Constitutional Emergency

How liberals view Benghazi vs. Fort Hood vs. Bundy Ranch summed up perfectly in 3 pictures...

I can't imagine what they will call "peaceful, unarmed, non-violent, law abiding" Operation American Spring.............???

Tip of the hat to General Childers for the picture trio.............


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AMEN to that, Colonel. Name calling and mud slinging won't deter us this time. The silent majority will be silent NO MORE!

I recall my mother reminding me that, "those in power were there as part of GOD's plan. Good or Bad, she said"!

I can't believe that our CREATOR would condone what we're witnessing now!

Those who seek to perfect Hegels Dialectic  or Huxley's grand Scheme to present to the world Obama's  vision--ought know I am a man. I was born in these United States of America -to a man and his wife -legally married-- I accepted Jesus Christ and am Crucified with Christ--dead to the world and yet I live for Christ lives in me. I am not perfect--but I am forgiven. I enlisted in the US Army  in June of 1969 --and was honorably discharged  Jan.1977 The Code remains I will honor it for I was trained to live and act as becomes a Christian soldier -by the good humor of the US Army I can call myself Patriot. And laud the more perfect character of Christian. I am guided by two  immutable  things Love of God-- and Love of Country. I cannot compromise what I know TRUE of Scripture-- Neither can I compromise what I know to be true of the rule of Law. Our Laws in America were established by men who once understood that Human laws must NOT be suffered/or  allowed  to violate or contradict the Laws dictated by God,Himself.When our leaders are divorced from either -- I cannot go where they choose to lead--but I must resist and oppose them.

Yeah....and just think...Hegel's Dialectic method of teaching had been used in public school indoctrination centers for 40 years....that's why we have the depressed, demoralized, amoralized drop out  dumbed down relativistic druggie occupier masses who vote liberal socialist "values"....changed from "virtues."  No right or wrong and the right made a fuzzy wrong....thanks Hegel...and our liberal socialist/communist democrats.  Now these occupiers will be merged with Obama's just released drugged criminals for his "martial law" chaos crowd! and all his illegal cronies.

That's funny i posted this on FB just the other day :)


I think the pattern revealed by the events becomes evident when you understand the forces behind them.

Know that this is not just in this country, this isn't about the United States it's much bigger.  This is a planet Earth thing, the rise of the dark side if you will, same force that's behind what we call "New World Order."

These horrible, violent, and often fatal events in which the dark side has a victory, they spin it, such as the lies that call the Benghazi attack a result of a "spontaneous demonstration.

When they lose, like they did at Bunkerville, the spin is always negative, and viciously targets opposing groups or individuals for demonization

There are Americans who are upset and outraged at what federal government has become.  But have you noticed there are a considerable number, and outspoken too who support killing Cliven Bundy, and his supporters with hellfire missiles launched from drones!  This is the dark side talking people.  It can't be anything less.  There are so many people who have been seduced, but we minimize this by calling them "liberals".  They are not liberal in any sense of the word! They are under the influence of demonic forces and that's where this ridiculous stuff comes from.  If they were in their right minds you know they would never say such things.

I want you ALL to know, that when you take a stand against the obvious appearance of tyranny in an out of control government, you are actually standing against ranks of demons who have been summoned to attack you and destroy you because you follow Jesus Christ, and as this is its true nature, then you had better be clad in the armor of God, and under prayerful protection of the Holy Spirit, otherwise, you are toast.  That right there is the bottom line.  You who refuse to acknowledge this, do so at your own peril.  Those of you who realize this and have prepared accordingly, I wish you Godspeed, and may you help your neighbors all around come to grips with the true and awful nature of the adversary that is out for our blood and our souls.

I sure hope insanity isn't contageous!

Regressives [sic} seem intent to prove my hope wrong!

An interesting thought...



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