Constitutional Emergency

I'm thankful for the bold integrity of the man who wrote this! Prediction:

I have grown tired of calls to action that are no call to action or just the same thing over and over again for the last 5 years, and calls to action to tell a despot islamofascist to step down when we all know he never will. Or the same repeated call to action to impeach impeach impeach when we know it will not happen, heck people won't even recall their own RINOs or communists in their state gov. seats.

We are now in a time that bold action is needed and all else is just a waste of time. 



"Prediction: Within the next year or two, confiscation of firearms will begin in various parts of the nation (not just NYC and Cali); persons who home school will be made into criminals, should they fail to use common core teaching tools- leading to the removal of their children from their homes; people who grow their own food will be criminalized if they fail to pay taxes on that food, to the FDA; the EPA will ban all carbon burning heat sources in private ownership... the list goes on. All of this will not be done by your LEO's, for the most part... nor will the soon to be dismantled military be a part of this scheme... it will be done by leftist infused Agencies which hold no constitutional backing nor legal authority. They will separate people and hit them individually. Neighbors will likely fail to assist one another, as those next door are hauled away, for fear of being singled out. Far fetched? Not so much... its already happening, but MSM sources wont report it. With the current climate in the nation being what it is, a single report of this, would push the country into revolution. I wonder, why it isn't already? Is slavery and dependency what everyone seeks? Are those who's ancestors have fought to rid themselves of shackles, so eager to return to a different form of slavery? Are those who's ancestors left an oppressive European Church and Monarchies to find a better life free of oppressive regulation, so sheepish as to stand by and let this happen without a fight? Is freedom, the thread that so many of our friends, son's, daughters and spouses fought for, no longer worth preserving? Are people so cowardly and self absorbed that they will not stand up against tyranny? Or do they not posses the aptitude to recognize tyranny when it is occurring right in front of their faces? Before you answer, ask yourself... what have you done to ensure that the sacrifices made to defend the Constitution, are not in vain. This time, I particularly aim this commentary at those who I know them selves to consider themselves as patriots. The couch is not the battlefield."


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It is time to reactivate the Civil Defense units of America.

Every town, burg, city, township, county, and state must be mobilized.

We the People own this nation - and we must defend it always.

Against all enemy, foreign and domestic.


Do you have any knowledge of how Civil Defense Corps get created or how they work? Sure I can do some research about it, and I will, I just like to hear from people that know. Thanks in advance.



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