For along time manny Americans(myself included) have been passive in our opposition to washingtons greed and curruption. Manny of us have been caught napping. The majority of Americans seem to have awaken to a government who no longer represents the people. We are trying to be peaceful in our efforts to be heard. Our leaders in washington still ignore the wishes of the people. They choose to represent their own greed and  curruption. They seem to think we are pesants in their service and there is nothing we can do to stop it. This is where it gets scarry. there are some groups of Americans who are taking steps to prepare for civil war. I hope this can be avoided. The price is to high. As a veteran, i swore an oath to defind THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNINTED STATES OF AMERICA AGAINST ALL ENEMIES BOTH FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC. I beleve in the oath i took and will honor that oath no matter what the cost.

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The time has come people. The tides of war are upon us. Let us join up in arms, gather in mass, and march towards Washington DC with determination and vigor. The time has come for the Tree of Liberty to be refreshed with the blood of patriots and tyrants. The last line in the sand should be the healthcare bill....and they just crossed it.
David our backs are against the wall. If we continue to be passive in our efforts to take back our nation. We will fall. Our children and their children will be subjects to a midevil form of government.
I don't believe we can afford to wait until Nov of 2010. I do wish members of the regular armed forces would join in this effort, however.
You have to be very careful what you say in threads or in public now cause big brother (or should i say sister) has obots everywhere.they get paid to tat a tell,lol.But I agree the sheep are being led to slaughter.I pray for the future all the time,but as many of us vetrans gripe,they point their fingers at us and call us the home grown terriost,go figure.I hope this all works itself out but relize it prolly wont.
So, where do you plan to start shooting?
Armed resistance is the last resort. Once that begins, there is no turning back!
BE READY, but let them start it. (Gun confiscation would be the first start. Give them the bullets first. Pointy end out.)
My mother is 70 and shes not badd
I suspect most of us are already armed...if not we should be....the anti-America elements would like nothing better than a group of folks who are touting constitutional restoration to go off the deep end and start violence at this would play right into the hands of those politicians just itching to declare martial law.

A major indicator of where we stand with regard to American liberty and freedom will be the elections in November 2010. If the elections are not allowed to proceed or tampered/fixed, then we have a clear indicator of tyrannical dictatorship...the decision to confront the dictators will have been made by those enemies of the Republic.

If elections go forth and Americans vote a complete reversal of the US Congress, then we have a glimmer of time to repeal much of the damage Obama has implemented.

If elections go forth and America continues to sleep, allows the status quo in Congress, then we can expect the worst.

We are in the preparation and unification's quite obvious America is waking up. The objective now is to keep the pressure in opposition to the current political apparatus, continue to draw patriots into groups that are focused as we are....constitutional restoration, republic principles, and Founding Father vision.......

When the call comes, we will have a net work of groups to alert patriots nation-wide...for now we continue with the planning and gathering.

As many have said, none are eager to take up arms, we hope it never happens, but it will happen before surrender.
We need to wait and hope the right thing happens. We still need to prepare for what may not happen.
From the Glenn Beck radio show today...

..."Let me, let me warn you now in no uncertain terms: You must always be a people of peace. Always. Unless your life is being threatened, in no uncertain terms, you must always be a people of peace. We are entering a very dangerous phase and I believe it's intended to be that. I want to ask you this question, and I want you to, I want you to really think of what I'm about to tell you. How many times have you thought about overthrowing the government of the United States? Trying to think... never, for me.

PAT: Just am adding it up here. Just, I'm... none.

GLENN: How many friends do you have that have ever sat around and thought about those things? How many times have you ever spent any time thinking about, if I just throw a bomb, maybe I can get a revolution started. Have you ever thought of that? Do you know anyone who has ever thought of that? The answer is, for me, and I believe I would have said a year ago the entire audience, the entire population of America I would have said none, zero. Last night I was standing at the chalkboard and I have been trying to figure a couple of things out. Barack Obama said a year ago do you have the quote where he's talking about, you can't rule with 51 votes on healthcare, where you can't govern? He said, you can't govern with just 51 votes on healthcare. You can't pass this and then govern, can't happen, we can't do it that way. So why did he do that? In fact, it wasn't even that solid. Why would you do that? The next question I asked myself is why would you go right directly to immigration reform? Something that was so divisive that it almost tore the republic apart. Why would you do that?

Last night I was standing in front of a chalkboard and I looked at the I had some quotes ready from the revolutionaries that are here surrounding the president now and the revolutionaries from the first American Revolution. Notice I said first American Revolution because I think the second American Revolution is being played out right now. They are calling it the fundamental transformation. And I'm looking at these and I start I'm in the commercial break and I'm looking at the founders and I think to myself, "We are not these people. Where is George Washington, where is Ben Franklin, where is Thomas Jefferson, where are these great, great thinkers? Where are they? We're not these people. Where is Samuel Adams? We have to have Samuel Adams. We must be a people that understand faith in God. Where are they?" And I'm thinking, "If there is a revolutionary if there's a revolution now, it ends the way the French Revolution did, which is Napoleon, a dictator, bloodshed, awful, awful things in a dictator." And I was about to go on the air. It was about 30 seconds before I went on the air. And then I looked at the others, the new fundamental transformation revolution. And I that you had, oh, my gosh, these people, these people have thought of revolution. I've never thought of revolution. These people have. Where were they in the 1960s? In the 1960s they were in SDS. Andy Stern, Medina, the new guy on immigration, member of SDS. You have Van Jones, a guy who was calling for a violent revolution. I mean, he was part of what was the name of that communist group that he was people believe he may have started, may have written a communist book, but there's no evidence of it, but his fingerprints are all over it. These are people that have recently. William Ayers. William Ayers on 9/11 said "I don't think we did enough when we were throwing bombs." These are people that were there.

