Constitutional Emergency

Here's What We're Up Against - A Small Glimpse O Obama's Arrogance

Obama is already calling for a "declaration of independence" and mucking around with our near sacred Constitution.......we don't need a new declaration of independence, the first one is well and good; and second, the US Constitution is just fine.......Obama will face the wrath of patriots if he thinks he can muck around with our sacred documents......

Obama calls for 'new Declaration of Independence'
By Michael Neibauer
Examiner Staff Writer 1/17/09

PHILADELPHIA – President-elect Barack Obama began his four-day inaugural celebration with a ten minute speech calling for a "new declaration of independence" and a return to the idealism of 1776.
Kicking off a 137-mile train trip that will pass through Wilmington, Delaware and Baltimore before he arrives at Washington's Union Station, Obama spoke of the need to recapture the spirit of the American revolution.

"What is required is a new declaration of independence, not just in our nation, but in our own lives - from ideology and small thinking, prejudice and bigotry..." he said

He added, "Only a handful of times in our history has a generation been confronted with challenges so vast," citing tough economic times and two wars. Americans today must call upon "the same perseverance and idealism that our founders displayed," to deal with those challenges.

On his wife's 45th birthday, Obama touched on some of the themes he is expected to expand upon during his inaugural address Tuesday. He warned that there would be "false starts and setbacks" to achieving his goals of reviving the economy and dealing with conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan. He received his most sustained applause when he talked about ending the Iraq war.

Obama, the first African American elected president, made what appeared to be a reference to slavery, calling the U.S. Constitution and the declaration of independence "documents that were imperfect but had within them, like our nation itself, the capacity to be made more perfect."
Beginning a journey that mimics Abraham Lincoln's similar pre-inaugural train trip, Obama made a fleeting reference to the 16th president, calling upon Americans to reach out to their "better angels" in coming together to solve problems, a phrase lifted from Lincoln's first inaugural address.

About 250 people got to attend Obama's talk inside Philadelphia's 30th Street Station, where Obama departed on his way to Washington. Several hundred more were inside the station, but blocked off from the speech by blue curtains and police barricades.

"It's like they just bypassed Philly," said Joyce Cunningham of West Philadelphia, an Obama volunteer but not one of the lucky 250. "We played a major role. You tell him Joyce said we're not happy."

Others were content just to be part of the scene. "Here we are," said Stephanie Williams of Salt Lake City, who flew in a day early for a family event. "We just had to take a shot." It was heartwarming, Williams said, "for lifelong Democrats like ourselves to have so many people [in Utah] vote for Obama."

Jennifer Eberhardt, her husband and three children, all of whom will be attending the inauguration in D.C., flew in from the San Francisco area a day early to catch a glimpse. They, like the president-elect, were taking a train. "We had the same idea as Obama," Eberhardt said.

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Well, first, America has faced challenges in the past, and nobody talked about a new Declaration of Independence or Constitution. I think the Great Depression and being slammed with Pearl Harbor and WW2 is a bit more serious than we're currently undergoing. But, what else would you expect from a guy who doesn't know how many States are in the Union?

I'll agree that the Declaration of Independence and Constitution aren't abolutely perfect. Nothing on earth is or ever will be. I do consider it arrogant of him to assume that he and today's Congress can make them perfect. The intellect in today's Congress cannot begin to compare to that of the Founders.

What I find pathetic is how that guy can't move or do anything without it being staged. Is today's American so dumbed down or naive that they can't see that obama is play acting? Emulating Lincoln's train trip; his speech from Olympus during the primaries (I think. I didn't watch), every move is symbolic of something in the past. If he was Republican, the media would be filled with derision and endlessly pointing out the childishness of his actions. Instead, they play a part in trying to turn him into a superior being.
I think Lincoln is a perfect role model for them - one is responsible for ending more of the spirit of the Constitution than any other President (yes, even FDR or Woodrow Wilson) and the other can only hope (and change) to accomplish that much. State's rights? The VOLUNTARY Union? Habeas Corpus? Oh, I think Obama is aiming even higher.
He is niether the first Black Elected President nor the first African-American Elected President.
He is the first Half White Elected President. And he has NO Slaves in his ancestry.
His is most definitely the first AFRICAN President of the United States.
Actually, he probably does have slaves in his ancestry; that is, his ancestors bought and sold slaves. Tribes in Africa had wars and the losers became slaves. The Arabs bought and sold them; we did the same in this country. But it was the wars in Africa where slavery began. And I read somewhere that Obama's mother, who he likes to pretend never existed, was descended from slave owners.

He just doesn't seem to have slaves as ancestors.
It wasn't just in wars - who do you think was selling the slaves to us in Africa? The stronger black groups would just take 'em and sell 'em. I guess you can call it a war but this idea that American Slavery is isolated and unique is ridiculous. There were more WHITE slaves at the time of the 13th Amendment than Black. If we're gonna be stuck in old paradigms, lest at least understand the real history behind them.

Reparations - I want my reparations from when the Saxons enslaved my ancestors. WHERE'S MY CHECK!?!?!
USA1Patiot Well said, can I add that a nick name might be two rock . No way one rock can be that low IQ.
Komrade "Bunk No More"

You say, " Shame on those who would try to foment dissent by spreading half-truths and out-and-out falsehoods to further rile up animosity and prejudices. Shame on those who, through laziness or ignorance, don't bother to check to see if something is factual or not before they take it as 'gospel' and spread it around like so much manure. G_d gave you a brain, use it! Please! Bunk No More.'"

How about applying your statement above to Obama's birth certificate. Please point me to a true long form version of it. BTW, are you part of Obama's family or 'The One' himself? I see your from Mercer Island, WA. Isn't that where Obama's mama had him indoctrinated in the Kommunist school?



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