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This is yet another indication that a complete sweeping out of the trash in Washington is needed come 2010. I hope more and more people will see this and remember come election day. Jackie

Have You No Shame?
Posted By Deebow

I will never use my position for pleasure, profit or personal safety.---NCO Creed

I am feeling very betrayed right now.... and that is not a good place for these oxygen thieves to be....

.....Senators diverted $2.6 billion in funds in a defense spending bill to pet projects largely at the expense of accounts that
.....pay for fuel,ammunition and training for U.S. troops, including those fighting wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, according to an

.....Among the 778 such projects, known as earmarks, packed into the bill: $25 million for a new World War II museum at the
.....University of New Orleans and $20 million to launch an educational institute named after the late Sen. Edward M. Kennedy,
.....Massachusetts Democrat.

Really... Taking money meant for bullets and fuel for soldiers risking their lives in battle so you can build monuments to yourselves...

Have you no shame?

Senator Kennedy lived a free and prosperous life that he had been able to achieve based upon the blood and sweat that everyone like me who has served have used as the currency to pay for that freedom; and yet members of his party feel it necessary to insult me, say that my sacrifices are in vain and that the cause of freedom is no longer something worth buying with the fluids of my precious life.

And now they take away the money from the O&M Budget that buys the tools and the sustenance that we need to win against what is now, thanks to President Obama's Chamberlainesque dithering and waffling, a growing insurgency that is becoming virulent and strong and doing to us what we were once doing to it.

I don't like to pay for anything twice, and this is beyond asking me to do more with less. It is stealing from me to do the meaningless. The result will be that we have to purchase less conceptually with more actually in Afghanistan, an equation that many Americans will find very unpalatable.

And now I know why my wife worried the way she did, because I am afraid as well.

And this isn't just about one political party....

As it turns out, the Republicans are actually more sunk in this morass of fiscal relativism than the traditional leftist wingnuts runnning the Democrat party. Case in point:

.....Mr. Inouye had a total of 35 earmarks worth more than $206 million in the final bill, and the ranking Republican on the
.....committee, Sen. Thad Cochran of Mississippi, sponsored 48 worth $216 million.

I have put men on the plane for their final journey home, and as many of you know, last month I lowered my flag to honor another good man who used to belong to me and we have politicians and a President who are plundering the Treasury and dithering while trying to impress the Eurotrash deciding on how many more Nobel Peace Prizes to award to him. And he can't seem to fit any strategy meetings into his busy TV Speech schedule.

The Sons and Daughters of America who are braving snipers, IEDs and daily patrols through Badlands with death tugging at their elbows deserve better from this Congress and this President, and I know that I owe it to them to keep writing and to keep speaking out on their behalf.

I am growing weary of explaining that there is a difference between fighting to win and fighting to not lose to the government class that feels as if they rule, instead of govern. When the money starts to go away, the question becomes whether or not it is worth it to fight at all for someone who will disrespect your sacrifices, insult your efforts and deny you the tools to win; and then blame you for not doing the best job you could with resources they never provided.

I pray for the safety of my comrades who carry our fight to enemies of freedom far away from home and comfort and for the United States of America, because we truly now need divine inspiration and the help of the hand of the Almighty...

Elected Officials should be aware that I am going to do everything in my power to ensure that if you voted to cut the legs off of the men and women who ensure that you can sleep warm and safe; I am coming for you and your job. You won't be able to be elected "Dog Catcher" because I am going to tell everyone in your district what that new community center or health care stimulus package for your state cost them.

And I don't think America will be happy to know how it was paid for...

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I want you to know Deebow, that on Friday I sent this out to everyone on my email list. I also included the phone numbers of John "who has no shame" Kerry and John McCain, who sits on the Armed Services Committee. Every American should pick up their phone tomorrow and express outrage to Kerry, and all of these thieves. Next year we need to introduce many of these morons to the unemplyment line! I look forward to it.

God Bless and Watch Over Our Military!

