Hussein Obama's Brown Shirt Army New Black Panthers: Race War For Trayvon April 9th 'Day of Action'


On the organizing phone call for their Trayvon Martin April 9th National Day of action protest The New Black Panther Party engaged in violent, racist, hate filled speech.

Listen to conference call here.

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That what Obama want so he can turn his private army loose on the Christians just like they are doing in the middle east and Africa.....

I like that I am not the only one who thinks this way. Keep the faith, it will end soon enough.

It's a shame that they are going to invoke the wrath of white people who tried hard to not be racist the last 40 years. We started to come along way but now these people are setting racism back 40 years. There are already the neo-nazis in Florida. What next the KKK? Is this really what Obama and the black panthers want?

This is what obama want for sure. It is bad enough that the muslims are trying to take over now obama is going to have the blacks join them them in the overthrow of the country. But what they don't see is that islam doesn't really like black people and then they will destroy them next. It is a shame that people are just standing by and letting it happen.

The white people have been patient for the last 50 years, they've been robbed, beaten down by the godless enemy within this nation who has infiltrated all our institutions...government, education, media, entertainment, business, finance, some churches.  They've forced political correctness, mandates, upon us, they've stolen our wealth.  We've been patient, but our patience is wearing thin.

We're dealing with evil spirits, trying to destroy the white people in this country....because we're of the ten tribes of Israel.   God warned us not to become a part of the world, but the ungodly enemy within the white Christian nations of the world, have opened the gates to people they have nothing in common.. They've done this through immigration.  Multiculturalism is not workable.  We've become a pagan, humanist society, because of multiculturalism. 

God warned us, if we turn away from his Word, guidance, we will suffer.  We must turn back to God's Word, instruction.  2Chronicles 7:14

Covenants with pagan or ungodly nations leads to idolatry and adoption of pagan ways. Exod. 34:12-16; Deut. 7:2-4.
You shall not allow foreigners that are pagans to emigrate into or dwell in your nation; for they shall be as pricks in your eyes and as thorns in your sides, and they shall trouble you in your land. Exod. 23:33; Josh. 23:12-13.

And the lefties wonder WHY we own guns?!

And they are really going to wonder why,  we will be using them if the current picture doesn't fix pretty soon. I don't think it can be fixed now at this late stage, the left has taken us too far into Hell with them and I don't want to go to hell with them. I want to be on the right side before I die....

We MUST NEVER give up our guns.  Teach all members of the family gun safety.

sorry guy i am from florida and the klan never left.

I listened and it is really bad- talking about creating "rivers of blood" 

Also noticed that besides talking about having a revolution, they also talked about ending capitalism. Well, that goes along with the communist party line!  

Someone posted a comment giving out the Florida atty general number:

  • Eric  Holder will do nothing.

    Florida's Attorney General is Pam Bondi.  The switchboard number for her office is 850-414-3300.  (On Sun., 4/8,  I called the number to verify.)  I fully intend to be on the phone first thing Monday to inform them of this phone call and to express my outrage.  To me it is worth the few dollars the call may cost.  I encourage others to do the same.

    For what it's worth, Bondi was one of the 26 Attorneys General to take on Obamacare in the Supreme Court.

  • @myfloridalegal is the Florida Attorney General's twitter account. @pambondi is her personal twitter account.

You are welcome Twana!

I thought it may be useful if any on this site want to call Bondi. 

I feel really terrible about the way this Zimmerman/Trayvon case has been tried and judged in the media, and the Black Panthers putting a bounty on Zimmerman's head. If Zimmerman does not get a fair trial, then this is another sign of how dangerous things are in America- things will be decided by Mob rule.

Spot on Louise, Mob rule or rule of law!  This is communism at its best when Mob rule will dictate the outcome of this tragic case....We are a Republic, governed by rule of law, not some democracy ruled by emotions of Mob rule.......



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