Constitutional Emergency

Please note that this was sent to my Senators here in Georgia...while only one was mentioned in the headline, they are both linked at the hip, and it went where it should go.  Also, if there is a need by any to use this as a template for their own, please feel free to do so.  God Bless---and here is the diatribe:

Dear Senator Chamblis;  I am sure you are aware of House Concurrent Resolution 107.  I am also sure that you are more than aware of the testimony and statements given by Leon Panetta in front of the Senate Armed Services Committee, in which he unilaterally declared that the United States Military now serves at the behest of the United Nations, and that any authorization for military action must be decided by them, and in that case, he might just decide to brief the United States Congress about it....or maybe not.  It was all kinda "iffy."
Seeing as how you & I have had discussions concerning your close friend Leon Panetta in the past, particularly when he was up for unusual move for this Administration, as it actually attempted to recognize the Rule of Law at the time...I find your silence rather astonishing regarding these events, which are linked hand-in-hand.
You pointed out, at the time, that you and Mr. Panetta had worked closely together in the past, he was a good friend, and you regarded him in the highest light.  You found my accurate representation of his past to be "unwarranted."  HMMMMM...
So I'm curious...just how does all this sit with you now?  
Will you support House Concurrent Resolution 107, or do you think it "unwarranted" also?  You see, the reason I ask should be rather apparent.  As I rarely-if ever-hear back from you any longer, I'm beginning to wonder if I am talking to a fellow American, or one who has become a big part of the problem we face in this Nation of Liberty.  Our way of life has been under vicious this very Administration.  The Rule of Law does not matter to this Kenyan or his cronies.  I know...I know...harsh words, you've probably discarded this letter by now.  Sorry to offend your tender sensibilities...but you didn't have to spend $102 to fill your tank up for the week so you could continue looking for work, either.  You don't have to worry about how you're going to cover the skyrocketing price of health insurance.  And you damn sure don't have to worry about looking for've managed to make a grand career out of spending the money of your constituents!  Yippee.  Good work, if you can find it.
So let me get back to House Concurrent Resolution 107, as that was my basic focus anyway.  Will you support this measure?  And if not, just exactly WHY NOT?  After all, this has nothing to do with all that crazy stuff about releasing obviously forged documents, hiding or falsifying all public records of this man's's a very simple thing called "High Crimes and Misdemeanors."  Bill Clinton was impeached for a hell of a lot less than this.  So where is the standard going to reside now...that he's BLACK?  Are we afraid of "race riots?"  Having lived through a number of them in the '60's, I damn sure am not.  I am seriously more afraid of what another 4 years of what this congenital liar and Islamofacist will do to this country. 
I know...harsh words...and I would apologize but will do so only when you can prove to me that I AM WRONG...that millions of other Americans who are now paying avid attention ARE WRONG.  I won't bore you with the actual technical terminology of "Islamofacist", but it is rather self-explanatory, and for a very very apt description, one has to look no further than the White House right now, and then compare that with the certain lessons of history.  
I look forward as always, to your reply. 
James Seigfreid
Tea Party Radio Network
Tea Party of Gilmer County
United States Patriots Union
415 Spring Lake Trail
Ellijay, Ga  30536-3840
706-636-3202   Home
706-273-0821   Cell

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It will be interesting to see if he responds.  IF he does, i hope u'll share w/ us.

thx for writing the letter.

nice letter and very well put, I sent one to repand senater as well

Well said!

Great letter, well said and true, thank you for your love for our Great Country. I will fight to my death to protect it.

HCR 107 A Resolution!

Something that is nothing more than an opion about something that is already inside the Constitution, already clearly defined. And a Resolution that was introduced by a Republican.

People will flock in like herds of cattle to believe the GOP has come to save the day with HCR 107.

H. Concurrent Resolution 107 is nothing more than a shabby, very weak approach to solving a very difficult problem that has long been unresolved; how to legally remove Obama from power, still keeping our nations constitutional government intact with as little damage as possible.

