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Cool idea. Thanks.

Thank you.

excellent! thanks

Nice, good to have, thanks

A great tool to use, but it would be helpful to check the topo against a known map, such as Mapquest. Probably because I'm in a remote hidden area of forest on the north shore of Lake Eufaula, there are a number of discrepancies on the topo, as well as Mapquest Satellite view. I'm going to get in touch with the County Commissioner and see if I can get those errors corrected, such as the 'name' of my road is showing on a road 1/2 mile away, and roads that don't exist, aren't through roads, and two showing to go right through the middle of two homes in the max zoom! The road department here even has problems finding some of the roads, and invariably gets the grader into some sticky situations!

Don't rely on Google maps to pinpoint an address, as it showed the meeting place for our last meet up as being in the middle of Checotah, while it was actually a mile away on the opposite side of the highway!

Hmmmmm....if it was me, Stingray, I would just let the errors stay.  I'm just saying....

haha ... I would do that too ... it is better if we are more invisible

Judy and Roy, that's why it so important for us to all get together and know our areas. The errors are what any opposition will unknowingly go by, so if we know the actual layout, we have a distinct advantage!

As for my area, doesn't matter where road names are shown, as NONE of the roads here have signs posted, and addresses aren't by name, just route and 'box' number!

yes ...

but don't forget, at the last census, they made it a point to actually have gps location of all homes ... I do imagine they have satellite pictures of everything, showing a lot more details than they do have online

at least for those "outsiders" going in our areas may be confused with the maps and signposts, etc ... do not count on it for too long ... when things get serious and they upgrade their work, they probably would send in experienced ones who have had lots better maps and guidance ...

Agreed, but in my area, with no street names, and no addresses on the homes (they're all on a group of mailboxes a half mile away) they don't have any names, just a position of a house, many of which are only occupied by weekenders. GPS positions won't correspond to inaccurate maps as far as title searches unless an accurate overlay can be done. The 'official' title plats that I've seen are indistinguishable as many homes are not visible on those plats due to the forest canopy covering them, as well as many roads, which is probably why so many aerial maps are incorrect.

Thanks, Twana!  I have been want topo maps and hadn't quite figured out where to get them without paying a bunch.  You are the best in MY book! 

In checking out the maps, in my area they're all wrong! The Hybrid map is showing several roads that don't exist, even 2 that go right through the middle of 2 homes! And, none of the roads are through, yet they show almost all as being through, and two driveways as roads!

On the MyTopo, there are coves and inlets showing that don't exist.

This is why I rely on Mapquest. But even they have a few errors, just not as bad!

According to the MyTopo, there is an inlet right where the path from my house to the beach is. I've attached some views from that path, and you can see there is no inlet. In my 47 years as a Highway Engineer and Architect using topo maps, I've found that there are consistently errors. That's why I always use a survey map, or survey the area I need myself.

You can see in this last picture, and the first one, that there are coves there, but no inlets between.

That's why it's important to link up with others in your area, check out the lay of the land and know where things are that will be of importance should you have to take cover or 'bug out'!



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