The LEFT is obsessed with guns, or more accurately OUR guns.

“Lets have an honest discussion about GUNS”.

BULL SHIT, you want an “Honest” discussion about GUNS !, HERE IT IS.

We don’t have a gun problem in America. What we have in America and around the World is a LIBERAL COMMUNIST Problem. Liberals are obsessed with taking away OUR guns and weapons because they are deathly afraid that we might defend ourselves, - - - - against THEM.

That’s it, that’s the whole damned argument in a nut shell.

“Does the Constitution guarantee every individual the right to own a gun”, Does the Constitution guarantee everyone the right to own a semi-automatic rifle?”
Who gives a shit? THAT’s a twisted argument aimed at advancing their twisted arguments against GUNS - - OUR guns.

They are obsessed with taking away our guns because they are afraid WE might use them to defend ourselves against THEM.

And THAT is the end of the gun anti-gun debate.

Come and TAKE them – if you can.

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Here's the real problem folks.
Democrats like Joe Biden and Bernie, (All of them actually), all want to take our guns and weapons away from us.
This is not my take on what they think, it's from their own words, from their mouths.

Joe Biden is now going to select Beto Orourk as his gun control CZAR.

Biden Says Beto O’Rourke Will ‘Take Care of the Gun Problem with Me’

But the problem is far more than just our guns and weapons.. The Second Amendment says "The right of the people to bear arms shall not be infringed".
But these Democrats don't give a damned about that Second Amendment, as far as they are concerned the Constitution is an out-dated old piece of rag paper that is out of mode, old and now should be eliminated.
It's not just the Second Amendment, but the whole thing, the entire US Constitution that they believe is out of date and should be eliminated.
That includes every one of the first ten amendments, those which we refer to as our Bill-of-Rights.

Yes, They will eliminate the first and Second and the third, and fourth,,,,,,,, ALL of them. Everything.
That means we wont have any rights, Nothing, none at all.
They say those are only privileges, not Rights.

It will only be what they decide, when they decide what your rights will be, if anything.

People who are against gun rights may think they are just voting for gun controls, but I'll bet they would not vote to eliminate their own rights to freedom of speech, or their own freedom from illegal search and seizure.
It's more than just the Second Amendment, it's our Constitution that is under attack by the gun control politicians and lobbyists.

You better wake up folks, before it's too late.



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