Here are my thoughts on this subject; you may agree or disagree that is your God given right to do, which we are losing more and more of with each passing day.

Here goes, I personally have studied much, pondered and prayed and have come to the conclusion that ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! My family and I are ready to defend our country and defend our soldiers. We are not a bad people nor a bad country, we have been a beacon of light for the all world, we have come to the aid of all in the world, our soldiers have been victorious in defending our country along with the rights and freedoms of many others. Our soldiers gave all to us and to many citizens of the world and it is time we give back.

We as a country have absolutely NOTHING TO BE ASHAMED OF OR APOLOGIZE FOR!!! Since 2006 we this country has been run into the ground at damn near the speed of sound at the hands of the liberal controlled Congress. We have lost more in a short 3 yr span at the hands of these criminals than any mob ever took on the streets from each other... People need to understand some things and quickly, your very right to vote in any election coming up will probably not count, be it by fraud or by a halt by the very ones that wish to become the rulers of the world. I am not one to run around saying the sky is falling the sky is falling but people look around us look at where we are, we are on the verge of becoming a third world country if this continues. I ask you is that what you worked for all your life? Is that what you served your country for only to watch it all go down in vain? Is that what you had planned on leaving to your children and grandchildren? Are you ashamed of your country?

We need the men that are in country to stand up for the Constitution, the soldier and the United States of America... Let me assure you of one thing just in case you feel one little ounce of guilt. YOU HAVE DONE NOTHING TO CAUSE THIS! This is pure greed and narcissism at it's best by the miscreants voted into office from 2006-present. We need the stay at home moms of the country to be up at their child's school asking questions, volunteering etc. start school mom groups and meet once a month to discuss what is going on in your child's school. Grandparents, unite and volunteer as well, spend time with any children telling them the truth about our heritage our history etc. We can no longer afford to spend all of our time distracted!!! Our children need us!!! Oh, and they don't need us on the baseball field, soccer field and you know what I mean the parents that run themselves ragged each day hauling kids to every activity on the planet. THEY NEED US TO SLOW DOWN AND TEACH THEM AS WELL. No one else is going to ensure that your child is being told the truth accept YOU. Listen we are the only ones that can make the needed 'change' and give our children the real 'hope' they deserve.

I asked a Major General a few weeks back where is a Patton. We need a Patton to rise up and stop this tyrannical government in it's tracks. I ask you is there a Patton among us? Is there not one person in this country ready to stand up and take charge, lead the way! Either fight or hand over the victory to them now.
Like I said ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.. At this point in our country I consider us doing nothing as being a part of the problem because we are essentially allowing the monster to grow more each day consuming all in it's path. We are letting every man and woman that has fought for freedom down. I ask you again is there a Patton among us??

I love America, I am blessed by the Most High God to be an American, I am proud of America. I have nothing to be sorry for. Look if had so much to be sorry for then answer this why do we have over 30 million illegal aliens living in America today and more sneaking in each day. Do you think they would be so desperate as to leave out for the United States if they did not believe what we believe? Where else in the world are you going to find a country like the United States of America, WHERE? We need to stop the madness urgently.

We along with Israel have been thrown under the bus by our own. The rest of the world well except the real terrorist is in shock that we have allowed this to take place. The rest of the world is begging us to take back our country. No one said this would be easy, no one said that it would never happen again that we may have to take desperate measures to save our country and ourselves, nope not one person. Freedom is not free and that includes right here at home. The fight here is for the Constitution to save it. The enemy well you know who they are and yes it will be hard...... Is it worth it or do we roll over and play dead?

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Amen. I'd lead, but I have no idea where to start. I feel a political venture is lost because the political arena is overrun with corruption and I'd be overwhelmed. I'd love to take a more direct approach, but I haven't the money to get the tools I need to do so, nor fund the large number of people I'd take with me. I'd be willing to try an indirect approach like voicing my concerns and contacting my congressman and representatives, but I feel that's a lost cause as well. The only way I feel change could be affected would be through an uprising of We the People, but a second revolution would only spark animosity towards us from those we'd want to protect the rights of. I feel like every direction I try to go I'm stopped by a titanium wall. I'd like to start the REAL march to DC with a grand militia of the People so we could arrest all the corrupt and greedy politicians and the current administration, but I'd likely get to the moon with a bottle rocket than that happen. What we need is a miracle. And I've been praying to God for forgiveness and for the strength and vision to see His plan for me and for our country. All I want is to do His will, but I feel shaken and lost. I yearn to hear His voice, and I keep my spiritual ears open, but I haven't heard anything. I can only hope and pray that He will come and cleanse our country of the evil and corruption. Of course, then there's the argument that God only helps those that are willing to help themselves. I honestly am not sure anymore, and I cry inside for my Father to help and guide me, and show me the way. That's all I feel I can do right now. I pray that someone out there will find a way to muster the militias and show true Patriotic courage in defiance of the corrupt federal government.



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