Flag Day Picnic

Operation American Spring is Hosting a Flag Day Family Picnic

WHO: You, your family and friends!!

WHERE: “Camp Liberty” – On the National Mall in front of the Air and Space Museum

WHEN: June 14, 2014

WHAT TO BRING: A Flag, Your American Spirit, and Smiling Faces!!! And, of course, food, drink, lawn chairs, blankets, and whatever else you need for you and your family.

Please email oascall2action@gmail.com to RSVP

OAS is a grassroots movement that started in Washington DC on May, 16 2014. We are concerned Americans that want our government to uphold the Constitution of the United States of America.

We look forward to seeing you at Camp Liberty!!

The hand-written version of the Star-Spangled Banner will be going on display in the Smithsonian on Flag Day, June 14, 2014


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Sounds great.

Sounds good; can I come too.

Michelle Obama

not no but hell no.

I'll be there. Can't wait. I'm hoping to bring food, waiting for a response from the DC Taco Truck, and brownies are baking in the oven as I type! Thank you!

Sorry, the DC Taco Truck didn't work out. Their truck is out of service, so I ordered a tray of Chicken and cheese Quesadillas instead. And, of course, I'll be bringing the brownies! See you all on Saturday!

I hope and pray OAS succeeds. The sooner the better. In reality, I do not feel this will do much for the effort to return America to what it has been. I strongly feel in order to stop the influence and control of Islam and Communism that America will have to bleed for liberty, but as Patton said, make that other bastard die for his country. That would include hundreds of thousands; maybe millions of traitors. I admire the efforts, but I am on a budget tight as a tick. I cannot attend for lack of money or time. If I don't work I earn no money. I have done my best to be informed of politics in order to defend as much as possible. I have absolutely no hope in politics. The only actions that MAY bring success are prayer, really constant and hard praying and preparing to fight the good fight. That means I refuse to give up any of my rights defined in the Constitution. I will not get on a train to NOWHERE as the Jews did in WWII. Why comply with your own demise. The enemies we have now will NEVER listen to our complaints and they will use EVERY tactic up to and including murder. They are already doing that. I appreciate your updates and I read them all, but as far as results good for Americans, our Constitution, our Christian faith, and freedom the will be no change. I pray I am wrong and you are right. May God bless your efforts.

Romney Dickinson

I share your feelings Pete. Just about stated the same thing in a different part of the forums. The only people showing up are mostly Vets. I was able to be there the first 4 days, and for me it was an effort and a Blessing. I enjoyed the comradery, and if my health were better I'd still be there. For the life of me I can't understand why Americans are still sitting on their hind quarters when 2 weeks of their presence in great numbers would help accomplish the mission of OAS!!! I Pray daily that Our Father will intercede in our behalf before Obama can cause the deaths of so many more Americans, and our Vets that almost need to ask permission to shoot back. Obama has to go!  Pastor Marc 

Why don't we have a prayer time each day or once a week for the Col and his team. ALL of us here can pray! Any suggestions of specific times with time zone included?

I feel sad for you. As a Christian I believe that I can stand on the words of our Lord and know that when He says He can work all things to the good for those that love the Lord, He will do it. My Lord is not a liar, and even when it seems impossible, I can stand firm knowing all things are possible with God who strengthens me. Isn't "Faith" believing in something even when it seems like it's not possible? I pray Gods will show up in a mighty way and answer all our prayers. God bless all and our country.

I wish with all my heart I could come.  I pray daily for the success of this mission.  I just don't understand why "we the People" aren't marching with Col.Riley to get our constitution restored  The day is coming if we don't join him when everyone will say  What Happened to the good ol USA !  I also wish a bus full of illegal immigrants would pull up to the White house and say Here we are Uncle Obama  You invited us  where do we sleep and eat now that we are at your house !!!!!!  Jan

Hello Col. Riley,

Our thoughts and prayer are with you.  I am a 68 year old Veteran of the Vietnam era.  My service kept me in the states training others to go into combat, so I never had the opportunity to fight for my country.  I have been disabled for twenty years and so I now do my fighting on the keyboard of my computer.  In 2009 my wife and I took what was left of our savings, received a few donations, and borrowed the rest to attend the Tea Party March on 9/12/09 on Washington.  It proved to be the largest civil demonstration in the history of our country, with 1.7 million patriots marching down Pennsylvania Ave. to the Capital building.   It will not, however, ever be mentioned in any history book because the leftist media of this country choose to totally ignore our efforts and never printed a word about it.  Other than a short message on CNN and FOX no one ever heard about it except for what we participants told and the internet revealed.  There would have been more there that day, but they cordoned off the highways and wouldn't let several buses into the beltway.  Many people tried to walk the last miles but only a few made it.  This was the day when my patriotic zeal reached it's  peak.  Walking down the Avenue with all those people made my heart leap to such a feeling of pride I could not express just how wonderful it felt.  When the day ended, I walked down the Capital mall and marveled at how clean it was.  Not a paper or wrapper could be seen anywhere and I thought back to inauguration day when it took several dump trucks to haul off all the garbage that Obama's supporters had left behind, for true Americans don't treat their special places like a garbage dump.  I returned that night to our campground eager to see the nightly news and see what would be said of our movement.  I was horrified to see not a word and the next day I checked all the papers I could find and learned that we had been totally ignored.  This was truly the day I fully realized just how far this country had fallen in despair, when our so called free press had  reached the level of control that they couldn't report on such a magnificent event. 

We live on the other side of the continent, so on our travels home we had taped the placards, we had carried, to the sides of out motor home.  At every stop for food, gas, or lodging we were deluged with the regular folks of this country wanting to know why we had these signs out and where we had been.  We told the story of our wonderful journey and the outcome presented by our nations media.  People couldn't believe it was possible that such an event had occurred and they had heard nothing about it.  The reactions we witnessed were 100% favorable to our endeavor, never did I hear one person make any derogatory remark about what we had been in Washington to achieve and it made me wonder, if Obama had such a ground swell of support just a year earlier, where were these people.  Since 2008 I have only met two people who were vocally in supporter of Obama.  Just how the hell did he get elected ?

I relate these events to let you know that even though you don't have the millions of supporters at your side that you had hoped for, there are tens of millions of us who are there in spirit.  I myself would be there if I weren't so deeply in debt now.

The reason you are there and the reason that our country is in these dire straits is that the majority of people in this country have been complacent in our duty to pay attention to what is happening in this country.  The only positive thing Obama has accomplished in six years is that there are now more people reading their constitutions, looking on the internet for answers, and openly paying attention to their government than there have been in fifty years.  I don't believe that Obama truly won any of his elections.  I have read that he was told as a youngster he would be president and I believe that through corruption and high level control of events that he was groomed for this time in our history to take control of our government.  Not for good, but to put the final nails in our coffin.  If we as Americans don't get off of our complacent asses and take back the control of our government in the next election we will join the masses of Russia under Lenin and Stalin, the Jews under Hitler, and the peasants under Mao.  I believe we only have one more chance before it is totally too late.  So  WAKE UP AMERICA, IF YOU DON'T NURTURE IT YOU WILL LOOSE IT !!!



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