Beverly Perlson
The Band of Mothers
Let's not only introduce these parasites to the unemployment line, let's make sure they don't get the multi-faceted "golden parachute" they had the GALL to vote for THEMSELVES, at OUR expense!!! (FEHBP, full salary after only ONE term and automatic pay raises, even after "retirement"!) I'd rather see them THROWN out, for job malfeasence, rather than "unelected"! That would leave the option open of criminal prosecution and stripping them of all their taxpayer-paid benefits!
The real war is right here in the USA. Bring these guys and gals home for it is time for the military brass to take these elite elected officials that disgrace the flag and have continually committed TREASON in office by not upholding their duties sworn under oath of office! They continually feel protected by the pay as you go judicial branch now directed and owned by the Executive branch owned by DNC. I'm mad as hell and I will do something about it. God Bless and protect our troops and their families until the rest of this sorry nation of elected elitists are held accountable and made to pay the ultimate price. Military court is what we need and it's way over due!
Sure sounds like those useless maggots that got elected
This has been my motto since the first tea party. See this sign at a tea party and know it's me!
The sign after that will read "NO INCUMBENT SURVIVES - 2012"
We hold the power of term limits in our own hands!
We know that when we need to keep our troops in socks, snacks, razors and other necessities in their battle against terrorits that Congress doesn't care!! We the People love to support our troops and would send goodies anyway, but now we are providing everything from candy to bullet proof vests!! Congress knows no shame and I can't imagine they every will!!
The Republicans nationwide and in NJ won't get another dime from me untill they prove they deserve it. This proves they don't. Earmarks need to stop.
They did WHAT?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?! ALL RIGHT....THIS IS THE LAST DAMNED STRAW!!! YOU PUNDITS AND COWARDS AND SLIMEBALLS AND SELFISH AND EGOTISTICAL BASTARDS IN DC HAVE JUST HIT MY FINAL NERVE!!! I'M GOING TO DO EVERYTHING IN MY POWER TO TEAR DOWN YOUR IVORY TOWERS AND BRING YOU TO THE BOTTOM WHERE YOU ARE DRIVING EVERYONE ELSE, SAVE THE ELITE RICH MEN, AND YOU WILL ALL PAY FOR YOUR TREACHERY!!! EVERY LAST ONE OF YOU (aside of the few brave souls in Washington trying to save what's left of our beloved country) WILL RUE THE DAY YOU SPAT IN OUR SOLDIERS AND OUR FACES!!! Oh we are coming for you. We are coming. The sleeping giant has been awoken. Our nightmares have proven true. Our anger is righteous. Our fury knows no bounds. You have just signed your death warrant. Our Constitution is the LAW OF THE LAND and you people have broken that compact for the last time. You spit on our Founding Fathers graves, while your ego's inflate more and more while you sit in your comfortable chairs and sip on whiskey and wine...and yes...this'll be the day that you die...politically and financially.
I just sent an email to my district representative, and will do the same to all of my states legislature. The following is my letter to Senator John Whitmore:


I understand that you are busy, but what I say here is vitally important and the lives of Americans depend on it.

I would like to express my outrage at the most recent attack on our national defense by our own government. I cannot believe that such an atrocity has happened, but unfortunately it has, especially at such a dire time as our soldiers overseas need our support. The fact that they have taken these much needed funds and diverted them to unimportant "pet projects" shows that they have little concern of our brave men and women who fight and die for us on distant shores while they, the Congress, sit over here comfortably signing soldiers lives away. I would like to submit for your consideration, charges of treason against those who voted FOR this theft from our national defense, for levying war against them by weakening our military overseas and giving our enemies more inclination to attack our soldiers. In doing so, they are weakening the military's ability to effectively deal with the insurgents by taking away much needed funds for keeping bullets in our soldiers guns and keeping said guns adequately maintained, taking away much needed funds that are keeping them protected by ensuring they have adequate personal protection and maintained vehicles, taking away much needed funds that keep them adequately fed and adequately hydrated, and taking away much needed funds for keeping them tied to home by providing them with the resources to contact their loved ones at home.

