"Hillary to lose presidential Super Bowl"(But not to Marco Rubio)

Exclusive: Larry Klayman predicts Clinton's own party ultimately will boot her

Published: 11 hours ago

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 Cruz has not been vetted, he is not a natural born citizen !! It takes a Mother & a Father (citizen of the USA,) an the child MUST be born on American soil, to run for President & vice President !! Cruz was born in Canada !! he can not run !! obama was in the same boat, He was not legal to run ,this is what our government did to us ,they are worse than a barrel  of rattle snakes !!!

"worse than a barrel  of rattle snakes" let loose.

Hellery is a sure bet, to be disgraced by her own party. She tries incessantly, to make herself look like the good guy, but as with Jacob Marley, she carries a ponderous chain, which she has forged, also, link by link. She has forged it by Illegalities, use of her office as her own personal money grabbing pit, sold out America to the highest bidder, and has trod upon those who serve her, like so much straw to keep her feet from getting muddy.

She sold out those who depended upon her for their very safety in many instances, the most disgraceful, and significant, being her absolute refusal to hear and honor the requests of our Ambassador, Chris Stephens, who many times requested additional protection detail for his Embassy, and it’s staff. He, on several occasions, up to a month before the actual terrorist attack, asked, in fact begged her for additional support. He stated that the area of his Embassy was in the middle of a very unstable, volatile, melting pot of terrorist activity, and that threats had been made against the Embassy. In her very first reply, she told Chris that it was a non issue, and that sending additional support would not be cost effective. When the attack first began upon the Embassy, he once again phoned her and told her, quite directly, that they were under siege, and he needed backup immediately to support the mere couple of men who were to protect he, and all the others under his leadership. She told him there would be no reinforcements sent to his aid, and that even if she would send any, that they could not possibly arrive in time to help them.

I believe, although I have no facts to support my allegations, that it was a combined effort to allow the slaughter to take place, as I believe that Chris Stephens was a political pawn in a game rigged by President NObama. It has been said, although not of course proven, that NObama was using Chris as a means to smuggle arms, munitions, and weapons of high kill ratios to our enemies by boat. I have no proof of this statement, but I believe it to be true, due to some of the articles I read, concerning the Benghazi incident.

No matter why it happened, the fact remains that help was sought, and refused. As a result, three brave and deadly Military personnel were slaughtered, along with our Ambassador, Chris Stephens, in a conflict that should have been supported by the powers that be, but were not.

I have seen articles which described what the four of them went through, the atrocities, rape, live dragging of their bodies, and finally, thankfully death. Apparently the reason for the brutality of the treatment of the four was due to the fact that the three who were armed against the attackers took out so many of them, that when the terrorists found out that so many of them had been killed by only three men, they wanted to display their anger in the most heinous, terrible, unspeakable ways possible.

This woman, and I use the term very loosely, has sold out her own Country, People, and even our Military, for the almighty dollar, and now she wants to be President. Can you imagine, as much as she has done in a lesser position, how much more she would do, if the people were stupid enough to elect her as our Country’s leader/President?.

Her lips, and her butt cheeks, look the same, and say the same. God help us, if we want to elect a woman to the office of President in time, please let her be Pro American. And NO, I am not a sexist.

My heart, and deepest sympathies go out to the families and friends of those 4 brave Americans. My sincerest despise goes out to her, and hers.

most combat / security force / intel military men would have asked the day after ,why , in a place

such as Libya , was not a USMC unit  stationed @ the embassy ?

Well two wrongs do not make a right but you are correct, Democrat or Republican we are SCREWED. There is no real difference between the two, the Dems are the left wing faction of the NWO and the Repubs the right wing faction of the NWO. The Fed will most likely crash the economy before the election and the POS in the WH will declare Martial Law and call in the blue helmets to control the situation.

When is the critical question,   no doubt , those that enjoy their lives to some degree today

will be victims of much pain / suffering.

My guess is June/ July, which leaves enough time for the NWO to consolidate power.

global elites will decide when they drop the hammer.

they may just begin with a recession .

remember , they fear millions of armed citizens yet they have a plan with many strategies.


 u   r   right they will decide lk at the so called fake global economy the IMF created

the EU which is falling apart due to so called syrian refugees my ass.    They are there

to end western civilization.  They are a sheer disgrace and Europe needs to ship them

home and we need to stop it here but thanx to Ohitler he won't give up Rubio made one statement in the debate that was true OHITLER IS OUT TO END AMERICA AND IF U DO NOT SEE IT ........................AS HE STATED 4 TIMES.


We may have a small window to do as we need pray now but act quick God Bless

Both of Obama's parents are/were NBC. His REAL father is Frank Marshall Davis. This is the HUGE problem for the Elite who put BO where he is. A MAJOR Communist player who taught BO to be even worse.

Do not think Rubio comes close to that category. Probably is loves America. BUT he was part of the Gang of EIght. Now THAT is disqualifying.

You have no proof of this progressive-DemocRAT psych-op. Only DNA tests will settle this matter. So, when do we start drawing their samples???

Don't think so - he looks absolutely nothing like either the Kenyan or the Communist - he looks exactly like Mohammed Subud, the head of the Subud Cult (US hq in Chicago), to which both his mother and Loretta Fuddy belonged.



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