Earlier this month, a meeting in Cairo known simply as “the Cairo meeting” was led by Tahani Al-Jebali, former Vice-President of Egypt’s Constitutional Court who earlier this summer, publicly charged that Malik Obama (Barack Obama’s half-brother) is a major player with the International Muslim Brotherhood and that this reality explains Barack Obama’s coziness with the group. During the Cairo meeting, Jebali granted a short interview to Italian journalist Rodolfo Casadei and was asked about these claims.

Al-Jebali: Egyptian official 'can confirm' Obama family role within Muslim Brotherhood.

Al-Jebali: Egyptian official ‘can confirm’ Obama family role within Muslim Brotherhood.

Via Tempi (translation):

Casadei: Some time ago she strongly attacked U.S. President Barack Obama, accusing him of supporting the interests of the Muslim Brotherhood, also due to the fact that his brother would be in business with them. Could she Confirm these allegations?

Jebali: I confirm. So, like many, Malik Obama, Barack’s brother from his father’s side in Kenya, is responsible for the financial investments of the international organization of the Muslim Brotherhood. The relationship that the U.S. president has with them (Brotherhood groups) is not innocent and it is not only political. There are many dark aspects to be clarified.

Casadei: Italian reporter asked Jebali about her charges against Malik Obama.

Casadei: Italian reporter asked Jebali about her charges against Malik Obama.

A central theme at the Cairo meeting involved discussions about the formation of a new Egyptian constitution after the removal of Mursi on July 3rd.

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  • Unfortunately these facts like the hundreds of other facts that should have this traitor obama hung in a cherry tree in the Rose garden by his neck will get no traction in the media or by the gullible sheep that blindly follow this communist muslim traitor. America has been in a reverse revolution for 5 years and it is almost complete the American people have been overthrown by a communist govt We are  way past attempting to correct this takeover by elections ,the right is wrong and they have succumbed to the will of their communist master, the only leaders we can elect to save our republic will have to be willing to lead us into a civil war , there can only be one of two outcomes  for the Patriots who will take this path we will either reclaim our nation or die trying

  • I wish they could put Obama on trial there!

  • Many of us knew his role within the Muslim Brotherhood  was an issue that all of our Congress should be ponder upon and bringing forth the proof to remove him from the illegal presidency....Please everyone keep pushing your Rep and Senators to remove him....not impeach him, for he cannot be impeached...he is an illegal President....He must be arrested and removed for all of his treasonous actions....all documents signed by him would be null and void along with his presidency.....all his appointees must be removed including the Muslim Brotherhood individuals who hold prominent positions within the government.  We the People have a lot of work to do in order to take back our America, but removing Obama and all of his appointees regarding this crucial issue of the ineligibility will be a beginning.....Yes, all of them knew of his illegal presidency, no doubt, and if we say that if they Right Their Wrongs, then The American People will understand that their error was built upon Pelosi And Reid passing through this nomination....Obama was not vetted properly.  A new election would have to be held immediately, for this election would be determined null and void.  IF we can get as many people that we can to voice this ineligibility and the fact that he must be arrested and removed and further investigations would be underway concerning all of his treasonous actions including Benghazi, IRS, NSA and the FED.  

    Let us all work together to Take Back our America.   "In God We Trust."

    The following was sent to me and my e-mail colleagues.  Please take the time to watch it.  The story behind this Monument is Amazing and so Inspiring for us all to Preserve Our America.  God Bless.

    I never heard of this before, an amazing lesson from our forefathers. It's sad this Monument has never received the attention it deserves. Perhaps if we share this e-mail we can help to educate others in one of the greatest history lessons ever. I'm certainly glad someone shared this with me and I hope all open bcc will share it with your contacts as well.

  • I knew he was a Muslim with terrorist ties when he was running for President in 2008!!  His ties with Odinga in Kenya told me all I needed to know about who this man really was.  At this point, nothing surprises me!!  But, people continue to have blinders on, and the treason continues with the aid of the Republican Congress!!

    The Egyptian people are much more astute, and ready to fight for their freedom!! 

  • I would like to say i,m surprised but that would be a lie, i have been following this who done it thing since 2008 and the biggest contributor is Twana Blevins of Constitutional Emergency and a list of others ie, TPCC,AFP and a lot of other well known sources. Having said that i have to agree with the writer, as much money as he( obuma ) has donated to the muslime brotherhood makes me wonder how much of that money ( Billions ) is getting put aside for when his time is up or he get,s put in prison. also all his muslime operatives are living the life of Reilly and what are they really producing.

    There is one more issue that i have touched on before but know one seem,s to be interested in investigating, and i sure as hell am not going to the Department of Injustice. If someone has the resources to investigate they should look into General Betrayus and do a time line prior to Benghazi and his time with ovomit during the cry for  help by Ambassador Stevens and the three courageous seals who were murdered. Several other high ranking officers who were conveniently dismissed have a tremendous amount of information, that could be very damaging in my opinion.

  • I have never doubted Obama's ties.

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