This outrage cannot be ignored. Our men and women overseas, who are also equally citizens of our great country, are being deprived of what they need to keep going. If this atrocity is allowed to keep going, then I'm afraid we will lose the war on Terror (which of course is an illegal war because former President Bush never went to Congress for a formal declaration of war, and because you can't go to war with an ideal). I ask that you investigate this and confirm my suspicions and move to present such information and charges before the Texas Legislature and create a formal submission of charges of Treason from Texas against the Congressmen and Congresswomen who voted for this atrocity. I hope that in doing so other states will follow suit and perhaps our country can finally have justice for all the transgressions that our Congress has done against We the People. I urge you to do so....before Congress destroys America from within. And let me tell you: To believe that America cannot be destroyed from within, by letting your pride in your country blind you to what is happening, is to believe that pigs can fly, while all around you there are pigs being slaughtered because they have no wings. Please, for the sake of our country, and the sake of our brave men and women overseas, don't let your pride blind you. Do the right thing. Thank you for your time.


A Concerned and Outraged American Patriot
Joseph Chapman


Feel free to copy this and add your own twist to it and send it yourselves to whomever you want. I'm now stepping in to this war, and believe me...I will make things happen.
I am very thankful that Jackie provided us with this information. I, like everyone else, was appalled to learn of this. I told my husband this is worse than stealing from a blind man, or anything else that is unthinkable. The Crusader66 stated it correctly and I appreciate his words and the words of all who have written here.
I have been trying and trying to get someone to look at this. This is just part of the bill but you will see the MOST IMPORTANT PART. WHAT IS IT? WHAT CAN WE DO?

Department of Defense Appropriations Act, 2010 H.R.3326

DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE APPROPRIATIONS ACT, 2010 -- (House of Representatives - July 30, 2009)

For the ``Afghanistan Security Forces Fund'', $7,462,769,000, to remain available until September 30, 2011: Provided, That such funds shall be available to the Secretary of Defense, notwithstanding any other provision of law, for the purpose of allowing the Commander, Combined Security Transition Command-Afghanistan, or the Secretary's designee, to provide assistance, with the concurrence of the Secretary of State, to the security forces of Afghanistan, including the provision of equipment, supplies, services, training, facility and infrastructure repair, renovation, and construction, and funding: Provided further, That the authority to provide assistance under this heading is in addition to any other authority to provide assistance to foreign nations: Provided further, That contributions of funds for the purposes provided herein from any person, foreign government, or international organization may be credited to this Fund and used for such purposes: Provided further, That the Secretary of Defense shall notify the congressional defense committees in writing upon the receipt and upon the obligation of any contribution, delineating the sources and amounts of the funds received and the specific use of such contributions: Provided further, That the Secretary of Defense shall,

Insert offset folio 0110 here 50685A.256
Insert offset folio 0111 here 50685A.257



Pursuant to clause 3(f)(2) of rule XIII of the Rules of the House of Representatives, the following is submitted describing the transfer of funds provided in the accompanying bill.

Language has been included in `Operation and Maintenance, Defense-Wide' which provides for the transfer of funds for certain classified activities.

Language has been included in `Environmental Restoration, Army' which provides for the transfer of funds for environmental restoration, reduction and recycling of hazardous waste, removal of unsafe buildings and debris or for similar purposes.

Language has been included in `Environmental Restoration, Navy' which provides for the transfer of funds for environmental restoration, reduction and recycling of hazardous waste, removal of unsafe buildings and debris or for similar purposes.
Language has been included in `Environmental Restoration, Air Force' which provides for the transfer of funds for environmental restoration, reduction and recycling of hazardous waste, removal of unsafe buildings and debris or for similar purposes.

Language has been included in `Environmental Restoration, Defense-Wide' which provides for the transfer of funds for environmental restoration, reduction and recycling of hazardous waste, removal of unsafe buildings and debris or for similar purposes.

Language has been included in `Environmental Restoration, Formerly Used Defense Sites' which provides for the transfer of funds for environmental restoration, reduction and recycling of hazardous waste, removal of unsafe buildings and debris or for similar purposes.

This goes on and on!



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