Constitutional Emergency

There is something that is very scary to me about the Hillary situation....She has obviously broken the law....Even the liberals know that....But they insist that she will never be charged...I just saw a woman on Hannity who insists Hillary will never be charged for anything at all....What is missing here..They claim that James Comey the director of the FBI is a straight shooter and that if anything is there he will recommend that she be brought up on charges....That being said why do the Liberals insist that it will never happen....They even go as far as to say that it is not even hurting her politically.....Am i being naive here or am i missing something....Or is it just the liberals running their mouths...Please someone help me feel better about this....She has broken the law....Even the Inspector General has basically said so...

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George... Do you think it's possible that there are powers behind the scenes that are responsible for putting people into the highest offices in government? Do you think it's possible that there is only an "Apperance" that we have a say in the elections? Do you think it's possible that this whole thing is a corrupt con game? If these are real
Possibilities and Hillary is the "Chosen" one, then Hillary will not be charged makes perfect sense. You have to admit her and Bill have been getting away with murder forever and nothing's happened to them, so some power is protecting them like their protecting Obama. The only way some people are above the law is if the powers that be who control even the law are protecting them. I see no other possibilities for all the seeming injustice where these people of privilege get away with murder.

I know Michael but it just seems to obvious for even them to try and hide it......

George... They've gotten so brash that they are no longer hiding their agenda. Old man Bush and others have openly talked about the new world order. I have heard our leaders who push the lefts agenda saying we're going to have to drop our religious beliefs if we are going to be partaker in the new society. I think the fact that there more out in the open now shows me the hour is late. We are I believe, close to seeing a monumental shift probably brought on by a major catastrophe either by ware fare, Terrorisum or a financial crisis. I think also they feel so confident that their agenda will succeed that they don't need to hide as much. They also have gotten away with so much without any backlash from the people it has im bolden them to be more out in the open. The hour is late my friend. We're no longer decades away but I'd say a few years away to the shit hitting the fan. For me, I'm not sleeping well, I have no peace of mind my inner being and six sense tells me I'm sitting on a powder keg and it's about to go off. Ever be somewhere and you could sense danger? You could feel it? So thick you could cut it with a knife? That's the way I feel most of the time. That six sense has saved my ass a lot of times so when I feel that way I pay attention. And it has my attention.

Michael - I believe I understand that you are a Christian man. If that is so, then you have read Revelation and understand what this time will be? We are heading for another World War that will kill one-third of the worlds population. Many prophetic people are hearing things from GOD about the future of America. I have been listening. I am sure of one thing - GOD will take care of HIS children if we listen to HIM and do what HE is saying. The seven year Tribulation isn't to far ahead, is what I am feeling.

In Africa Ohitler said that Africans need to relinquish their religion and culture................samething u said he wants GOVT TO BE GOD.    This is also the UN and IMF.   

A monumental shift yes i believe so. 

Americans right now are at the same boiling point I see it all over

John you are correct I am a Christian and worked in the ministry for years. I am aware of the times and what the scriptures say. To expect Gods protection you need to be doing his will. Let me tell you why I believe the Church in America (and other countries got that fact) is but lukewarm at best and apostate at worst. Okay? And if I am scripturely correct God will spew the Church out of his mouth as the Apostile John wrote in the Revelation of Jesus Christ. When Jesus said "As you've done to the least one of these you have done unto me" he wasn't talking about the heathen of the world (although I have no problem giving to the heathen poor) he was talking about those who have recieved Him as Lord and Saviour and were in need. Tens of thousands of Christians are being put to death, our government will not lift a hand to give the asylum and the Church sits on their fat asses in pews every Sunday and is silent. Christ is being crucified again and the Church does NOTHING!! Listen.. It is said that only 10% of Muslims are Terrorists, well only 12% of Germans were Nazis. The synagogues would raise the volume of the organs as the box cars went past so they wouldn't have to hear the screams from inside. Why arnt the leaders of the various denominations gathering together and going to Washington demanding that these people be protected and given asylum. They say nothing, while drug dealers and murderers and terrorists enter daily. And then they tell their congregations Gods going to protect them from what's coming!!?! If you believe that you DO NOT know the mind and heart of God. I wouldn't step foot in these lukewarm churches for all the tea in China. I'm so frustrated. I don't know what I can do as one person, but what ever it is it will be more than the collective group of these Christians who are asleep are doing. I know this also. In the end times the church of the one True God will be in terrible shape. Scripture says God has to shorten the time of Christs return lest the very elect be led astray. That being said its no excuse to be indifferent or to do nothing. WAKE the Hell up Christians and you Pastors know that God is going to hold you accountable in the day you stand before Him. I am sickened at heart and broken in spirit to see this wholesale slaughter oh Gods people while our Government and the Church sit silent. This is a sin God will not wink His eye at.
Think I am wrong? Still think Gods going to keep you from what is coming? If he didn't spare the Apositles who were doing His will, pray tell me why He will keep you from tribulation who are not doing what He has spoken?

