Hussein Obama's Brown Shirt Army New Black Panthers: Race War For Trayvon April 9th 'Day of Action'


On the organizing phone call for their Trayvon Martin April 9th National Day of action protest The New Black Panther Party engaged in violent, racist, hate filled speech.

Listen to conference call here.

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I thought this would erupt in November, guess I was wrong. We didn't start this but its looking like we are going to have to finish it.

The Martin incident is being used as an excuse for the Black Panther to cause problems.  I suggest they straighten up their acts, and act like civil human beings...if that's possible.  If they want to act like savages, we can deport back to their homeland, Africa.

I didn't listen to the call but even my old feeble brain can imagine what sort of invective was being spewed.  I do not believe that Body Odor or any of those closest to him do anything by accident.  As with the case of the "stupid cops" and the ensuing beer summit everything this person has done in the past almost three and a half years has been calculated to tear this country apart.  When I refer to those closest to him I am not referring to members of the Democratic party.  I think the likes of Reed and Pelosi are useful idiots.  I'm not even sure that folks like Axelrod and Holder or even Bill Ayers are more than useful idiots.  I seem to recall having recently seen or read something which indicated that Valerie Jarret, who seems to be his closest confidant, has some ethnic connection to the middle east.  I think that somewhere in the middle east is where his true marching orders originate.  I further believe he is making every effort to overload every aspect of our society from running up an unpayable debt to inciting racial tension.  This is all done in an effort to create chaos in the country in order to create a crisis which would justify instituting martial law and doing away with elections.  Failing in his effort to institute martial law he will attempt to "balkanize" us and pit areas of the country against each other in something short of civil war.

Thanks for providing the missing connection.  I couldn't remember where in the middle east her connection was.  As for Soros, he'll side with anyone who wants to do harm to the US.


Don't think so but he will keep them out of the country.

So, that goes back to the question of "how are we going to get them home?"  This needs to be looked into more thoroughly and a POA formulated for when that time comes...........

Yes , he will keep our military out of the country . As he is doing right now . If they are'nt here they can't help us.

 oblabber's ' brown shirts ' ? So what ? Think on how long the  brown shirts lasted once hitler had complete control & no longer needed their ' skills '. THAT's what should be causing thought & discussion. Think beyond the here & now. The white house, ( OUR HOUSE ! ), has only added fuel to the fire in a classic marxist move, by taking sides in what should have been left to a routine investigation. One that is STILL not over with yet, & here we are, fighting amongst ourselves, once again, just as we have been, clear back to when our tribes in europe were, when Caeser applied the same tactics. We seem to have learned nothing in all this time. Read ' Caeser's Wars ' & see for yourselves, it was pathetic. He used mercenarys & combatants from other lands- ( foreign powers/nato ?! ), as specialist shock troops. Of course, he also held their tribes' families hostage. And, in a similar parallel, he also was a foreigner, dictating the invasion of land owned by others. The much-admired Queen Boudica in England came the closest to defeating the occupying Romans by gathering numbers, but even her army was no match for the roman battlefield tactics & manipulations of tribe against tribe. Can we learn from the past ? I think we'd better, & fast. Wish there were a way to convince so-called minorities, how they, & consequently we, are all being manipulated by the system, & will all be lumped together to do the bidding of ' caeser ', if we don't stop the in-fighting. Let's not forget the Thanks & recognition of our Creator- GOD- either. As it says in The Book; ' If my people will remember me, I will remember them '-( in essence ). I earnestly do pray for the combined peoples of Our Nation, to gain the power of His Wisdom & to truly be a Nation.

Unfortunately they will probably get what they are asking for. Maybe it's time to find out who will be last standing before they get any more illegals moved in. Obama is keeping the military out of the country because he fears they are against him.

I think we have to remember here that both the New Black Panthers and the National Socialists Party are all communists.

Now actually working together to create chaios. As long as the whites can stay out of the way, these two groups can go ahead and kill each other as much as they want. In fact, the more the marrier. Obviously that is not their plan however, they must get (kill) white Americans in order to reach their goals.
Bottom up, top down, and inside out. classic Communists play-book tactics.

Not just Christians...most everyone continues to focus on Christians but I don't really think it's starting with this religion if you understand what I'm saying...




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