nominated to run for president......COULD SOMEONE PLEASE EXPLAIN HOW THAT CAN POSSIBLY BE...

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I have NO IDEA.    Between him; Cruz and Carson they are better now even not being elected.   

Not sure i understand what you mean BonnieSomer

George Massu, 

I think it means that:  1) the system is rigged/fixed, 2) they have already elected the next POTUS and 3) they want us to continue to fund the campaigns to pick-pocket more of our money. 

Thanks George Massu for opening the discussion. These primary runs corralled a lot of media & voter [legal & illegal] attentions & reactions. A majority of these 'reactions' are organized, directed & financed by deeply funded PAC's; national / international corporate power brokers; 'hidden government' manipulators. Most brought chaos; division; polarization; threats of race conflicts; total confusion of important issues of freedoms, liberties, economy, national security, states' rights, & more. Some glaring examples of these emerge in 'Black Lives Matter'; 'Occupy Movement', El-Rasa, 'Amnesty Now'; outcries surrounding issues of the Confederate Flag; and Islamic indoctrination within our public educational system. Yes, there's others too.

    I don't think, George, that the 'system is rigged/fixed". I conclude that it's much more of channeling, influencing, & directing the entire electoral process. What's confounding this whole attempt is the populist influence of Trump - Carson - Cruz. It's wrecking the plans of the hidden government cabals. During these rapidly changing campaign times, there's too much disunity, conflicting egos & opposing vested interests. There's also voter expressed outrage at recent fraud & explosive uncovering of hidden practice [e.g., Planned Parenthood video exposes; IRS scandals; FBI investigations of the Clintons. Yes, there's more here too]. All these have wrecked any hidden plans for railroading an expected POTUS into office - as what happened with the Obama elections.

   The Campaign Finance Law has removed the larger electorate out of the picture with a limitation of $2600 contributions into campaigns. Of course, this only serves to ensure the security of incumbents. And, too ensures the continuity of political corruption.

    A highly supported populist campaigner, as Trump / Cruz are, would almost, but not guarantee, a nomination. Vested political, corporate & 'hidden government' interests are almost running rabid to attack the front runners. For example - CNN's debacle of moderating the last Republican debate. And, CNN's glaringly fraudulent, if not libelous, editing of Trump's responses to a 'Muslim database' - Trump does not foster that by the way.

   This campaign for the 2016 election is extremely important. It is a vital matter for our American governments - local / state / federal - to be directly influenced away from destructive liberalism. That can only happen when the conservative majorities of America get united into an energized, coordinated, & influential political force. If a populist presidential campaigner, whomever that may be, receives the majority of primary election votes, then, it's up to us ! to ensure nominations & final election success. The options are that another election fiasco will recur, as we experienced eight years ago, at all ! levels of government.

The primary question of this discussion relates to outside influences to remove presidential candidates. Received a story from 'NewsMax' relating to this. And, there are quite a few references, names, threads for anyone to verify, check on the story, and to do some follow-up. Here's what I copied & paste here >
    'Secret' group within GOP building to force Trump out of GOP candidates' campaigns
    headed by former RNC employee Liz Mair; fired from Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker's
    failed bid for the GOP nomination....The goal is to keep Trump supporters from voting, the

    memo said, not to convert them into backing other candidates. Trump Card hopes to gather a

    quarter-million  dollars from donors throughout several other candidates' camps for their push.

    So goes our veiled, backroom national political influences. God bless & protect America.

    I may duplicate this reference in a couple of other discussions within our forums.

It has to do with how delegates are bound.  Many delegates go where the RNC directs them, usually to, but not necessary bound to, each state's winner.  The early states are proportioned, which means even if Trump gets the most votes in Iowa, he won't get all the delegates.  There are also "unbound" delegates who can vote for anybody they want.  The problem republicans are looking at right now is a brokered primary.  If one candidate doesn't have enough delegates to win the nomination, everything goes to hell in a handbasket.  I think the number is a little over 1200, which I think means one person has to have over 50% of the delegates to himself.  With something like 12 people still running, and voting states Feb 1, that means there's a very good probability Trump won't get the majority.  Then the GOP establishment gets to pick their candidate. 

Yes, and we get to pick whether or not we will vote for THEIR candidate. I personally will not vote in Nov 2016 if they manage to kill off Trump's chance to get nominated. I am so very TIRED of these Republicans who think they know better than the voters. They continually put up looser candidates and then loose elections. When will they're get it, that WE the People are not a stupid bunch of hicks.



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