Gun Manufacturer Will Leave Connecticut Over Gun Control Legislation: ‘A Call to All Involved in Our Industry to Leave This State’

Gun Manufacturer PTR Will Leave Connecticut Over Gun Control Legislation

BRISTOL (TheBlaze/AP) — A Connecticut gun-maker has announced Wednesday it intends to leave the state following the passage of gun control legislation it says tramples on the rights of citizens and does not show enough consideration for the industry.

Bristol-based PTR says in a statement posted on its website that it has not decided where it will move, but it has commitments from most employees to relocate. The company makes military-style rifles and employs more than 40 people.

PTR Vice President John McNamara said Wednesday that it expects to make a more formal announcement about a move within six weeks. The company encouraged other gun manufacturers to follow suit

“We feel that our industry as a whole will continue to be threatened so long as it remains in a state where its elected leaders have no regard for the rights of those who produce and manufacture its wealth,” the statement reads.

“We are making a call to all involved in our industry to leave this state, close your doors and show our politicians the true consequences of their hasty and uninformed actions. We encourage those in our industry to abandon this state as its leaders have abandoned the proud heritage that forged our freedom.”

Several Connecticut gun manufacturers have indicated they are thinking about moving after Gov. Dannel P. Malloy last week signed the law imposing new restrictions on weapons and large-capacity magazines. The state’s new laws have been heralded by Malloy as the toughest in the nation.

Gun Manufacturer PTR Will Leave Connecticut Over Gun Control Legislation

Connecticut Gov. Dannel P. Malloy signs legislation at the Capitol in Hartford, Conn., Thursday, April 4, 2013, which includes new restrictions on weapons and large capacity ammunition magazines, a response to last year’s deadly school shooting in Newtown. The legislation adds more than 100 firearms to the state’s assault weapons ban, sets eligibility rules for buying ammunition, and creates what officials have called the nation’s first dangerous weapon offender registry. Some parts of the bill would take effect immediately after Malloy’s signature, including background checks for all firearms sales. Credit: AP

More from Business Insider:

Larry Keane, the senior vice president of the National Sports Shooting Foundation, the powerful gun lobby located in Newtown, Conn., warned that the new laws could entice additional gun manufacturers to move out of the state. He also hinted that there could be a legal challenge to the laws.

Connecticut is home to a large number of gun and ammunition companies, including the iconic Colt Manufacturing Co.

Keane told Business Insider that the CEO of at least one other gun company besides PTR had expressed a desire to move. He thinks that more manufacturers are looking to get out of what many perceive as an increasingly hostile environment to gun owners, noting comments made by Malloy last weekend comparing NRA CEO Wayne LaPierre to “one of the clowns at the circus.”

The move by PTR may surprise some lawmakers, like U.S. Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.), who haven’t been taking gun makers’ threats seriously.

“Gun manufacturers are like other businesses in looking for the highest quality workforce, the best business environment in terms of transportation and taxes and other features unrelated to any regulatory action,” Blumenthal said in an interview last week.

“Their markets are national. What happens in Connecticut affects only purchases here,” he added.

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The NRA needs to file suit against these unconstitutional laws immediatly. Colt also needs to move out of this anti american state. Every person who voted for this has commited TREASON. They need to be immediatly removed from office, arrested for treason, tried, convicted and executed for treason.

Hopefully, this manufacturer will also refuse to sell to the state law enforcement agencies and local police who pushed for the passage of this travesty.

I'm sure there are plenty of states that would love to have this business in their state.

i am a member of the NRA, BUT, they need to get off their asses and do something about this whole thing. membership is up, the support is there, but their mouths are SHUT. if and only if the UN Treaty is signed, UN Troops will be able to come into your house with or without your permission and find and take your guns. we do live in troubled times.

Who's to say that the NRA isn't organizing behind closed doors?  Do you think they will roll over and let them stomp on us?  I think not.  I'm sure they have drawn a line in the sand as well as what each of us needs to do. 

Carrie- to give you an idea about where the NRA really stands.  I previously, about 5 times contacted the NRA with a suggestion.  The first 3 were ignored & I got no response, 4 & 5, I was told that the NRA only legally goes after gun grabbers in court.  I told them that my suggestion was legal.  I had suggested (1) that the NRA open a branch office in every state- buy land, put up a building & build a target range. (2) provide a key to each member of the NRA in their state so members could go there to train, shoot & for meet & greets. (3) that the NRA provide training in - Firearms certification, Firearms Safety, Tactical Shooting, Military/Militia tactics, First Aid (General First Aid, EMT, Paramedic, CPR, AED), Survival Training, Fitness Training (Aerobic & Anaerobic Training to get everyone into shape). (4) Establish a Command Structure at each States Chapter- Commander of the Chapter, to whom all local state members answer to. (5) Provide BDU uniforms with the NRA emblem on them.  Basically an NRA Militia.  They refused.  They only legally in court do anything.  Well, we are slowly getting to the point where we all will need to have Militias & the NRA isn't going to back anyone when the "shooting starts".  So I suggest you & everyone contact Chief Mark Kessler about the Constitutional Security Force, Inc.  Get a State Chapter started.  (570) 874-4790, E-mail: Info@ChiefKessler.Com or go to the website: www.ChiefKessler.Com if you want any protection when the SHTF.  The NRA also refused to put an add in their three magazines for the CSF, so don't expect much from them.

its bad enough we have to listen to the commiecrats shit on the NRA ,their mission statment is to protect and defend the 2nd Amendment on the legal front which they have always done, we dont need to be beating up on the largest gun lobby in America that has stood up for our gun rights from the begining of their founding  Bolshevik obama  and his SS henchmen are doing a fine job of that with out your help.

Im the NRA !!  and when the SHTF you can count on myself and millions of other NRA members to stand shoulder to shoulder with you and any other Patriots that will stand up and fight for our God given rights

it makes you wonder why you pay dues

I don't anymore for the same reasons that you are complaining about!

All Patriots should move out of these communists States.

To all who denigrate the NRA , without the NRA we would have no 2nd Amendment nor any Bill of Rights today !!

The NRA has been fighting tooth and nail to defend our Constitution . It angers me to hear good people attack

the hardest working and most effective organization  on our side . This is exactly what king Obama is banking

on !!  The NRA has only 5 million members out of about 80 million gun owners . We members are paying our

share in defense of Liberty & Freedom . Those gun owning NON MEMBERS are getting a free ride . If we had

the support of 85 to 90 million people they the enemy , would be cowering in fear. Instead of proudly proclaiming

" I'm not a member " ante up the measely $ 35 bucks & proudly say I helped defend America & Freedom !!


I agree!!!  We need to recruit more members!



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