Meanwhile We see that the GOP keeps people tied to the slogan anyone but Obama, (actually having a Republican socialist, instead a Democrat socialist  in office).

107 calls on the House, the Senate Concurring, to prevent Obama from starting another war without authorization from Congress does not resolve the problems from the current undertow that controls and does the bidding of our government, that seeks to find ways of deploying troops into Syria or Iran, (take your pick they like both ideas) which would not be based upon an impeding threat from either country attacking us.

Unless you would consider we actually violate their sovereign borders, to nudge them in to attacking us, in their own self defense. We have already heard the spin doctors promote attacking both country's; Santorum even slipped the tounge at AIPAC when he went just short of saying we would attack Iran for Isreal. Not for our own self defense but someone elses. (When are we going to work on solving our problems and stop meddling in the affaris of What Great Britian and European nations are wanting?)

But warmongers wearing Red and Blue are still in power, wanting to give "tax breaks" that will drive our econmy and US Dollar value down further, and simultaniously drive cost of goods up, while they play with the Banking Cartel that runs the Federal Reserve; while they play, you pay with blood and the lives of your children for their so called patriotic wars they have planned to wage on 5 fronts.
No, I am not a Ron Paul Fan either! he is just another Republican working hard  to keep another Ross Perot from taking on the DOP (Dem-Ole-Publcian).

I am sure my sentiments will not set well with GOP members.

What General Jubal Anderson Early had written of in his memoir, the course of deception on the War created a society of dumbed down cowards who are compliant to agree with a Socialised Fascist system, built just prior to the secession, and designed upon the Ideals of Karl Marx, who gained control inside our government in 1857, through the Republican Party, after his supporters fled Europe and began taking key positions inside the Republican Party and military to overthrow our own government.

"The civilized world will find too late that its philanthropy has been all false and its religion all wrong on this subject and the people of the United States will find that under the pretence of saving the life of the nation and upholding the old flag they have surrendered their own liberties into the hands of that worst of all tyrants a body of senseless fanatics When the passions and infatuations of the day shall have been dissipated by time and all the results of the late war shall have passed into irrevocable history the future chronicler of that history will have a most important duty to perform and posterity while poring over its pages will be lost in wonder at the follies and crimes committed in this generation." Jubal A. Early A memoir of the last year of the war for Independence (Last paragrahp pg viii)

Earl, indeed there are a few sentences in your tome that do rile me. Although I am a registered Republican, I have always considered myself a Constitutional Independent. The need however to be registered as a Republican or Democrat is of course dictated by the National (as well as local) parties themselves. Register as an Independent or anything else and you do not receive any information on the candidates or their qualifications to hold office and must seek that information out for yourself. While that may be a blessing in and of itself, that is of course not the issue.

What you say is true. This resolution is not a bill, not a law and carries neither force nor requirement for any action against the President even if he ignores it which  he most certainly will. But it is highly unlikely that the President from Kenya will attack any Middle East country especially in support of Israel. He is  now in the process of disengaging from all wars and bringing home our troops so that he can complete his plan for the dismanteling of arguably the strongest military force the world has ever seen as well as doing all he can to destroy our economy - with the help of the Democrats and others. The future portent of these actions are just too disturbing to contemplate.

Of course the Republicans will continue to say anyone but Obama while indeed touting their own socialist candidate. Unfortunately the only non-socialist candidate is running a distant third and has little chance of getting the nomination while the total socialist candidate has proven once again that the office can be bought no matter how many truly qualified folks are willing to run if only enough money is put in the right places.  Sadly, the Republicans did not see the slow re-alignment and reconstitution of the media over the years to the totally biased and socialist machine it has become to the detriment of the entire nation. 

Because in this land of opportunity that it once was, people too have grown lazy letting the media do their thinking whilst they sit in front of their TV's regardless of their social status and accepting without question everything the talking heads tell them as gospel. They have let their freedoms gradually slip away without either comment or protest simply because they were to busy enjoying themselves taking for granted that their freedoms would always be there.  Suddenly, it costs them $100 dollars to fill up a gas tank on their automobile while this President tells them the answer is alternative fuels from algae?.....They cannot even see that there is something wrong with that picture.