Now, you know all this, but have you put this piece together? Because this is what happened to me last night before I went on the air: If you were in the 1960s and you were a radical and you believed in a Marxist revolution, you were crushed. And who crushed you? Well, the good God fearing grandparents that we all had that were going to church every Sunday, they all stood up, "These hippies, these people." Remember that: These hippies. Who crushed you? LBJ and Nixon. The man. Not the hippies. The man. And as you threw bombs, you realized the one thing that was on the chalkboard last night, that we are a religious and moral people. How did you pass healthcare? You passed it through your heart. They got it done because it's through your heart. And when your heart wasn't enough, they went for corruption, any means possible. But that's how they have done this. You hate people who are sick. You don't care about little children." They are about to do this with immigration: "You don't care about them because you hate them because they're different than you. You're a xenophobe, you don't want any foreigners in." You go for their heart. Now, if I was a radical in the 1960s and I say, how did we lose? We lost because we were in power. Arriving now: Cloward and Piven. What you need to do is collapse it from the inside. You need to get as many people from the welfare rolls onto it and collapse. But remember that there needs to be a framework that it collapses into. What that means is you must have power. It's not enough to be out on the streets. You must be Richard Nixon. You must have radicals at the top. Now, if I again am sitting there and I'm listening to that and I think, you know what really, what really killed us here was Americans don't like bomb throwers. They don't like hippies.

Let me give you now the quote from Van Jones: I am willing to drop the radical pose for the radical ends. People don't like hippies. People don't like Marxists or communists. They know that. They also know they don't like bomb throwers. They also know America is a country of forgiveness. "I threw a bomb in the past. Okay, that was my youth. I was crazy. It was an indiscretion. Stop talking about the past. Don't you have forgiveness? Your Christian charity, you don't forgive and forget?"

So now they're in power, the people who have plotted a revolution. They were plotting it in the Sixties. Some of them still talk about throwing bombs and everything else, doing whatever they have then what happens? They what? What? What after this? If you're going to take over, if you're going to end it, if you want to have the true fundamental transformation of America, what you do is you have to reverse the roles. You have to put yourself in the role of LBJ, the man, and you need to put the man, you need to put the good Christian people in your role from the 1960s, the ones with the signs and the banners in the streets. Because you can manipulate them like crazy because you know what the man did to you that pissed you off! You know what the man was doing to you that made you say, "I gotta get a bomb!" And you also know that doesn't work. So if they are now at the top, why do you think they are needling and poking and prodding all the time? Why do you think they slap you down on healthcare and just as you're getting up, they punch you in the face with immigration? Why do you think they are being so divisive? If you are a loving parent and you discipline your child, the first thing you do is hug them so you are not estranged from that child, so your child doesn't say, "My daddy doesn't love me." But what have they done? They gave us a spanking on healthcare and then they punched us in the face. They want you to say "Daddy doesn't love me." They need you to be estranged from them. They need you to pick up a gun or a bomb. They need you to break the law. They need you to become them in the 1960s. They need you to do it. Because they know America does not support those kinds of people and they have become legitimate. They have dropped the radical pose for the radical ends, and they are making you the radical. Do not play into their game. They hold all of the cards. Do not do anything but get on your knees. As we turn to him, he will turn to us. This is his land. Let it play out his way. Do not pick up anything... except your soul. They need you to become radical"....

Fellow members of this group, this is why the left , is turning up the heat on us. They are throwing everything but the kitchen sink at the tea parties, groups like us, and those of us in the 9/12 movement. They want to raise.our levels of anger, and just pure hatred of them. They want us to take up our arms. Just like they all did back in the 1960's. They want a revolution from us. They want us to be the way they were back in the 1960's. So they could be the ones in the suits and ties, and the buiness clothes, like the establishment looked like back in the 1960's. . Not even be associated with the radical 60's , and what those the Preisdent is surrounding himself around did back in the 60's. And we would be the ones that would be a mirrored image as they were back in the 1960's.

The more rage, and anger that we show out there, the more powerful they will get. They will pick up on it, and spin it. They want the media, to show the American people look at how out of touch these terroists are. The violence is being encouraged in this them. The seeds are being planted. We are tuly being set up by them. They need us to be violent.

So please when you hear anyone think of violence, calling for arms, or calling for some overthrow in the gov't, You tell them, please do not go down that road,

Like Glenn Beck also said on his radio program today,,,

.."We will be saved by what we don't do.We would be destroyed what we do. Make your choices very carefully"...
Let me add some more words Glenn Beck said on his radio show today. Please I hope everyone listens to them.

..."The 1960's radiicals are now assuming the credible pose and they have changed their behavoir. They are now trying very desperately to look so loving and so peaceful. These were people that plotted to overthrow the government. To do it through very violent means. These were people that were shunned by the American people. They knew they had to become credible.

So when they watch the tea parties march and protest, it brings back memories for them. They remember what LBJ did that pissed them off so much. Preisdent Obama say this. Andy Stern you talk about htis. The news department run this story.

They know they are pushing every button on you intentionally. Why are they do this you might ask?
Because they know the lessons we learned from 9/11, Timothy McVeigh, and Bill Ayers. The lesson is this


Ghandi, Martin Luther King did it through peaceful, and Honorable ways. They did it locking arm to arm.

We will be sved by what we don't do. We will be destroyed what we do. Make your choices very wisely..."



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