Michael - I agree with you completely about the cold churches that barely open the Bible to preach a flowery message and end with a rock-n-roll band. People like Joel Osten are leading people to Hell rather than Heaven and the people are loving the soft sell Grace message. I hear what you said about the Apostles but this is a different time in the Church Age. We are all apostles (if you understand that meaning). We are all tasked to give the message of salvation through GODs grace to we HIS people. I not saying that we Christians won't go through troubled times but if we do Gods will, He will enable us to complete what He has started. How ever, I am a person who believes that GOD protects us through HIS will. IF you think we the believers are going to tortured for the sin of the rest of the Church then you miss out on what Jesus did on the Cross for mankind.

Michael M. Regan,

I wholeheartedly agree with you and Old Rooster. 

I feel the same way -- I'm so incredibly frustrated -- the question is -- now what are Christians and Pastors supposed to do? 

"Church Revivals" don't even stir the masses anymore to do anything, except plan another picnic. 

I truly sense that the 'ways of the world' will get much worse, and become much more painful, before the Tribulation, which may happen more sooner than later. 

John and Morning Star. As John has stated these "Prosperity" messages and and expecting Gods protection from all the evils in the world has weakened the Church and caused it to become "Passive" the word church is a verb, not a noun!! We are the Church "Militant" here on earth. We are at war, but to hear these name it and claim it preachers you would think the war is over and it's all about receiving Gods blessings. Morning Star, like you I am at a loss as to how to wake people up. It's like tryingbto get Anericans to hold our government accountable, it's not working. God expects the Church to act. God has given us the authority and control to manage things in this world, God is not in the business of micromanaging our affairs. You make your bed you have to lay in it. If you sleep with a prostitute and get a disease don't expect God to cure you!! Ya know? In the Ild Testament when His people went astray God would raise up a Prophet to confront the people of their backsliding. In the New Covenant its up to the Pastors, the Evangalists to wake up the people. That's why the scripture says that they who preach and teach the scriptures will be held to a higher standard. "Wo to those teachers who lead my people astray". Maybe it's up to us to confront these leaders of the Church and ask them why they are silent. Why they are not preaching the whole of Gods message. When is the last time you heard a Sermon on Hell? They won't preach it because the church dosent want to heard it. They want their ears tickled. They want to hear about blessings not judgement, but if your not preaching the whole message your not preaching the message at all! The church is is desperate need of the Spergeons, the Finneys, the Wesleys, the Johnnathan Edwards of yester years. I don't know what to do people, I'm at my wits end. To watch Gods people being slaughtered and NOONE helping out breaks my heart, if it's breaking mine imagine what it's doing to God. Lord forgive me for my silence. Show us what we can do, in Jesus Name. AMEN

Well You're right George, Hillary will never be charged,, with anything. Her and Bill have gotten away with and broken just about every law in the books. Including cold blooded murder. But neither of them will ever be charged with anything. Most (if not all) of the people involved with the gun running scheme in Libya are now dead. Death count on that issue alone stands at 15 including Ambassador Stevens. There is not a Federal judge anywhere in the country that would accept charges being filed against Hillary Clinton. The Attorney General will NEVER allow any charges to be brought against her. And the left just laughs about it,,,,,,,,In-Your-Face-Treason. Their money laundering scheme amounts to over $200 Billion, money received from foreign governments, most of whom hate America. How much of that money and influence is being funnelled through the UN is unknown. The money goes to a Canadian "charity", then donated to the Clinton Foundation, then directly to the Clinton's bank accounts.  The "donors" are all protected and will never be exposed.

The "Fundamental Transformation" to a new world order - a new One World Governance - is well under way and right on schedule.
Mr. Regan,,,You're sixth-sense is right except for the time frame. We are all sitting on a powder keg. But it's not going to be a few years before it goes off. Obama has 14-15 months left in office, that's the max on the time frame. They WILL do something to spark and initiate martial law and full United Nations control. We are already hearing voices from both China and the UN saying that All Americans must be disarmed. We all know what that will lead too.
And as far as Hillary is concerned -  Obama will issue a Presidential pardon before leaving office.

As nearly as I can tell right now, we no longer live in a free sovereign United States of America, I think it's already gone.

I think you're right GR, that will tell the whole story right there. Making any bets???

I have just heard from a friend of mine who is an editor of a newspaper in Mobile Alabama....He says that about a week ago Hillary hired two law forms that specialize in Federal criminal defense law....Maybe just maybe we may see her at least be charged...That would make me feel somewhat better..



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