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Judy, ditto for trying to get more 'friends' to link up with. I'm going to try it one more time, but only for Oklahoma. I know of several that were 'friends' with me on a couple of other sites some time back. They were just as gung ho about getting things going. Also had a group of about 2 dozen from Arkansas, not too far from me, that wanted me to train them. None were military, but all were hunters. I had to pass on that request as it was right when I had my heart attack and ended up in ICU for 5 days. My prayers were answered though, as I'm 'back in the saddle' as good as ever, maybe even better now! (except my vitals skyrocket when I spend too much time here!)

Well, Stingray, I guess all we can do is try then see what happens.  It's good you have contacts to make from other sources.  I do not...none.  I'm glad you have recooped from the heart attack...we cannot afford to lose even one man with the knowledge and experience like you.  You are taking care of yourself, right?  Post to let us all know how your success rate contacting people is going.  I will do the same.

I'll back you on that, Stingray.   And as far as the religion perspective goes, I've earned a degree in Religious Studies and I also earned Staff Sergeant stripes in Korea as a Marine in the 50's.  You know which learning experience I'll employ when it gets down and dirty.  I may be old, but I damned sure ain't gonna be taken easily!

Semper Fi,



Is this going to be a movie? After reading Glenn Beck "AGENDA 21" by Harriet Parke, I understand the short trailor! GET THIS BOOK - it's QUICK & EASY reading. Puts EVERYTHING into perspective!

About one Executive Order away from reality I fear.

It's show the chipping of Americans and that is in the death care bill.  In fact it is to start at the end of this month.  It was supposed to start 3 years after the death care bill was fully implimented but they are starting early.  Why,  would be a good question to ask!  Why has DHS bought 7 million more rounds of ammunition? This means they will now have over 12 million rounds of ammo to kill us with!  Why is Hussein replacing generals who refuse to fire on American citizens with generals who will fire on us.  Why is Hussein and Napolitano putting muslims with ties to terrorism in high places in the govt. and DHS?  Also good questions to ask.  But they will never be asked and are ignored.  Why is Hussein trying to take away all self defense for American citizens?  Why won't Hussein come right out and say that he will NOT USE DRONES ON AMERICAN SOIL TO KILL AMERICANS?  Rand Paul has made this a priority but no one else has.   Why did john McAmnesty co-sponsor the bill which takes away our rights to a trial and allows Americans to be detained for any length of time with no charges and no trial.  There are many whys, that need to be answered and demanded answers by Hussein and the liberal loons but will never be.  This movie is so true, you should be afraid.  I have said this was coming for many years.  If any of you have family or friends in the military, you need to talk to them and ask them if they would fire on and kill Americans because Hussein tells them to!  If we are to survive, we need the military on our side or we might as well just kill ourselves when it starts.  Try to take as many of them with you when you do it.

My hopes R not as high as others on the Military not firing on us. I'm not political correct just telling U the truth. What percentage of military R Black? Now think about the voters & how they are teaching HATRED of the WHITES. Is that Y Obama is  starting the (Shiita & Sunni) war here in America with (White & Black). All part of the plan that is already drawn up. CHRISTINE I LOVE how U have master words! That's just what we need to do = Dealthcare, Hussein. I will be using them for now on because words have power 4 the COMMIE Party. I don't say Liberal,progressive,democrat I just call them commies now! Thanks 4 your words! 

In order to stop what is coming to America and her people we will need to convince the regular military that we the people are not their enemy and that their oath is to the constitution not the government. A series of drastic measures needs to take place, first and formost the so called leadership in America needs to be detained and new leadership put in its place. Easier said than done. This is why we need the regular military and the guard. We alone cannot do it. Once this is done then we can get America back on the road to recovery. We can secure our borders audit the fed return to the rule of law restore God in our Schools along with prayer stop the insane spending rid ourselves of the many departments the government runs deport illegals tell the UN to find another home get ourselves back on the gold standard etc etc etc.... 

Does anyone know the break down in the military by race! Just wondering

If we have to convince our sons and daughters and brothers and sisters to NOT fire on us, they are already lost.  This regime will stop at nothing to achieve it's goals and don't think for one second that the active duty military personnel will be coerced by threats to their families.  We are already hearing about threats to journalists....course, coming from them, I have to question the validity and wonder if it's not just more propaganda to coerce patriots to begin firing on them.  That's when they will declare martial law and come for our guns. 

The coming times will split families and wreak havoc on all of us.  I already have friends with children who are in the military asking their kids about this and how they would handle it.  The feedback I am getting is that the active duty military are pretty busy just staying alive and aren't really up on the politics these days.  I'm not sure how we can address this, but I'm quite sure it needs to be done.

Until the end, that's how long. Bring it on!



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