GAME CHANGER....but.....will the ROE allow our warriors to use it?



New U.S. Army Rifle!!!

The XM25 Counter Defilade Target Engagement System has a range of roughly 2,300 feet - and is to be deployed in Afghanistan soon. I would call it the "Equalizer." Some call it the "Punisher".

The rifle's gun sight uses a laser range finder to determine the exact distance to the obstruction, after which the soldier can add or subtract up to 3 meters from that distance to enable the bullets to clear the barrier and explode above or beside the target.

Soldiers will be able to use them to target snipers hidden in trenches rather than calling in air strikes.

The 25-millimeter round contains a chip that receives a radio signal from the gun sight as to the precise distance to the target.

Lt. Col. Christopher Lehner, project manager for the system, described the weapon as a 'game-changer' that other nations will try and copy.

He expects the Army to buy 12,500 of the XM25 rifles this year, enough for every member of the infantry and special forces.

Lehner told Fox News: "With this weapon system, we take away cover from [enemy targets] forever. Tactics are going to have to be rewritten. The only thing we can see [enemies] being able to do is run away."

Experts say the rifle means that enemy troops will no longer be safe if they take cover.  The XM25 appears to be the perfect weapon for street-to-street fighting that troops in Afghanistan have to engage in, with enemy fighters hiding behind walls and only breaking cover to fire occasionally.

The weapon's laser finder would work out how far away the enemy was and then the U.S. Soldier would add one meter using a button near the trigger.

When fired, the explosive round would carry exactly one meter past the wall and explode with the force of a hand grenade ABOVE the Taliban fighter.

The army's project manager for new weapons, Douglas Tamilio, said: ''This is the first leap-ahead technology for troops that we've been able to develop and deploy."

A patent granted to the bullet's maker, Alliant Tech systems, reveals that the chip can determine how far it has traveled. Mr. Tamilio said: "You could shoot a Javelin missile, and it would cost about $69,000. These rounds will end up costing $25.00 apiece."

They're relatively cheap. Lehner added: "This is a game-changer. The enemy has learned to get cover, for hundreds if not thousands of years. Well, they can't do that anymore. We're taking that cover from them and there's only two outcomes: We're going to get you behind that cover or force you to flee." The rifle will initially use high-explosive rounds, but its makers say that it might later use versions with smaller explosive charges that aim to stun rather than kill.

What one of the revolutionary bullets looks like that can be pre-programmed to explode to hit troops that are hiding.

GO USA !!!

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I remember how those who managed the bright and shining LIE  always told us "nam would be a walk -- the yellow man is primitive. Funny but they forgot the dinks knew more about hunting tiger than our  upper echelon knew about hunting Victor Charles.The best weapons in the  world are ofno more use than a rock or stick in the hands of someone ill trained in their use.

This is a wickedly awesome weapon........I'll take a squad worth.  IRONY: Cool weaponery is COOL until the ROE says it's okay to use on combatants........When Patriots become Enemies of the State........we will be classified as ENEMY COMBATANTS..........wonder how "COOL!!!!" we will think this weapon is then......


Semper Vigilo, Fortis, Paratus et Fidelis


Now we have to worry, who the hell will be authorized or issued these rifles, I am not worried by the Military, but if they are issued to the rest of this government and then turned loose on "We the People", then I have a problem.

I agree with you Jager..........the weapon should only be issued to our active military with the proviso that it only be used against an enemy force; never on United States soil unless our nation is attacked by an outside force.

How long before obama sends these weapons to the terrorists in syria?

This is great for our brave service people. BUT please tell me why it is necessary to show the enemy what we have???? It makes me sick to read articles like this because, then espionage will be the game for our enemies, plus bribery for someone to sell one to the enemy.

Betz, that is the price of DEMANDING transparency.......can't have our cake and eat it too.....the spy game is never ending because you cannot DICTATE equality and the have not's in warfare will ALWAYS try to GET what the Have's are using.  Once compromised, the Have's will simply make something to beat what they just lost.....and the cycle is never-ending.......

sling shots begat bows begat something else until Atomic begat Hydrogen and now EMTs......the ups and downs of WAR.


Semper Vigilo, Fortis, Paratus et Fidelis



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