They sit in front of their TV's while we are being invaded by illegals in such numbers that when the economy goes south, they cannot even get the jobs that the Democrats say that only illegals will do because no one wants to do the menial work any more.....seems that here too there is something wrong with that picture. But again I digress...when the topic was the war mongers and how they are still in power.

There may be some truth in that but that too is an oversimplification of the real problem, the dumbing down of our society to the point that the ignorant as well as lazy and let us not forget the young who while being educated in another of our systems that the government helped change have been totally compromised.  Do I remember the Soviets saying long ago that the path to our downfall will be through their control of our children's education?

Obviously sir, you are a either a Democrat or a Socialist, I cannot at this juncture determine but I know one thing for certain. Neither Democrats nor Republicans can escape the fact that we are in a terrible fix for which they are totally responsible. (I also include those of the American Public who have been so busy trying to acquire the American Dream they have ignored their obligation to defend that which they sought - the freedom to acquire the American Dream).

No truer words have been written.  Thank you!  Americans, today have gotten away from the fact that democracy starts in the family home, then to the local community, the state and finally the federal government.  We, as its legal, taxpaying, voting citizens have the obligation to return to the basic premise of looking at each candidate for their merits or lack of them and act accordingly.  We have allowed the machinery of big government to take control of our lives while we turned a blind eye to the realities of those that have self serving agendas that are detrimental to our freedoms.  I strongly believe that the TeaParty has been instrumental in awakening the American citizens to the dangers of our present course.  We must continue to strive to renew our resolve to save our Nation's democracy. 

I would hope it passes- with wide support by an overwhelming majority. My trust in our elected Officials -at this point is such I dare not hold my breath and expect them to do the right thing--without some  structure outside their cloister to remind them of both duty and consequence -should they choose to ignore/defy the will of the  people yet again. Remember as well our current resident in the White House  has certain contempt for our Constitution and Laws and will most probably ignore or reject this if it is passed.. I heard on KNZZ AM Talk Radio last night some wonk suggesting the "Markets" are acting as if they anticipate an Obama re-elect....and equally that the Republicans will retain at least one House of  Congress. If true then the Pagan from Hell will be opposing this  for another four or five years. -Remember we have not had a Legislative Branch willing or able to Impeach though his sins are manifold.

Robert you last sentence is as accurate as anyone can make.

All things begin in the legislative Branch. And I am persuaded that Obama or Soetoro can not nor will he  be impeached.

He is rightfully to be charged for impersonification of a Commander In Chief of our MIlitary

When people elect individuals who are not funded by people like Christopher Tiganiand other corporate leaders,as their "high priests" (more like false prophets). Maybe then the problem can be solved. But only then- when people stop electing Democrats or Republicans  as law makers (More like law breakers) who are bought for by corporate buyers of our government 

Now Earl, this post makes me wonder if perhaps my judgement of your comments was a little harsh. For, upon reading this I find I am in total agreement except the pretender needs to be charged for High Crimes and Misdemeaners among other things.  I also agree it is not likely to happen. I once asked my Congressman to help start the process but after thirty years he is obviously skating towards retirement with all the benefits as if he were still working and all the exemptions from the laws that the Congress has forced upon the people.

I sincerely hope you get a response.....a real response but if he is like most, the only thing you will get is some computer generated auto response!  It has gotten to the point that  our so-called  representatives do not know what they are supposed  to be doing:  working for the people!  It will be a lot harder to get rid of these self made millionaires/billionaires and very precious few will succumb to any plea to go back to the 'old days'!  They are too much about power and money! Corruption is the name of the game and they just want to lay back and wallow in their luxury as 'untouchables'!   

This is what our entire government is hiding and afraid to stand up to. Because they let it happen out of ignorance or are they ALL in on the New World Communism?   Lot's to go through, but answers are here.



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