Tweet Former Black Panther and left-wing activist Brandon Darby told a packed East Orlando Tea Party this week that he left the Black Panthers because basically he loves America. He said he just couldn’t take it anymore when he happened upon a video training session by anarchist l...

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useless idiots...  cannon fodder...  less than pawns in a game that, for them, is un-winable...  if anyone so hates a system(the very same system that keeps them fed, watered and breeding) so deeply as to want to demolish it, why even remain under it's alleged atrocities..??  why not MOVE TO WHERE THEY'LL BE HAPPY...  they should spend the money, time and effort on something a little more sensible and constructive for themselves and their many offspring but that would too closely resemble personal responsibility - something none of that breed wants accused of...  


I'm quite ready for a good tussle...

Sounds like some fun is just around the corner?

Let's not disappoint the racist, degenerant, militant negroes...


Please, somebody call me or e-mail me if I miss an engagement?


Violence is expected, massive voter fraud is expected.  And it will be up to US (We The People) to resolve.  I personally wouldn't even consider trying to drag in unionized law enforcement, will resolve on my own.


I just recommend to any others with a like leaning, ensure you took proper steps before this gets to court, after-the-fact.


And don't be surprised to see authorities turn against We The People.


I plan to volunteer work for local polling station next November, armed with still and videocam.  Any irregular activities will get documented to film.

  These guys are stupid.They made the biggest mistake any so called militant group could make.They let everyone know what they wer thinking and planning.Remember Eric holder is in their corner along with Obama and all the other left wing idiots.Lets get it on,Enough talk take out OWS,Black kitty cats and anny other parasite willing to stand with them.


Interesting.  But beware of the commenters.  The
Republic of
Texas militia got itself in
trouble several years ago, and was targeted by the FBI and friends.  They sent some of the members to prison, using
paid informants/fomenters.



The comment about some
big flare up between the Black Panthers and others in Baton Rouge in the 60’s is
suspect.  the only big race thing was put down by the
governor before it got started.  He
called up an Infantry Regiment of the National Guard, PLUS guard Special
Forces unit, plus lawmen from all over the state.  He allowed freedom of speech, and no
more.  It



The Black Panthers (New
Black Panther Party) intimidated voters in the 2008 election, and US Attny General Holder let them get away with it.  There is video on the internet of two of them
in black combat clothes and billy clubs making
comments about white voters being crackers, etc.




I don't know what the problem with an idea I suggested some time ago is, but no one responded to the suggestion, so here it is again.  Why don't we, the members of the Patriots and Veteran Defenders organizations, in the various voting jurisdictions around the Country, form into local groups ready to move on a given precinct at a moments notice if the Black Panthers, or any other group attempts to intimidate in order to adversely affect Citizens attempting to vote their conscience?   We could just register our phone numbers with local coordinators and upon receiving a phone call could meet and assemble at the troubled precinct, not necessarily to engage in physical violence, but to be ready to respond as required based on the conduct of those who would interfere with the voting process.   Unlike the recent event in Washington this event would invlolve local folks responding in their own area which, one would think, would result in an impressive showing of support.

Sounds good to me Clarence

    Good idea Clarence.We need to start some where.We have as much if not moore of a right to be there as anny kitty cat club of sh*t.

Let's get it goin'!

ive got plenty of ammo, and would like nothing betterthan to use it on those rascist sons o bitches



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